Beyond Friday the 13th

Beyond Friday The 13th

It's Friday the 13th! A supposedly bad day that can result in all kinds of horrible things happening to you if you aren't really careful. This is the day that those who believe Friday the 13th to be a bad day should be especially careful of doing things like crossing paths with black cats, and walking under ladders.

Fridays in general have a rather bad reputation in Christian lore. Adam and Eve were said to have eaten the forbidden fruit on a Friday. The builders of the Tower of Babel were also supposedly tongue tied on a Friday, and the great flood is rumored to have started on a Friday. The Temple of Solomon was also said to have been destroyed on a Friday.

If you are Paraskevidekatriaphobic, one who has an irrational and morbid fear of Friday the 13th, you were probably nodding your head and rubbing your lucky rabbit foot as you read the above the above paragraph. However, you might want to stop fondling that rabbit's foot for a moment because not all cultures and religions consider Friday an unlucky or bad day of the week.

The word Friday is actually derived from the ancient Norse Goddess Frigg, or Friia, who was worshipped on the sixth day of the week. Frigg was the wife of Odin, and mother of Balder. Sometimes she is depicted as a weeping mother, and other times as having very loose morals. In early Norse culture Fridays were associated with love. Friday was considered a good day for a white wedding back then. Unfortunately, Christianity has tried to transform Frigg into a wicked witch and make Fridays an unholy day.

Because I am a technically a "witch" who some might consider wicked because of my salacious nature, I am choosing to celebrate this Friday by making this entry in my blog so that those who read it will understand that not all of us consider Fridays, or Friday the 13th a bad or unholy day.

Of course there is also another more modern connotation to Fridays that the working class people of the world has given us. And even a Restaurant and frozen food line from that restaurant. Yes, I'm talking about the TGIF connotation and restaurants. To millions of working class folks Friday represents the last day of the work week. That wonderful day of the week that if you can just get though it, will allow you to begin your weekend with trip to your local TGIF to enjoy a good meal and fun times with friends and/or family. Later you can party, or if it be that time of the year, enjoy a Friday night football game.

Whatever you do this Friday, please remember that although there are many bad things supposedly associated with this day, if one looks hard enough, and studies some of the truly ancient lore associated with Fridays and the number 13, one will discover that some considered this day of the week, and the number 13 to be lucky. And some of us supposedly "wicked witches" still do consider Fridays and the number 13 to be lucky.

Bright blessings and a happy Friday the 13th to all who read this.

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