Beyond Blondes' Most Redundant Road Sign

Even out in the country we can see our tax dollars at work. As we drove into Monahans the other evening, we did so on a road that was being resurfaced. They are also in the process of resurfacing our own little farm to market road. Each time I leave my house and drive down the newly resurfaced road the sounding of pinging gravel accompanies me. And a bright orange sign informs me that there is no center stripe. A sign that I have awarded Beyond Blonde's most redundant road sign.

Is it just me, or are their others who find that a rather redundant road sign? I mean, think about it, if a person can't tell the center stripe is no longer there, should that person be driving? I am a one eyed blonde, and even I can tell when the center is no longer there without the need of a sign telling me so. Just what kind of driver does need a sign to inform them that there is no center stripe down the middle of road?

But I suppose it in nice to think that the state is so concerned with our safety they put signs to remind those who can't see for themselves, that the center stripe is gone. I do appreciate the loose gravel signs. Unfortunately so many times the sight sound of gravel pinging off your car's underbelly, and bouncing off your windshield, alerts you to this fact before you get close enough to read the sign. But at least I can see the logic in this sign since once a certain number of cars have driven on the newly resurfaced road the amount of loose gravel recedes, and the sign is then a useful warning .

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