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Merry Meet

This is the the part of my site where you find out I am a (insert dramatic gasp) Witch! Yeah, that's right I'm one of those nature loving, "Do What Thou Will, If It Harm None." folks. I hug trees, collect crystals, and most of all, I believe in Magick. I believe certain things do have an energy field around them. I believe this field of energy in plants, crystals, and even people can be tuned into and sometimes directed in ways that can benefit the one tuning into it. I also believe it can benefit others when directed towards them by one who can tune into that energy. Frankly, I think anyone who opens their heart and mind to the world around them, can tune into that energy.

I also believe people must be free to walk whatever religious path makes them feel the most comfortable. Like many others on this planet, I hope that one day we can ALL live together in peace and harmony. I dream of a day when people of all religions will truly get along, and stop killing each other over what others believe. I believe ALL Gods and Goddesses are True Gods and Goddesses to those who believe in them, and no one has the right to call ANY God or Goddess False, or Evil. And yes, I include the Christian God in that that statement. He is as real to those who believe in Him, as my Gods and Goddesses are to me. All I ask is that others show me the same respect I show them when it comes to the matter of religion.

Blessed Be
Beyond Blonde