That's what getting along is all about

Today I had an incident on my personal Facebook page in which a well meaning Christian woman befriended me, and tried to send me a message from her God.  Now there was a time I would have gone totally ballistic and raked her across the coals for daring to try and send me a message from her God.  But, because I am truly trying to be a Peaceful Rainbow Warrior whose words do not inspire anger or hatred, I pulled my Pagan horns in and actually managed to tell her very polititely, but also very firmly that although I respected her path, I had a different one, did not accept messages from the Christian God, and did not consider myself one of his people. 

I realize that Christians are taught from a very early age that converting others to Christianity is part of what they are suppose to do as Christians.  What the Christians have to understand is that the path I follow has the exact opposite attitude when it comes to converting others. I am not one who believes in Sin.  But, to me, trying to convert another person from the spiritual path that feels best for them is the closest thing to a Sin there is for me. Therefore, in many respects, Christians and I are always going to be at odds when it comes to the issue of converting others.  However, as I try to go gracefully into my Crone Phase, I am seeing that doesn't have to be something that makes it impossible for us to still get along with each other.

I can, as I did today remain polite but firm when it comes to Christians trying to convert me.  If the Christian backs off, and accepts that converting me is not an option, and that I do not consider myself one of the Christian God's people, then there is no reason we can't get along, and even be friends on and/or off Facebook or any other social media site. If the Christian will not back off and show me the same respect I am trying to show her or him, then I will gracefully walk away from them. 

Those that can hang with me will find that although I am purely Pagan, I am not an evil or bad person. If they can hang with me on social media sites they will see all kinds of Wiccan, Pagan, and Native American stuff.  Along with some funny, and yes at times, downright salacious stuff. The one thing they won't see me doing on or off the web is trying to convert them, or anybody else to my path.  

I have several Christian friends that sometimes put up stuff that makes me wince.  The way I figure it, that's okay because some of what I put up is probably making them wince as well.  But you see that's what this whole thing about getting along is really all about.  It's not about just getting along with people who share your views and spiritual beliefs.  Hell, getting along with someone like that is easy. The hard part is about getting along with those whose views are radically different from yours. That's the part that sometimes challenges us the most.  It is my desire to become someone who rises to that challenge, and hopefully gently encourages others to do the same.

Blessed Be to ALL reading these words.

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I am NOT of the Devil

I was recently told I needed "Get Right" with God because he was the only One True God, and there are only two kinds of people in the world, those who are of God, those who are of the Devil.  Now before those words were said to me I cared a great deal for the person who said them.  Unfortunately, anyone telling this Proud Pagan things like that is bound to destroy any friendship whatsoever between us because I find it that insulting to be preached to in such a manner.  No, I do not follow the Christian path.  But, that does NOT make me of the Devil, or even a bad person.  And I now find myself wondering how many of the other Christians I know, and consider friends secretly feel I am of the Devil because I have chosen a different path than them. If this is how you really feel about me, that I am something evil and of the Devil, then please, unfriend me on FB, unfollow me on Pinterest and Twitter, step out of my life, and go your Christian way in peace. My Purely Pagan Heart harbors no evil,  I don't kiss the Devil's ass, or belong to him in ANY way shape or form. 

The spiritual path I follow absolutely positively forbids any attempt at converting anyone to this path I have chosen.  It also teaches me not to insult someone by telling them they are of the Devil because they don't follow my path.  I understand if you are a Christian your bible teaches you these words.  It also tells you suffer a witch not live. However, since most of my Christian friends don't seem terribly eager to burn, hang, or otherwise kill me, I am assuming they have somehow managed to overcome those words, and allow me to live in peace.  I wish those of you reading this who are Christians would somehow find in your hearts to overcome the urge to quote other words from the bible that by their very nature are inclined to cause hurt, heartache, and separation from others who do not follow your faith. 

We are not living in Old Testament times.  We are ALL living in a world where people of many religions often find themselves interacting with others not of their faith.  I understand the One True God religions stress theirs in the only path to heaven.  But, please understand I do not believe in the Christian version of Heaven, or any version of it.  I'm not trying to get to a heaven I don't believe in here.  What I'm trying to do is help change the world enough so ALL those upon this earth can live peacefully and lovingly with each other.  If we can do that, then people, no matter what your religion, that would truly be heaven on earth. 

