Schools in!  This is Lesson I

The response from some of my readers concerning the last two columns has been so gratifying, I've decided to take one reader up on a suggestion, and continue stroking the frills of your inner reptile until they positively quiver in carnal delight.  In fact I'm going to give my readers a real treat, and give them a few lessons in the art of subliminal seduction.   Beyond Blonde style.   Subliminal seduction is simply another form of mind manipulation.  Nothing that I'm about to teach you is anything new.  The art of subliminal seduction has been practiced in various forms for centuries, by a variety of people.  Some High Priests used it to help convince virgins they would experience the ultimate orgasm before they went up in smoke, if they just would just stop screaming, and willingly throw themselves into that volcano.  This is sort of an extreme version of the spoon full of sugar making the virgin go down the volcano easier, method of mind manipulation.   You can seduce a person into your bed.  Or you can subliminally seduce a person into parting with their hard earned cash for some product they didn't even know they needed, until they saw it on the television.  If you are a badly bent priest or pastor, you can, through the use of subliminal seduction and other mind manipulation techniques, even convince certain people that if they fornicate with you, they are in fact fornicating for the sake of the Lord God Almighty.   If you are a really really badly bent priest or pastor, but a really good toad, you can even convince some people they are actually fornicating with God, through you. 

The uses for subliminal seduction and mind manipulation are endless.  Subliminal seduction in and of itself is not evil.  How and why you use the art of subliminal seduction is what makes you a toad or not.   The techniques I am going to discuss will work.  They will work for men and women.  They work for heterosexuals, homosexuals, lesbians and bisexual people.  They should even work on hermaphrodites.  I'm not going to teach you how to take advantage of a person's mind to the point you could talk them into your bed in 10 minutes though.  This is NOT a Speed Seduction seminar!  I am however, going to show you how one can use the art of subliminal seduction to be a more interesting, entertaining and desirable person.  My techniques will work.  But they will require you to do your homework.  There will be no "patterns" to learn in BB's School of Subliminal Seduction.  I personally suggest you dispense with the idea of  "patterns" entirely.  I never have, nor will I ever, resort to using preset "patterns" while practicing the art of subliminal seduction.  Nor did I ever have to resort to speaking in low hypnotic tones to seduce, subliminally or otherwise, any wolf I have ever danced with.  What I am going to teach you is how to REALLY become a more interesting and attractive person.  Not how to hide a wart covered hide under a bunch of preset "patterns".  Our first lesson will cover the use of trigger words and provocative banter. 

Trigger words are a very important part of subliminal seduction.  Trigger words are words that titillate, or outright arouse desire, on a conscious or subconscious level.   Everyday words that are often associated with sex are great trigger words.  Provocative banter is another way you can arouse desire in a person.   Now arousing desire in people is rather easy for anyone who is articulate to any degree.  Words are an extremely powerful means of arousing desire.  The real trick to subliminally seducing someone through the use of trigger words and provocative banter, is to become the object of the desire that you are arousing.  If you are using subliminal techniques in a one on one situation in real life, making sure you are in front of the person you are using these words on, is one way to help insure you become the object for the desire you are arousing.  You will be the first thing they see when you stroke the frills of their inner reptile and hopefully arouse their desire.  By doing this, you may become that which they desire.  Sort of like how birds bond to the first thing they see when they hatch.

This week's homework consists of making a list of every trigger word you can think of.  Wrap your hands around a Thesaurus, and look up words you know in it that are provocative.   Learn new words that mean the same thing.  Spend some time practicing ways of working some of those words into seemingly innocent sentences.  Then salaciously slide them into some not so innocent sentences. Let your inner reptile run wild when making that list and checking it twice.  Give him full rein when it comes to composing sentences, phrases and provocative banter.    And spice those sentences and banter with some salacious silliness whenever possible.   A true master or mistress of the art of subliminal seduction, is very good at making people feel good.  Those people know that when a person laughs, that makes a person feel very good indeed. 

To help get you started, I will give you a few trigger words, and use them in a sentence.  The trigger words are come with me, go down and hard on.  Here's a sentence containing those words I actually used one night when I was dancing through the forest in my "Little Red Hiding Hood" outfit.  This outfit consisted of red velvet hot pants, a sheer black blouse and a pair of high heeled nearly knee high black suede boots.  Topping this ensemble off was a short red cape with, you guessed it, a hood.  A sleek young wolf came slinking up to me and said with a lewd leer, "Hey there Little Red Riding Hood, can I come with you to granny's house?"  The way he put a little subtle emphasis on the words come with you, tipped me off that this dude was into word games.  And possibly even mutual satisfaction.  So  I smiled at him, and with a wide eyed innocent look replied, "Well Mr. Wolf, if you don't think the trip would be too hard on you, you are welcome to go down the garden path, and come with me to granny's house." 

Lesson II