Tis the living that I fear.

It’s Samhain! That “scary” time of the year when the veil between and betwixt is at its thinnest, and many of us are honoring our ancestors and others who have crossed that veil. And in some cases, even communing with them. I put “scary” in quotes because this Witch doesn’t find anything scary about that. Tis some of the living that truly terrify me. It wasn’t the dead who tried to exterminate the Natives of this country. Nor did the dead rise up and keep slaves, and fight for the right to continue doing that. It wasn’t the dead who lynched others during the Civil Rights Era. Nor did the dead murder those in Salem during the REAL Witch Hunt. Nor did the dead gas millions of Jewish people during the Holocaust. 

All these truly horrible, really frightening things were done by the living, not the dead. So, this Samhain I will remember and honor those this happened to, and commune with any of their ghosts who want to commune with me. I will love those tragic ghosts, and fight so that others do not join them. I will fight with my words, and with my vote so that others are not forced to cross that veil by the real monsters who walk this earth. Like those murdered so very recently by two very real monsters. 

Because I have learned that Jewish people do not really believe in an afterlife, I will honor the Jewish people murdered by those monsters by simply remembering them, and the lives they lived. I will honor them in a way that respects their beliefs by focusing on the lives they lived. I will do that because it does me no harm to honor them that way. But, it could harm the spirit and souls of the living should I insist on trying to honor their dead in a way that insults their belief concerning death. 

I will honor my Pagan Ancestors by remembering the reality is, we ALL have Pagan Ancestors, no matter what religion we may, or may not follow now. I will think about ancient cave paintings that show a desire to create beauty, while also recording what were important events in their lives. Like the Harvest, and the Hunt. Those important events insured the survival of their people through the long dark cold winter. That’s why our ancient Ancestors took the time to celebrate and record them.

I will remember and honor those innocent souls murdered during the days of the REAL Witch Hunts. I will bow my head and pay my respects to those put to death in Salem, when the wall between Church and State crumbled, and was no longer there to protect them. I’ll also remember all those victims of the Spanish Inquisition. And let their deaths be a lesson to me about what happens when Church and State combine for the purpose of exterminating those who do not believe the “Right Way.” And I will fight with my last breath to prevent that happening again. And by Badbh’s black skirt, I will vote in EVERY single election from now on. 

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I am NOT of the Devil

I was recently told I needed "Get Right" with God because he was the only One True God, and there are only two kinds of people in the world, those who are of God, those who are of the Devil.  Now before those words were said to me I cared a great deal for the person who said them.  Unfortunately, anyone telling this Proud Pagan things like that is bound to destroy any friendship whatsoever between us because I find it that insulting to be preached to in such a manner.  No, I do not follow the Christian path.  But, that does NOT make me of the Devil, or even a bad person.  And I now find myself wondering how many of the other Christians I know, and consider friends secretly feel I am of the Devil because I have chosen a different path than them. If this is how you really feel about me, that I am something evil and of the Devil, then please, unfriend me on FB, unfollow me on Pinterest and Twitter, step out of my life, and go your Christian way in peace. My Purely Pagan Heart harbors no evil,  I don't kiss the Devil's ass, or belong to him in ANY way shape or form. 

The spiritual path I follow absolutely positively forbids any attempt at converting anyone to this path I have chosen.  It also teaches me not to insult someone by telling them they are of the Devil because they don't follow my path.  I understand if you are a Christian your bible teaches you these words.  It also tells you suffer a witch not live. However, since most of my Christian friends don't seem terribly eager to burn, hang, or otherwise kill me, I am assuming they have somehow managed to overcome those words, and allow me to live in peace.  I wish those of you reading this who are Christians would somehow find in your hearts to overcome the urge to quote other words from the bible that by their very nature are inclined to cause hurt, heartache, and separation from others who do not follow your faith. 

We are not living in Old Testament times.  We are ALL living in a world where people of many religions often find themselves interacting with others not of their faith.  I understand the One True God religions stress theirs in the only path to heaven.  But, please understand I do not believe in the Christian version of Heaven, or any version of it.  I'm not trying to get to a heaven I don't believe in here.  What I'm trying to do is help change the world enough so ALL those upon this earth can live peacefully and lovingly with each other.  If we can do that, then people, no matter what your religion, that would truly be heaven on earth. 

Blessed Be To All

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No, My Gods and Goddesses Are Not Yahweh In Disguise!

As a Proud Pagan who practices a blend of Wiccan, Native American and a little Australian Aborigine beliefs I would like to say as politely as possible that none of the Gods and Goddesses I believe in are one in the same as the Christian God. Please do not tell me they are because if you press that point with me, I will become not so polite. I believe that everyone has the right to believe in whatever religion and spiritual path they choose without anyone else telling them they are really worshiping the Christian God, or any other God or Goddesses, but just don't realize it. I actually find it very insulting to what I believe in when told this. I do not insult other religions by claiming their God and my Gods and Goddesses are one in the same, therefore I would appreciate it very much if others would not insult those of who do not follow the Christian path by telling us we are actually worshipping the same God you are, but just don't realize it.