Blessed Be To All

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The Real Old Time Religion

Another Good Pinterest Pin

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A Beautiful Sacred Ceremony

The Uqualla, Virgie Raven Hawk and Jodi Roberts Sacred Ceremony in the Cave Without A Name was a totally awesome experience!  I will be forever grateful to my friends John & Silvia Bollinger for inviting me to go along with them.

The message of love and hope that wonderful Sacred Ceremony was all about is one we all need to get.  We are all Children of Mother Earth.  All birthed from Her wondrous womb.  Those of us who attended the Sacred Ceremony were given the chance to experience a rebirth that further strengthened our tie to Her, and to all humanity.

I listened closely to the words being spoken, and to the sounds of drums, gourds, flutes and other musical instruments, opened my heart, and experienced that rebirth.  Became that illuminated spiritual being that Uqualla spoke of.

Within the darkness of that beautiful cave, I reconnected to the light within myself.  The light that has given me the strength to survive the dark times I have gone through, with grace and dignity rather than bitterness and misery.

Each of us were given a clan bundle that we used later in the ceremony to connect with that which we needed to connect to.  Mine was a turquoise colored bundle, which unlike the others, didn't have a little safety pin on it to pin it near my heart like I was supposed to. I improvised, stuck it in the left side of my bra, and prayed the Creator Spirit wouldn't' strike me down for improvising in such a manner.  Much to my dismay, after the ceremony I discovered the little clan bundle was gone.  It really is the pits when my cleavage is so small it won't hold even that tiny clan bundle.

I was really upset at first at losing my little bundle, but then I thought to myself, "It was meant to be."  I knew what color my bundle was, and that it stood for water.  Which made perfect sense since I am a water baby myself.  So despite losing my little bundle, I shall still go forth, do what Uqualla said to, and be a Water Light unto the world.

I'm not quite sure exactly how I'm going to go about doing that right now.  But, I do know if I keep my heart open and listen closely, one way or another, I will be shown and told how to do that.  I'm pretty sure though that at least one of things I'm supposed to do is remind those who read these words that no matter what Higher Power you believe in, we really are all connected to this earth, and all that is upon her, including each other.

Religion all too often winds up separating us.  At times violently so. Spirituality on the other hand, gently reconnects us to each other, and to everything that is around us.  Nature is my church.  That place where I find serenity and faith.  Sometimes I find those things in the process of putting one foot in front of the other and testing myself.  Other times I find it while resting beneath the shady branches of a tree.  But I always do find it.  And in finding that serenity and faith, I strengthen that which connects me to this earth, and all that is upon her.

To view more photos of this Sacred Ceremony Click Here

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Why this Witch put out a Nativity Scene

This is going to sound really strange to a lot of people, but this Witch recently had no problem putting out two Nativity Scenes while helping to decorate around the Top of the Hill RV Resort where I live and work. When I found the first Nativity Scene, the first thought that crossed my mind was, "Well some will really like this!" So I put it in the Clubhouse. Then I found a second one while I was sorting through more decorations. And I knew how much it would mean to some in the Office to have a Nativity Scene, so I took it there, and gave it to them to put out in the Office wherever they wanted.

Now I know some of my fellow
Wiccans are probably wondering what the blazes I'm thinking doing that? And perhaps even getting all riled up about it. However, before you think about beating me with my own broom, let explain why I had, and have no problem with what I did.

First of all, it's not like I'm going to explode or burst into flame handling, or walking by a Nativity Scene. Nor am I going to be overcome with a desire to convert to Christianity. Nor does the Nativity Scene offend me in any way. That's a big part of the Christian belief, and they are entitled to that belief. I had already put up trees, greenery, lights and some other "Christmas" decorations whose origins actually date back Pagan times, so I figured why be a Scrooge about something I know is very important to many Christians.

There was a time I would never have put those Nativity Scenes out. Indeed, I would have fought not to have them put out. But, I have changed. I like to think, evolved, and become wiser and gentler in my Crone phase. History shows us all the Christian Holidays are based on Pagan Festivals and Rituals. Now, one can choose to look at it from the point of view they stole our Festivals and Rituals, and get really riled up about it.

Or, one can look at it from the point of view I do now, and acknowledge that although they did borrow them, thanks to living in a land of
Freedom of Religion, we can now openly take them back and celebrate the true origins of them without getting burned at the stake, or tied to a chair and tossed in a lake, or stretched upon the rack. Which gives me even more reason to be filled with joy and goodwill this Yuletide Season.

Blessed be to All this Yuletide Season!

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