A Beautiful Healing Kite Spell

Here is a beautiful healing kite spell :)
•A kite (one with not too strong string is best)
•Suitably colored ribbons
•Scraps of paper
•A pen (choose one appropriately colored for the illness)
This spell is best cast on a breezy day.

Tie the ribbons to the kite and write down your wish for improved health or recovery from a specific disease/condition on the scraps of paper.

Tie these to the tail of the kite and as you do, say:

“Knot I tie,
Kite I fly,
Cast my wishes,
In the sky.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.”

Make sure the tail is tied not too tightly to the kite before taking it outside to a hilltop or somewhere you can fly the kite. Let it soar into the sky and as it goes higher and higher, repeat the invocation. Keep hold of the string, feeling it become tighter and tighter until it snaps and the kite is free to fly in the wind, taking your wishes with it. Watch it go, shouting at the top of your voice:

“Powers that be,
I ask you to see,
That I be free,
From illness
And let it be done, that it harm no one.”

Let your hopes soar with the kite and good health will come back.

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Oh what a tangled web….

This is not a spell, but rather a little advice concerning any spell one may case.

A spell cast with lies, will always be broken by truth.

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Water Water Everywhere :)

The rain is once more falling and this I am loving it! Being a Pisces, water is my element. Commonly associated with emotions and intuition it brings the earth to life, douses fire when necessary, and when mixed with wind, becomes waves. Water is a wonderful element to work with when doing spells. For those in need of Protection, here is a wonderful spell that uses water and a quartz crystal :)

A spell using the reflective properties of water as a means of protecting yourself.

What you need: Bowl of water and a quartz crystal.

What to do: Place the bowl of water on the table. Place a cleansed piece of quartz crystal in the water bowl. Let the water become still. When it is still look into the water at the crystal and say:

"Evil which hath come to me,
Turn back from thy course,
By the Power of Water and Law of Three
Go back to thy source."

Gaze into the water at the stone and visualize the power of water in the bowl going into the quartz crystal, empowering the crystal with the reflective powers of water. When all the power in the water is spent and the crystal is sufficiently empowered, take the crystal out and keep it on your person at all times. Repeat weekly or as you feel it is needed.

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Bind Out The Haters Spell

From Central Texas Witches and Pagans

Bind Out the Haters Spell

This binding spell offers a way to fight back against the forces that bring you down. On a piece of paper, create a list of things that make you feel discouraged. Your list could include things like negative gos
sip, insults you often hear, self-deprecating speech, anything that makes you feel like giving up. Be as specific as possible in naming the things you wish to bind away from further influencing your emotions.

Once your list is made, employ the constraint principle and cross it out, scribble over it, or use other binding symbols to cover the words. Roll the paper up tightly and seal it with candle wax. Bind it further using the containing principle, securing the rolled paper with a piece of your own hair, or if your hair is short, your hair wrapped around a longer string. Make a strong statement to articulate the binding such as, “These discouraging forces are bound. They bother me no more! Keep the paper rolled up and hidden in your home.
You can customize this spell to bind away anything that needs to be kept at bay, and you can add power to the magic by sprinkling the paper with herbs you feel have strong protective, shielding, or soothing properties. If you like, seal the paper up in a jar and decorate the outside of the jar with symbols that represent your confidence, hope and tenacity.

From The Witches Bag of Tricks by Melanie Marquis

So Mote it Be***WitchRainn***

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