Six Horse Hitch 

One of the advantages of living here in where I do is that I'm centrally located. This makes it easy for me to attend the various fairs, festivals, and other functions of the area towns. One of the perks to writing a weekly column like Beyond Blonde, is it gives me a great reason to attend neat events like the Butterfield Overland Stagecoach and Wagon Festival in Monahans, under the guise of research. 

I really like to get in the atmosphere of these events. It's fun attending all these festivals. They offer great family fun and often will fire my imagination in ways even my maniacal muse has trouble dealing with. 

While enjoying all the fine food and sense of history that this great event offered, l imagined myself as the heroic driver of a Butterfield Overland Stagecoach. Bravely and expertly handling that six horse hitch. 

Lurching and rumbling, the stage continues towards my destiny. A destiny, if the Calvary gets there in time, which will reunite me with my long lost twin sister. Beside me sits our shotgun rider. A surly old man with a wooden leg and a bad attitude. Inside the stage are a gunfighter, a soiled dove, a drunk and the obligatory pregnant woman. 

As the stage continues towards our destiny The gunfighter and the soiled dove lock eyes. Each one wondering, if before this journey is over, whether or not the drunk and the obligatory pregnant are going to toss their cookies from all the lurching and rumbling. 

Ahead of me waits a war party of irate Indians. They are armed with the latest issue army rifles. Which they stole from a nearby fort after killing and scalping everyone in said fort. Well everyone except my long lost my twin sister, who was the blonde laundress for the fort. She is now, of course, an unwilling captive of the band of irate Indians. As the Indians wait for the stage my long lost twin sister wonders if it is her hair's destiny to become a lodge pole decoration. Or does an even worse fate await her? 

Luckily, most of the cavalry soldiers belonging to the fort were in fact out of the fort at the time of the massacre. They were looking for that war party of irate Indians. They are in fact, still looking for that band of irate Indians. Enraged by the massacre, and the kidnapping of the fort's one and only laundress, the cavalry races off in hot pursuit of the band of irate Indians. The task made easier by the trail of small white pieces of my long lost sister's petticoat that she has thoughtfully dropped along the way. 

Is the cavalry going to intercept the war party of well armed irate Indians before I make it to that pass? Will I once more be reunited with my long lost twin sister? Or will an untimely death prevent our reaching our destination? Thus preventing my long lost sister and I from reuniting. And expose the dark secret that I'm really a woman, pretending to be a man, so that I could fulfill my life's ambition of driving a six horse hitch. 

And as the Calvary rides to the rescue, the obligatory pregnant woman is going to into labor. The soiled dove and the gunfighter are getting pretty darn friendly. The drunk has passed out. And the Indians are getting even more irate from all the waiting. Some of these Indians are beginning to cast lewd glances towards my twin sister. And I'm beginning to wonder if dressing up like a man and learning to drive a six horse hitch was such a great idea after all. 

Yes folks, I really did enjoy that Stagecoach and Festival this weekend. Like I said, events such as this really does fire the imagination. My husband says I've been out in the sun too much. My son says it must have been something I ate. 

Whew wasn't that some ride! *L* Step back aboad though because now it is time go see my sister's transvestite cat ;)