What my spiritual path teaches me is to respect ALL religions and spiritual paths, no matter how much they differ from mine. All I ask in return is that others show me the same respect I am showing them. I realize if you are a Christian reading this that your religion teaches yours is the only One true God. That is in fact one thing that turns me completely off of Christianity because I really do believe all Gods and Goddesses are true and real to those who believe in them. My path also teaches me the concept of Harm None. I firmly believe to try and "convert" another to Christianity or any other religion by claiming all Gods and Goddesses are one in the same is to harm those who do not believe in whatever religion you happen to. So PLEASE, if you are a Christian reading this, try and find in your heart to understand where I'm coming from here. I love and respect the path I follow just as much as you love and respect the path you follow. Do not try and forcefully "convert" me to your path by telling me all things trace back to your God. I will never believe that, and if pressed will defend my right to believe in my Gods and Goddesses with my very last breath. Even if it means screaming it from a stake I'm being burned at. Just as you will defend your beliefs to the death. For all of us on this planet to truly get along with each other we must all realize this, and allow those who do not walk our spiritual path the freedom to do so without interference from others.

Blessed Be To All

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Where I stand!

What you are about to read are the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of a Texas Pagan who is proud of the spiritual path I have chosen. My son is in the AF, and has done 5 tours of duty in the Great Sandbox fighting for such things as Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. For me to live in fear of expressing those feelings negates everything he, and everyone else in the military is still supposedly seeing to it that we have.  If what is written here offends you, you are free to leave this page at any time.  Please keep that in mind before you make any kind of hateful response to the words I have written. 

I am a born and bred Texas woman, who has lived all over, including in Australia for several years growing up.  I have been exposed to many different cultures, and was taught by my parents, especially my father, to respect ALL religions and cultures. I consider myself more spiritual, than religious.  Religion in and of itself is a double edged sword that can be used to do much good, or much harm. 
I believe in our right to bear arms, but also believe we do need better gun control to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, and those who are mentally unstable. With the right to bear arms, comes responsibility.  We as a nation are not meeting that responsibility.  Our children are dying in the very schools that should offer them a safe learning place. Both adults and children are also dying in malls, theaters and other places that we should be able to go to safely.  All this is happening in part because those who desperately need help with their mental issues keep falling through the cracks of our current health care system.  I also believe in across the board background checks for all those purchasing firearms.  Yes, this Texas woman does own guns.  My father raised me to respect guns, and taught me how to safely use them.  In turn, my husband and I taught our son the same important lessons concerning guns, and gun safety. 

I am a proud practicing Pagan who is totally against forced prayer in schools and other public places.  It does not mean the Christian God, or any other God or Goddess has been taken out of school, or any other place.  Gods and Goddesses, by their very nature, go when and where they please.  If you are a practicing Christian, you are totally free to to bow your head and say a quiet prayer to your God at school, or any public event! Just as I can quietly pray to any God and Goddess I choose to at a school  event or public place. What neither of us has the right to do is lead others in prayer to Gods and Goddesses they do not follow, if they don't want to be led in, or listen to said prayer. 

I am Pro Choice, NOT Pro Abortion.  I firmly believe in a woman's right to choose, and am really tired of seeing all the progress we once made concerning abortion rights being stripped away from us by the Moral Majority who thinks their God should rule the world, and what we women on it do with our bodies. I do not think abortion should be used as a method of birth control!  I do however believe in the case of rape and incest a woman should damn well have the right to CHOOSE whether she wants to carry the child to full term, or not. 

Although I am happily heterosexual, I believe in equality for all.  I feel the same way about this issue as I do about religion in general.  As long as a person isn't trying to convert me to their way of life, I could care less what their religion or sexual preference is.  The spiritual path I follow teaches me to accept people for who they are, not what they are.  If that is what they want, I think same sex couples should be able to marry, and have all the benefits, and pitfalls, that being legally married brings to a relationship.

I also believe that affordable health care for all is a damn good idea!  Is the new Affordable Care Act the perfect answer to this problem?  I seriously doubt there is a perfect answer to this problem that is going to make everybody happy.  However, I do believe the Affordable Care Act should be given a fair chance.  I sincerely hope that it is a workable solution to the problem of people not being able to afford health insurance because Goddess knows we need a workable solution to that problem. 

I am a Witchy Woman who is speaking from her heart here.  One whose husband is currently battling COPD and lung cancer. He was already on disability due to nearly losing his foot in an oilfield accident several years ago.  And he has a Humana supplement as well so at the moment we are not in the kind of dire straights others are.  However, we are about to lose one of the disability checks he was getting through the company he worked for when he was hurt. We are going to have to tighten our belts once more, something we are well accustomed to doing having been in the oilfield for so long.  I will be looking into more affordable health insurance for me to help cut costs.

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Because we are NOT what this film portrays us as

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