This section contains adult content and literary erotica.  If you are under the age 18, please CLICK HERE and leave now before your young mind is warped beyond redemption.

Ok, now that we have the disclaimer and warning label out of the way, let's get down to how to find the smut.  If you will look at the top of the page you will see a handy dandy menu that will guide you into the hot depths of the Mature Theme section.  In those torrid depths you will find witches doing vampyres, and visa versa.  I do have to warn you though, there is a plot mixed in with the porn in both erotic novellas.  There are also some lessons on the art of Subliminal Seduction you might find interesting reading.  As your finger gently guides your mouse down the menu, you will also find a variety of other stimulating reading material. Please enjoy your visit, but don't blame me if your mind is never quite the same after exploring the inner depths of this salacious section.

Here a few sounds waves that those of you with a mature, and/or somewhat perverted sense of humor might enjoy listening to. Be warned though, these sound waves definitely do contain mature content.