Lesson VI

Remember that chain reaction I mentioned in last week's lesson?  Well now I'm going to give my faithful students an example what kind of chain reactions you can start with the art of subliminal seduction.  Especially when you take it to the extreme.

When I first started dancing with wolves, I decided that I would be better off pulling The Ultimate Lamb Chop out of my basket of goodies in territory that I was not previously known in.  At first I didn't want to be noticed because I was actually on a reconnaissance mission at that point.  What I did at first was to create a little "waif" type creature that sort of just blended into the background and went completely unnoticed by the wolves.  This dull and boring little creature drifted around seemingly aimlessly for a few months, then dissapeared never to be seen again.  The next time I stepped into the forest, it was as The Ultimate Lamb Chop.  The wolves sure as hell rose up and took notice of her when she came skipping into the forest.  Even *Jay, the dude who was at the top of the food chain when it came to lamb chops in this particular forest, did a double take when this newest little fuzzy tailed piece of prey came skipping into the forest.  He hadn't noticed me at all in my "waif life", but he sure noticed me now.  There is nothing like dressing up as a very salacious looking Little Red Riding Hood when you first come skipping into the forest, to raise the hackles of every wolf in the forest. 

Jay didn't swoop in and take up the chase right then though because at that moment in time, he was in what passed for a relationship with him.  I knew that he had never had any relationship to date that had lasted more than a few weeks.  So I contented myself with dancing with some of his fellow pack members for the time being.  But as I danced with some of his fellow pack members, I noticed him watching this newest piece of warm fuzzy prey with a definite gleam in his eye a couple of times.  Over the next few weeks Jay and I became what you might call nodding acquaintances.  It was obvious from a couple of remarks he made while we were nodding at each and passing each other like ships in the night, that he had come realize I was hunting his fellow pack members with the same dedication to detail, and love of the chase, as he hunted lamb chops with.  The way he grinned at me when he made those comments let me know Jay seemed to find this concept quite amusing.  He also knew I wasn't quite what I first appeared to be. 

It didn't take long for it to begin to be known that I was NOT as easy a wolf might think.  But some of them kept coming back for more even if I wasn't as easy to take down as they had first thought.  The ones that kept coming back were the kind of wolves who enjoy the chase just as much as the kill.   Those kind of wolves like a challenge.  Though they hadn't resorted to beating them off with a stick, I had come to understand a lot of the wolves in that forest were actually starting to get a little bored at times with so much easy pickings around.  Remember this was the great sexual revolution of the 70's and free sex was everywhere.  I also noticed during my "waif life", that anytime a lamb chop entered the room who looked liked she might could give them a run for their money, the eyes of some of those alpha wolves in that pack REALLY lit up.  Especially if that lamb chop looked like she was well worth the effort of the chase.  As far some of those wolves were concerned, I was well worth the effort of the chase.

About a month after my debut as The Ultimate Lamb Chop I noticed while I was dancing with one of his fellow pack mates, that Jay was without what had been his current arm decoration.  Later on, as I was standing talking to a girl I had become casual friends with over the last few weeks, I noticed her glancing over my shoulder at something or someone.  I turned around to see what she was so interested in, and came face to face with Jay.  I hadn't expected to have such a close encounter with him right then, and stepped back in surprise when I turned around and suddenly found myself practically in his arms.  He reached out and grabbed my arms like he thought I was going to fall over backwards or something.  Then he looked down at me with a predatory smile and said, "Sorry blondie, didn't mean to scare you.  I was about to ask you if you would dance with me."  I froze for a few seconds like a good little piece of prey.  Then looked up at him with the same kind of look a doe has on her face when you see her in the headlights of your pick up, and said, "Well you startled me I'll admit.  But I'm not sure about being afraid."  Then I blinked, smiled up at him, and said,  I don't think I'm going to swoon or anything though, so you can turn me loose now if you want."  The way he looked down at me and grinned, told me in no uncertain terms he wasn't about to let go of this warm fuzzy piece of prey right then.  He had the same look a cat gets on his face when has his paw on a mouse's tail.  He did turn loose of my arms though.  Then he grabbed my hand and led me onto the dance floor.  Wolves, like cats, like to play with their prey before they eat it.

After that dance set was over, we went back to his table and did the, "What's a nice lamb chop like you doing in a forest like this?" routine.  I told him I was here because I had developed a bit of an aversion to being "nice" lately.  As we discussed nice versus naughty as a desirable character trait, he asked me at one point where I had been all his life.   I replied I had got held up in a little crosstown traffic.  He gave me an evil leer and said he couldn't wait to see the tire tracks across my back.  I laughed said, "Well, if you have been living right, maybe Pan will grant you what you desire."  Having done my homework, I knew that Jay would know who Pan was.  That remark raised an eyebrow at first.  Then widened the predatory grin that was plastered on his face.  He remarked that he thought Pan would agree he had been living right.  He went on to say he just hoped Pan would grant him his heart's desire tonight.   I laughed and said "No doubt Pan would think you are living right.  But I don't think we've know each other long enough for you to get your heart's desire this Midsummer's eve."   He raised an eyebrow again, then laughed and replied that he had ample patience, but hoped the winter wouldn't be too bleak for him. 

The remarks I made to Jay ensured that he would not mind taking some time to get to know me better.  It was not often he came across a lamb chop that could banter with him in the manner I had.  I think I was the first one he had come across that could throw that Midsummer's eve remark at him the way I did.  See how important it is to do your homework and bone up on any subject you know your current heart's desire is interested in?

Your homework this week is to keep doing your homework and learning what interests your current heart's desire.  You should also become aware of any phobias and/or personality traits that might pose a problem to the successful seduction of your current heart's desire.  Then figure out how you are going to make sure those phobias and/or personality traits don't interfer with the successful seduction of your current heart's desire.  I also want you to mull the following statement over this week.  Within this statement lies the key to being a truly successful practitioner of the art of sublminal seduction.  For most women, and a lot of men, especially intelligent women and men, the most erogenous zone on their body isn't between their legs, but is between their ears. 

*Name has been changed to protect the not so innocent.

Lesson VII