Lesson III

Some of you following these lesson plans may be wondering why I gave you homework last week that included things you could do concerning your physical appearance.  My reason for doing that is very simple.  Knowing how to make people feel good about themselves is a very important part of subliminal seduction.  Before you can make others feel good about themselves, it is important that you feel good about yourself.  Making people feel good about their physical appearance is going to be an important part of your technique.  It is therefore important that you feel as good as you possibly can about your own physical appearance. 

I also think that before we go any further with these lessons, I need to explain a bit more about how The Ultimate Lamb Chop came into existence.  And why I used her in the shameless fashion I did.  This creature was spawned in part by a remark I overheard a nurse make to my doctor shortly after I had sailed through that windshield.  Thinking I was asleep, she remarked to my doctor, in a very kind but pity filled whisper, that it was a good thing my dad had money since after this, the only way I would find a decent looking husband, is if he bought me one.  I decided right then, that I would never be seen in the company of anything less than a very good-looking guy when I started dating.  That is not an easy promise to make to yourself when you are living in a room where no mirrors were allowed.  I not only kept that promise, I took it to an extreme nobody would have thought possible.  When I started dancing with the wolves nearly a year later, it became a point of honor for me that I never be seen with anything less than the best.  More importantly, it was important to me that people realize that daddy hadn't bought that pretty boy as a present for his now flawed princess.  I didn't create The Ultimate Lamb Chop just to make sure I could get a date.  I created her to prove something to myself, and to the rest of the world.  Especially all those people with those damned pity filled eyes. This is as close as you are going to get to an explanation, or an excuse, for some of the things you will read when I recount some of my personal experiences with the art of subliminal seduction in the coming lessons. Now that I've explained all that, let's get into this week's lesson.

You probably have at sometime or another, seen an incredibly beautiful woman on the arm of, and hanging on to every word spoken by, some short overweight bald headed dude that you would think she wouldn't even give the time of day to.  You have no doubt asked yourself what that beautiful woman saw in the short fat bald headed dude.  Well, that little guy has probably been doing something to that beautiful babe a lot of gorgeous guys don't know how to do.  That little bald dude may have been keeping that woman not only physically satisfied, but mentally entertained and delighted as well.  And that little bald dude may have also been doing something else to that beautiful woman that many handsome dudes fail to do.  The short bald guy may have actually been listening to, and perhaps hanging onto as well, every word that beautiful woman has to say.  That's right , the reason you sometimes see a really beautiful woman, or a handsome man, with a partner that is shall we say, less than physically stunning, is because those less than physically stunning people have learned to pay attention to what their partners are saying.

People, no matter how beautiful they are, like to think that that a person who is trying to seduce them, is interested in their mind, as well as their body.  A person who pays attention to what they have to say, is far more interesting and attractive to them than a person who is only enthralled with their physical beauty.  If you really want to impress a woman, or man you are dating, or trying to get a date with, try paying close attention to what that person has to say when you are talking to them.  Listen to what they are saying.  Reply intelligently to what they have said.  Insert trigger words, and even provocative and humorous banter into those replies.  This is where boning up on what interests the person you are trying to seduce comes in handy.

Now I'm going to let you in on another little secret about the art of subliminal seduction.  The reason it works so well, is partly because intelligence can be incredibly sexy.  That's right girls, dumb is not necessarily a big turn on for a lot of men.  I've also discovered that a lot of men who claim to like their women kind of dumb, are not telling the whole truth.  What some of them really mean, is that they like a woman who makes them feel smart.  A truly intelligent woman,  even a brunette, who knows and understands this, can outmaneuver a beautiful, but dumb blonde, with ease if she just plays her cards right.  And if she uses her innate intelligence correctly.  Look at it this way, if being around a dumb blonde makes a man feel good because it makes him feel smart, think how good being around an intelligent woman who makes him feel smart, is going to feel.  Intelligent women of course, truly enjoy being around a man who makes them feel good about their own intelligence.  Men, read that sentence again and really think about what I'm saying here.  Keep in mind while you are thinking about it, that a lot of knuckle dragging Neanderthals go out of their way to make intelligent women feel bad about being smarter than they are.  Seduction, be it subliminal or otherwise, is about making people feel good.  The better you make a person feel, the better your chances for seducing that person become.  If you make a person feel good about themselves in general, as well as about the idea of getting intimate with you, your chances for a little afternoon delight, or a naughty night, sky rocket in flight.  Throw some humor into this mix, and your chances increase even more. 

Your homework this week consists of thinking of all the ways you can to make a person you desire feel good about themselves.  Think of sincere, and notice I said SINCERE, compliments you could pay to the person you desire.    Think of some things that person does that pleases you.  Things that makes you feel good when he or she does them.  Think of ways to compliment him or her on those things.  Think a couple of things that are that person's best physical assets, and how you could sincerely compliment the person on those assets.  Now think of ways to salaciously slide some trigger words, and if at all possible a little provocative banter, into those compliments.  You are trying to stroke both the person's ego, and inner reptile here. 

For instance, a little lamb chop who was trying to seduce a wolf into dancing with her could put her hand lightly on the wolf's upper arm.   Then with a look of wide eyed wonder on her face, sort of breathlessly say something like, "My my Mr. Wolf, what big hard biceps you have there."  You can choose whether or not you want to give those biceps a gentle little squeeze as you are saying that.  Trust me here, whether you squeeze those biceps or not, this type of approach works much better than pointing out what big eyes they have.  Especially if you emphasize slightly the words big and hard.  If you do that, you'll give their ego a nice pleasant tickle, and raise the frills of their inner reptile.  If you lick your lips right before you say this, his frills will positively quiver in carnal delight.    If that beautiful but not so bright brunette who ask me how I managed to snare so many good looking wolves had known about this little technique, she would have no doubt been able to get a date with that fox she wanted so badly. 

Now I'll tell you a little secret to making a person feel good about the idea of getting intimate with you.   You can mull this over during the week as part of your homework assignment.  Be sincerely and genuinely interested in the person you are trying to seduce, as something more than just a sexual conquest.  If you are sincerely and genuinely interested in having something more than just a fast sexual encounter with him or her, that person will become aware of that, and feel much more comfortable about the idea of getting intimate with you.  I don't think any truly intelligent man or woman with any self respect wants to be just another notch on a bedpost.  I'm not saying you have to make any kind of long or short term commitment here to the person who are trying to seduce.  But I do believe that what separates a toad from a wolf when it comes to the art of seduction, subliminal or otherwise, is whether or not the person doing the seducing has some kind of genuine liking and respect for the person they are trying to seduce. 

Lesson IV