Celebrating Imbolc!

What an incredible Imbolc I have had today. I began the morning with a freshly baked small can of Pillsbury Incredibly Flaky Cinnamon Rolls. After that sweet start I took a leisurely shower, then indulged in one of those oh so attractive green mud masks that make you look like Bride of the Creature From The Black Lagoon while you are wearing it. Once the mask was dry, then washed off, and just the right amount of moisturizers and makeup was applied, we took off for a Saturday drive.

Wispy white clouds against a beautiful blue sky caught my eye as we began our drive, so I snapped a couple of quick photos of them through the window. Then I just kicked back for a while and simply enjoyed the sensational scenery rolling by. As that scenery rolled by I thought how lucky I was to be enjoying such a beautiful Imbolc day. It was the kind of sunny second day of February in the Texas Hill Country that really made celebrating the center point of the dark time of year a true joy. I could almost feel the wheel of the seasons turn toward spring and summer as sunlight and warmth brightened the scenery rolling by.

Our first stop was at Kreutzburg Canyon Natural Area. The place where I first saw that solitary little poppy. It was good to see a few other people out enjoying the day. I saw a family with kids headed down to the river for a little fishing. Then I spent a little quiet time in the Cuckoo Blind. I managed to get a couple of pics of a little feathered beauty as it also enjoyed a moment in the shade on this bright sunny day.

Our next stop was at the Cave Without A Name. I had already done the tour inside the cave, but wanted to wander around and see what outside attractions they had. I discovered they have some hiking trails that I would like to investigate further one day.

On the way back we went by James Kiehl River Bend Park. A place I will always remember as having a Nature's Loophole in it. I took a walk down to the river and shot a picture of it framed by two huge trees. I need to go back one day when I have more time and find that loophole again. Today was about short visits though. Touching base with special places for a few minutes, and celebrating such a beautiful day. It was about enjoying the simple things in life like sunny days and beautiful scenery.

We made one last stop at the Marlowe Candle Company in Sisterdale for a couple of candles. Getting out and getting in touch with Mother Nature like I did today was a wonderful way to celebrate Imbolc, and was so very good for my mind, body and soul.

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