Lesson V

I have always had a passion for words.  Words turn me on in a way pictures don't.  Articulate men are what rock my boat.  My father knew of my passion for words, and the effect words could have on me.  That is why he insisted on giving me all the information and education he could about how some dudes would be apt to use subliminal techniques that included trigger words and provocative banter to seduce his little princess into a compromising position.  I don't think he realized until it was too late, that his precocious little princess might take that education and start using it as an offensive, instead of defensive maneuver.  Daddy was a real wise man, but sometimes even he underestimated his little princess.

I took that passion for words I had and combined it with what daddy's education had supplied me with.   Then I added some spicy style to the way I dressed, and created The Ultimate Lamb Chop.  Much later that passion for words combined with fate in a most peculiar way, and Beyond Blonde was born.  We all know what that salaciously sassy little blonde she has grown up to be.  I have previously admitted that I shamelessly and cheerfully use a salacious form of subliminal seduction to stroke and raise the frills of the inner reptiles of my readers.  Now I'm sitting here giving lessons in the art of subliminal seduction.  I'm also shamelessly and cheerfully giving you examples of how I used this art back in the 70's to seduce the wolves into dancing with me.  The power of cheese is nothing in comparison to the power of words.  Words helped to create what at first was an illusionary creature called The Ultimate Lamb Chop, then turn her into a reality. Though I still thought of her for a long time as an illusionary creature I pulled out of my basket of goodies when I went to dance with the wolves, the fact is I really became that creature when I pulled her out of my basket of goodies.  She wasn't the illusion.  The illusion was that I thought of her as that.

Some of you are suffering from the illusion that you need some kind of subliminal miracle to make people like you and want to get to know you better.  The reality is that you already have everything you need to take a little word magick and get what or who you desire.  Stop wasting time worrying about what you perceive as your faults, and start spending time building a better beast.  That beast can become anything you want it to.  I built my better beast into the The Ultimate Lamb Chop back in the seventies.  But If I was working overtime to be The Ultimate Lamb Chop, there were wolves out there doing the same thing to become The Ultimate Wolf.  Personally, I had nothing against those alpha wolves.  Those alpha wolves truly loved their prey.  I'll admit they might not love a piece of prey forever.   However, you would have never heard a wolf I danced with make the kinds of disgusting remarks about women that Ross and his band of fellow toads have been seen to make.   The wolves I danced with also respected a piece of warm fuzzy prey that could really give them a run for their money.  They also liked and respected a piece of warm fuzzy prey that could escape them, but still leave them panting and happy.  I left the ones I escaped from with the same kind of happy drooling look that you see on speckled pup's face even when the rabbit gets away.  That's another difference between a toad and a wolf.  You can leave a wolf with a happy panting look on his face even if you escape from him.  Toads on the other hand, sulk and say nasty things about the princesses who won't kiss their warty knobs.

I have nothing against a man using my lessons to try and build his better beast in The Ultimate Wolf.  With any luck, you'll meet some warm fuzzy piece of prey dancing through the woods who is working on becoming The Ultimate Lamb Chop.  The chances of this happening are pretty good actually because like often tends to attract like when it comes to better beasts.  Now I'm going to give you a real down and dirty tip about the art of being The Ultimate Lamb Chop.  I found that the better I became at being The Ultimate Lamb Chop, the more I tended to attract alpha wolves.  I also noticed that alpha wolves are real competitive.  I discovered that you could sort of create a chain reaction in a pack of them.  Once I got adept enough at subliminally seducing one or two alpha wolves, I found attracting the attention of other alpha wolves was as easy as some toads thought I was.  See, if one alpha wolf has what appears to be a totally charming and delightful little lamb chop hanging from his arm, who among other things, is obviously raising the frills of his inner reptile, the other alpha wolves will take a lot of notice of that little piece of prey.  Should she ever stray far enough away from that alpha wolf's arm, some of those other alpha wolves will descend upon her like, well like a pack of wolves.  There may be honor among thieves, but there isn't a shred of it among some wolves.  Of course, Ultimate Lamb Chops can be pretty competitive as well.  Ultimate Lamb Chops also enjoy the chase as much as the wolves running after them do.  They don't whine and bitch about the wolves that got away.  They understand that you can't always get what you want. 

This week I want you to come to terms with the realization that you already are that which you wish to become.  The skeleton of whatever better beast you want to build is already inside your own warped little mind.  It is a part of your personality already.  You simply need to learn how to work a little word magick to help flesh out that skeleton and turn it into the better beast you want to build.  Once you fully come to terms with this realization, you will also slowly come to the realization that everybody has a better beast inside them they are working on.  Then you begin to understand that another key to the art of subliminal seduction is in finding out what kind of better beast the person you are trying to seduce is working on.   Then you let them know that in your eyes, that better beast already exists.   From there on out you must be careful what you do.  People who can successfully insert that key into the lock can enter the deepest, warmest, most warped recesses of a person's mind, and really scramble a person's brain.  This thing called word magick I keep referring to is a very powerful form of practical magick.  Those who use it should keep in mind that magick of any form, always returns to its creator threefold.

Lesson VI