Lesson IV

I hope by now you are beginning to see the difference between the true art of subliminal seduction, and what Ross Jefferies is hawking as Speed Seduction.  I supply you with no "patterns" guaranteed to make a man or woman putty in your hands.  Instead, I am trying to supply you with a way to truly make yourself the type of intelligent, funny, charming and delightful person you really are deep down inside.  I truly feel that anyone who enjoys the Beyond Blonde experience at all, really is that kind of person.  No matter how shy and insecure you normally are.  You are obviously intelligent and have a great sense of humor, or you wouldn't be fans of mine.  Therefore, becoming funny and charming isn't something that is going to be too hard on you.  Some of you have already displayed an enormous amount of wit and delightful charm in the emails you have sent me.  All I'm trying to do is somehow allow you to get in touch with, and show to the rest of the world, the person you really are.   Okay, I'll admit that right now, I'm also giving you a fine example of how good it feels to have your ego and inner reptile shamelessly stroked with sincere compliments. 

You have also probably figured out by now that my seduction techniques include a heavy dose of tongue in cheek humor.  For the wolves I used these techniques on in the 70's, I was the next best thing to dating a stand up comic.  I kept them smiling and/or laughing as much as possible.  I discovered early on in the game that humor is very sexy.    Especially well done tongue in cheek salacious humor.  It seemed to me that wolves liked being around a lamb chop that kept her tongue firmly planted in her cheek.  I have a theory that it is because it makes them think, or at least their inner reptile think about what else she could be doing with that tongue.  I became the ultimate good time tongue in cheek girl.  Even if a wolf never made it past first base with me, he still had a hell of good time playing the game.

It took a lot of hard work though to become that ultimate good time girl.  I worked constantly at improving myself.  I challenged myself on a daily basis to come up with evermore effective trigger words and phrases that could be used in a light hearted funny way.  Once the muse arrived, I challenged him on a daily basis as well.  I kept my banter as funny, as it was provocative.  I developed my own unique style and method of employing the art of subliminal seduction.  If you wish to truly be a master or mistress of the art of seduction, subliminal and otherwise, you must also develop your own style and method of employing these techniques.  Otherwise, you are just another "pattern" repeating toad.  Be yourself!  Don't be a toad!  Your little gray cells are more than capable of developing a style and method that is uniquely yours.  If you just trust your inner reptile, give it, and your gray cells a chance, you will not have to resort to "patterns" and hypnotic tones to seduce someone. 

The art of seduction is a give and take affair.  This is especially true of the art of subliminal seduction.  You are giving the inner reptile of the person you are trying to seduce a few gentle strokes in the hopes they will in turn think about stroking you the right way.  You should not try to jerk that inner reptile off  with repeated "patterns" in the hopes of quick lay.  You will notice that with the big hard biceps example I used last week, that in one short sentence, I reached out and stroked the inner reptile of that wolf from the base of his boney little head to the tip of his hard quivering little tail.  Nor should you try to mesmerize the person you are trying to seduce with low hypnotic tones.  Remember I told you that I wanted you to be funny and charming?  Well,  do you have any idea how terribly unfunny low hypnotic tones really are?  I also told you to be yourself.  Now do you normally go around talking in low hypnotic tones?   If you follow my advice and learn what the true art of seduction, subliminal and otherwise, is really all about, the better beast you are building will eventually be a thoroughly delightful and charming creature to be around.

This week's homework consists of you thinking up an effective way to draw a comment out of someone that will allow you to reply with some witty sentences that are lightly to moderately laced with a few effective trigger words.  You do not have to go to the extreme of dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood to reach this goal.   Have pretend conversations with someone you desire that would achieve this goal. Just think about what some of the interests are of the person you desire, and work on using those interests as a means of "baiting" them into allowing you to gently stroke their inner reptile.  You can also work on ways of saying intelligent witty things about some current event that you can slide trigger words into and/or indulge in provocative banter about.  This will come in handy if you meet a stranger that you fall in lust at first sight with. 

Notice how I worked the words, come in, into that sentence?  Some inner lizards may have even linked the words come in handy together in some interesting ways.  I suspect those of you did that, have inner reptiles who are very into the concept of self gratification.  You are mature educated people who know doing that will NOT make hairs grow on the palms of your hands.   Or turn your brain to mush.  Obviously it doesn't turn your brain to mush, or mine would look like Cream of Wheat by now.  Notice that some of you got a feel good giggle, or at least a soft smile, out of the phrase, fall in lust with at first sight.  See how easy this subliminally charming and funny stuff really is?  Keep practicing and before you know it, trigger words and provocative banter will come into your mind even in the most normal and mundane of conversations.  Also, remember how easy it is to stroke someone's ego with a sincere compliment.  Oh yes, and in case the Cream of Wheat thing sailed over your head like a 747, keep in mind a poking a little fun at yourself at times can go a long way in making other people feel good about even the most touchy subjects.  And did you catch the go a long way in thing?  If you missed it, I'll bet your inner reptile didn't. 

Lesson V