Lesson II

I decided while I was still tied up in traction and recuperating from a car accident that ended with me sailing through the windshield, that when I finally got out of the hospital, I was going to show people that you didn't have to be beautiful, to be attractive.  The fact that not so long after I did get out of the hospital, I could often be seen on the arms of some really sleek and beautiful young wolves, was mute testimony to just how attractive you can make yourself with good fashion sense and seduction techniques that include a good smattering of the salaciously subliminal.  I remember once when I was in the powder room at a dance, a very beautiful young woman came up to me and said, "How do you do that?  Every time I see you, you are with some absolutely gorgeous fox.  I have been trying to get a date with that guy you are with for months!  You walked into the dance, and ten minutes later he is falling all over himself to be around you!  You really must be a damned witch!"  Since a lot of women looked upon me with pity because of the scars I had, my ability to snare the best looking wolf in the room in less than thirty minutes seemed like magick to them.

And before you raise your hand to ask the teacher a question, No! I did NOT cast a spell on that poor little wolfen that turned him into a mindless zombie programmed to do my sexual bidding.  True, his tail was wagging with extreme eagerness after ten minutes with me .   But I swear, he was NOT hexed.   But, in a way, it was magick.  Word magick.  And what I thought at the time was illusion.  Perhaps it is time I shared with my readers how I built a better beast from the ground up after that trip I took through the glass darkly so many years ago.  That trip forever changed the way that others would look at me.  And how I would learn to look at other people.  No matter what you look like, I am going to show you how you can make yourself more attractive.  The nice thing is, the techniques I'm going to discuss can be used by anyone.  It doesn't matter what you look like, what color your skin is, or even what your sexual preference is, these techniques can still help you become a more attractive person.  Even the truly beautiful can benefit from using some of these techniques.

The first step in building a better beast is to take an honest appraisal of your physical self.  Don't be too hard on yourself though.  Decide what your best physical assets are, and concentrate on ways to flaunt those assets.  Decide what your least attractive physical attributes are, and concentrate on downplaying, distracting from, or outright camouflaging, those attributes.  For instance, as well as using my best assets to distract people from looking too closely at my face, I wore tinted granny glasses to camouflage the damage done to my left eye in that car wreck.

Once I had figured out what I needed to do to distract from and camouflage my physical imperfections, I began working on making the better beast I was building as entertaining and interesting a creature as I could possibly make her.  I kept up with current events I knew would interest the wolves I wanted to dance with.  Then devised ways to insert trigger words and provocative banter into those conversations.  I did my homework and made sure I was prepared for a variety of topics of conversation.  No matter what the topic of conversation was, I could inject some trigger words and provocative banter into that conversation that would stroke the frills of a wolf's inner reptile until they positively quivered with carnal delight at the thought of getting to know me more intimately. 

Your homework this week consists of some questions.  Make a note of the answers to these questions please.  Study those answers, then use those answers to start building a better beast.

1.  What are your best physical assets?

2.  How could flaunt those assets to your best advantage?

3.  What are you worst physical attributes?

4.  How can you best downplay, distract from, or camouflage those attributes?

5.  What can you do to make yourself a more interesting person? (Some suggestions, read books about subjects that interest you and the type of person who attracts you.  Keep up on current events that interest you and the type of person that attracts you.)

6.  Figure out ways to insert trigger words and provocative banter into conversations concerning those subjects that interest you and the person you are trying to seduce.

Lesson III