Tis the living that I fear.

It’s Samhain! That “scary” time of the year when the veil between and betwixt is at its thinnest, and many of us are honoring our ancestors and others who have crossed that veil. And in some cases, even communing with them. I put “scary” in quotes because this Witch doesn’t find anything scary about that. Tis some of the living that truly terrify me. It wasn’t the dead who tried to exterminate the Natives of this country. Nor did the dead rise up and keep slaves, and fight for the right to continue doing that. It wasn’t the dead who lynched others during the Civil Rights Era. Nor did the dead murder those in Salem during the REAL Witch Hunt. Nor did the dead gas millions of Jewish people during the Holocaust. 

All these truly horrible, really frightening things were done by the living, not the dead. So, this Samhain I will remember and honor those this happened to, and commune with any of their ghosts who want to commune with me. I will love those tragic ghosts, and fight so that others do not join them. I will fight with my words, and with my vote so that others are not forced to cross that veil by the real monsters who walk this earth. Like those murdered so very recently by two very real monsters. 

Because I have learned that Jewish people do not really believe in an afterlife, I will honor the Jewish people murdered by those monsters by simply remembering them, and the lives they lived. I will honor them in a way that respects their beliefs by focusing on the lives they lived. I will do that because it does me no harm to honor them that way. But, it could harm the spirit and souls of the living should I insist on trying to honor their dead in a way that insults their belief concerning death. 

I will honor my Pagan Ancestors by remembering the reality is, we ALL have Pagan Ancestors, no matter what religion we may, or may not follow now. I will think about ancient cave paintings that show a desire to create beauty, while also recording what were important events in their lives. Like the Harvest, and the Hunt. Those important events insured the survival of their people through the long dark cold winter. That’s why our ancient Ancestors took the time to celebrate and record them.

I will remember and honor those innocent souls murdered during the days of the REAL Witch Hunts. I will bow my head and pay my respects to those put to death in Salem, when the wall between Church and State crumbled, and was no longer there to protect them. I’ll also remember all those victims of the Spanish Inquisition. And let their deaths be a lesson to me about what happens when Church and State combine for the purpose of exterminating those who do not believe the “Right Way.” And I will fight with my last breath to prevent that happening again. And by Badbh’s black skirt, I will vote in EVERY single election from now on. 

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Pumpkin Planning!

Pumpkin Planning!

I have committed myself to making at least a couple of Jack-O-Lanterns this year from real pumpkins.  I am not going to do a traditional knife carving because I know wouldn't be very good at that.  However, I can drill holes, and with the right stencils, even paint a little.  So, I am going to do a combination drill carving and painting. I am thinking that on a white pumpkin I would like to do some kind black swirly painted pattern, combined with drilled holes.  I also want to do a drilled pumpkin, with a pentacle, two half moons, and a full moon on it. I have been doing Google image searches for drilled and painted pumpkins, and am brimming with ideas!

And here are a few tips on keeping a pumpkin from growing mold, and wilting away before the big night. 

A very inexpensive way to keep a pumpkin fresh is to use a bleach solution to keep mold at bay. Use a spray bottle, pour in a small amount of bleach, about 2 or 3 tablespoons, and fill the rest of the bottle up with water. Be sure to label the spray bottle and keep it out of reach of children. Spraying a carved pumpkins on a daily basis with a weak bleach solution will help to kill mold and keep the pumpkin fresh until Halloween. Bleach is inexpensive and is generally on hand in most households. A spray bottle can be purchased for about $1 at many dollar stores.

If you have any around, or know how and where to buy some, those little silicon packets you get in shoes, purses, and a lot of other stuff are good for keeping mold from grown on your carved masterpiece. 

If your pumpkin is staring to get a little too dehydrated and wilting, fill up a large enough bucket, bin, or bath tub with cold water and throw in a couple table spoons of bleach. Soak the pumpkins in the cold water overnight to rehydrate them and make them nice and firm.

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BBs Samhain Pinterest Board

Looking for that perfect Samhain recipe or decoration?
Check out my Samhain - Halloween Pinterest Board!

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Samhain Recipes and Crafts

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