Lesson VII

Although Jay didn't know it at first, we both had several things in common. Both of us owned and rode horses. Both of us were well read and had a love of Pagan Mythology and Shakespeare. We both also shared an aversion the concept of commitment. At that point in time, getting married, or even going steady, was the last thing on my little blonde mind. I was simply out to prove a point, and have a good time while I was proving it. I was way too young to get married. I didn't even have a desire to get into a serious relationship with any wolf I danced with. Jay also did not want to get married at that point in time. Nor did he want anything to do with a serious committed relationship. One of the reasons he never had long relationships with his previous arm decorations is because they would start talking commitment within a few weeks of starting to date him. Knowing things like this about the person you are tying to seduce is what makes a person able to more easily seduce their current heart's desire. Truly sharing some of their interests and traits, also makes seducing your current heart's desire much easier.

Within a couple of hours of us first beginning the dance, I let him know in some subtle, and not so subtle ways, that we had those things in common. Finding a lamb chop that shared so much in common with him, did something to him I had never seen happen before with him. It got me his complete undivided attention for the rest of the evening. Since I could talk to him in a way that truly interested and entertained him, his normally roving eye was for once, strangely still. As we did bid each other a warm and lingering fond farewell that evening, Jay asked me for a date for the following evening. I told him I wasn't quite ready to commit myself to a real date with him for the next night, but that I would be at the party that was going on at the creek tomorrow night. I told him if he wanted to show up there, we could see how things went.

The fact that I seemed reluctant to even commit myself to a real date for the following evening both rankled him, and in an odd way, reassured him. My behavior rubbed his fur the wrong a bit because he wasn't used to having any trouble getting a girl to at least just say yes to a second date. The way my forehead wrinkled in a frown and I almost gagged as I said the word "commit", reassured him that even if we did wind up on a second date the next evening, he wasn't going to have to worry about me asking some soul searching question like, "By the way, how do you feel about being in a committed relationship?" I had actually heard one lamb chop ask him that on their second date as I was studying him and the other wolves during my "waif life". He dumped that lamb chop so fast she never even made it to a third date.

He accepted the proposition I made to him concerning the next night. Then he remarked that now he knew why he had seen me leave with more guys than he had ever seen me come with. I grinned at him to let him know that one hadn't sailed over my little blonde head, then said, "Well, I'm a bit picky about the kind of men I come with. I like to check a man out pretty thoroughly before I agree to that kind of arrangement with him. I don't buy a horse without putting him through his paces first. And I don't agree to come with a man until I've put him through his as well." He laughed and said, "That sounds like good reasoning to me. I can't wait until tomorrow night so you can put me through my paces. With any luck, maybe I can get you to agree to come with me, as well as leave with me."

I gently stroked him one last time that warm summer's eve by laughing and telling him, "Well, if you really have your heart set on coming with me in the near future, you had best pray to Pan that your tongue be nimble indeed then honey." It didn't surprise me a damn bit later on in our relationship, the longest lasting relationship he had ever had by the way, when he admitted he had indeed said a quick prayer to Pan right before he got to the party to make sure his tongue was nimble enough to impress me into wanting to come with him.

You will notice the both of us were having a great time playing games with the words come with. Though we were actually supposedly discussing what it took to get me to commit myself to coming to a dance or party with a guy, you would have to be thick as a brick not to realize that there was another underlying concept being bandied about in that conversation. Since he had seen me leave with several of his fellow pack mates over the last several weeks, but had rarely seen me enter a party on the arm of a particular wolf, he knew the proposition and stipulations I had put to him, and on him, concerning our seeing each other the next night, wasn't anything personal.

This concludes the crash course in subliminal seduction from Beyond. By now you should be mastering the art of subliminal seduction. From here on out, it is simply a matter of practice makes perfect. Think about what you have learned from these lessons, and practice ways of applying this knowledge. Apply it with skill and grace, and you will become a master or mistress of this ancient and wonderous art. The art of verbal subliminal seduction has been around as long as language itself has been around. The only thing new about what you are doing may be the surroundings and circumstances in which you apply this ancient art. Go forth and make word magick now with what you have learned, then perhaps you too will one day be able to seduce your heart's desire, as he or she has never been seduced before.