Full Moon 9/11

A wonderfully eerie photo of the moon on the night September 9, 2011.

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Harvest Moon

Altar Pic

After spending the afternoon thoroughly cleaning and rearranging the porch room, I took a two sprigs of rosemary, a few fresh cut flowers from the north garden, 13 colored stones, a couple of faeries, one a small blue candle, one small round mirror, and managed to create a beautiful Harvest Moon altar. This full moon, I was honoring Baubo, Goddess of salacious humor and female sexuality, and Badbh, that great Celtic War Goddess who will be walking about Samhain.

Bouquet pic

I found myself amazed at the colorful beauty of the bouquet of fresh cut flowers, and vowed to have more of those available in the future. What a joy it was to look at that bouquet, and inhale its aroma. Look at me! The big bold painted daisies and maroon cosmos flower scream. While the tiny zinnias, yellow lantana, and pink and orange miniature roses clamor more quietly for attention, making this beautiful little bouquet a reminder to me that sometimes life calls for bold colorful action, while other times a more subtle approach may be best. I also found myself strangely struck by the fact that it was my own hands first tilling earth, then carefully tending the plants that helped produce this beautiful little bouquet. It was humbling to think these hands had helped create so much colorful beauty. It made me understand on a very profound level what the magick of gardening is truly all about. I hope the Goddesses I was honoring were pleased with the little bouquet of natural home grown beauty I offered them.

Partial cloud cover resulted in a moon that played peek-a-boo that October eve. The photos I took all turned out a little blurry, disappointing me at first. But then I realized perhaps the slight blurring wasn’t so bad since it gave a slight surreal look to the image that was sync with how the entire evening felt at times. With Samhain approaching, and the veil between and betwixt getting thinner with each passing night, I could truly feel the Magick in the air as I sat with palms up at times, soaking in the energy all around me. I’m just glad my best friend Moon Magick and I got to share this beautiful harvest moon via cell phone, and picture exchanges made via or computers. It was wonderful to exchange ideas and photos as we absorbed the Magick afoot, and allowed that energy to inspire us in several ways. We are the kind of Witchy Women who will take the lessons learned during that beautiful evening, and the energies we absorbed to be colorfully bold those times circumstances demands it. And to be charmingly subtle when circumstances call for a softer approach. But most of all, we will remember the thoughts and images we shared that evening that strengthened the already unbreakable bonds of friendship between us.

Blessed be to all reading these words,
Beyond Blonde

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Frog Return Moon


I had been anticipating May's moon for several days. I took my portable iPod player and iPod out to the oasis. After plugging the portable player into the outdoor extension cord I went back inside and got my camera and tripod. After getting the camera set up to take a picture The sky was still blue in the east, and completely clear. The air was still, and the temperature just right. While I waited for just the right moment to digitally record the sunset, I happily gabbed with my best lunar friend Moonie via my cool new Bluetooth hands free headset.

As I was bitching to Moonie about the mesquites blocking the sun sinking beneath the horizon, I snapped a quick shot of the sun sunk low behind the mesquites. That shot is framed by that tacky old pipe fence I would love to see torn down. Dusk was just beginning as I turned from the western sky, then gazed eastward.  To my delighted amazement a fat bright moon hung in a still clear blue sky. I turned the camera around and snapped a shot of that bright white moon in a clear blue sky.

To help welcome the glow of that beautiful bright moon into my sacred circle/oasis, I turned on the portable iPod player, and let the notes of the playlist I had chosen ring forth. I had worked hard on that playlist all week.  In celebration of all things truly feminine, I had several of the great Divas of rock and jazz on it. It was while I was trying to find appropriate songs sung by women that I realized my MP3 collection had WAY too much testosterone in it.  By the time Monday night rolled around, I had made a good start on offsetting some of that testosterone in my MP3 collection.

I stayed outside until a little after 10:00 p.m., then moved back into the porch room. I tried to take another shot of the moon through the porch room window, and realized how badly the outside of the windows needed cleaning.  As Moonie and I continued to chat I remarked that according to the Farmers Almanac, that beautiful bright moon we were both gazing at was called a Full Flower Moon, because at this time of year, flowers are abundant in many places. Moonie consulted her copy of Walking The Medicine Wheel book, and informed me it was also called a Frogs Return moon. I told her I thought both names are apt since the same April showers that help bring an abundance of May flowers, also fill the streams, rivers, ponds, and watering holes frogs need for their return in May.

By the time I wished Moonie Bright Full Flower/Frogs Return Moon Blessings, and said goodnight to her, I was feeling positively revitalized.  It's a good thing I did feel so revitalized because the next day I worked my buns off scrubbing and polishing the outside of the porch room windows.  And after working so hard to get those windows sparkling clean that day, you can bet I enjoyed relaxing in the porch that night and gazing at the still beautiful moon through those now spot free windows.

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