Welcome to Beyond Blonde's How kinky are you? test.  Each question you answer Yes to, is worth 2 points.  There are, what I hope will be, a few trick tongue cheek questions here, so if you score a 100 on this test, you are WAY too kinky ;)  For those that wonder, BB scored a 80 on this test ;)

Have you

1.    Given, or received oral sex, while in a moving vehicle?

2 .   Actually screwed someone, while in a moving vehicle?

3.    Done it on a non moving motorbike?

4.    Done it on a moving motorbike?

5.    Done it to a motorbike?  Moving or non moving

6.    Done it on a non moving horse?

7.    Done it on a moving horse?

8.    Done it to a horse?  Moving or non moving

9.    Done it while suspended vertically with ropes or chains?

10.  Done it while suspended horizontally with ropes or chains?

11.  Done it bound and/or gagged? Just having your hands bound or cuffed counts!

12.  Done it in an airplane?

13.  Done it in hot air balloon?

14.  Done it on the washer during the spin cycle?

15.  Done it on the dryer while the clothes were tumbling?

16.  Done it in a barn?

17.  Done it in a field or meadow?

18.  Done it upside down?

19.  Done it with something not quite human?

20.  Done it with something very definitely not human?

21.  Done it while you were wearing a set of spurs?

22.  Done it while your partner was wearing a set spurs?

23.  Done it to a set of spurs?

24.  Done it bent over a brick fence, fence rail, saddle rack, or other handy object?

25.  Done it up against the wall?

26.  Done it to a hole in the wall?

27.  Done it while in a tree?

28.  Done it to a tree?

29.  Done it in the ocean?

30.  Done it in the tub or shower?  Hot tubs count!

31.  Got a least one adult toy?

32.  Got a collection of adult toys?

33.  Had phone sex?

34.  Had sex while on the phone?

35.  Had sex with a phone?

36.  Had cyber sex

37.  Had sex with real person, while at your computer.  Oral sex counts here!

38.  Had sex with your computer?

39.  Had a threesome?

40.  Had more than a threesome?

41.  Had sex on the beach?  I mean real sex!  Not the drink!  But, oral sex counts!

42.  Had oral sex?  On the beach or anywhere else.

43.  Had sex while standing up?  Yes oral sex counts!

44.  Had sex while sitting down?  Besides at your computer.  Of course oral sex counts!

45.  Had sex in a public bathroom?

46.  Had sex on a table?  Pool tables count here!

47.  Had sex on a park bench?  Yeah yeah, oral sex counts.

48.  Had sex at football or other ball game?

49.  Had sex with a football?  Or other kind of ball?  Gonads do not count!

50.  And last but not least, Have you ever been arrested for having sex in any of the above mentioned forms or places?

BONUS QUESTION!  This one is worth 4 points!  Were you convicted after your arrest ?

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