Hack Attack!

I’m happy to report that despite the best attempt of a nefarious hacker to take little ole me down, BB is back. The service of denial attack did result in my page being suspended for a short time. But the site is now back up and running. I did move to a new web hosting company though because I was not exactly thrilled with how Networts Hosting handle the situation. Network Solutions seems to offer a more hacker safe place for little place in cyber space. Not that any server or site is truly hacker proof. Read More...

Rebuilding has begun

I am happy to report that rebuilding here has begun! Now that they have gotten through all the insurance red tape and gotten started, things are going up fast. The new pavilion building is really coming along fast. Wednesday the cement to enlarge the foundation was poured, and by Saturday it was framed out with some walls up. I am eager to see how much gets done on it this coming week.

What a great feeling it is to see that first building going up. It’s a testimony to the fact that no matter what, as long as there is life, life goes on. Yes, there were many losses here because of that terrible fire. But, nobody was hurt or killed. Those that suffered the worst losses are getting their life back together, and the park itself is also getting itself back together, so to speak. One thing the fire did was bring those of us who survived it and stayed here much closer together. More than ever before, we are good neighbors to each other, the kind who help and look out for one another.

Because we learned that terrible day how important communication with each other could be, we now are more apt to exchange phone numbers and Facebook information. Yes, I said Facebook information. Along with getting a new iPhone, I have also joined the Facebook folks. Yeah, yeah I know, I said I wouldn’t ever do Facebook. Which just goes to show you really should never say never. Besides, it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.

On the sidebar is a link to Beyond Blonde's Facebook page.

A state of perfect synchronization

This groovin' granny is once more making sure she doesn't get left completely in the technological dust of this brave new world we are all now living in. I am proud to say I am FINALLY an iPhone owner. Yeah, yeah I know, it's about damn time this hardcore mac lover got with the iPhone program. The Verizon salesman tried to talk me into a Droid, but I wasn't going for it. I could tell from the face he made every time he said the word iPhone, he wasn't an Apple lover. But as I told him, I have been a hardcore Apple fan for a long time now, knew the pros and cons of both phones, and still wanted the iPhone. Read More...

They don't always hum

I haven't written much in my journal the past couple of weeks because it was just one glitch after another on so many things. The good news is despite the many glitches, the pool has been fully restored, we have 3 brand new washers, and 4 new dryers.

To make up for the lost trees around the pool that once offered us shade, nice big umbrellas have been put up. There are 3 of those right now. Two are red umbrellas that match the new chairs, and one is a yellow Shiner Bock umbrella. There is also a Lone Star umbrella in the office that will be put up soon as well. Personally, I have no problem sitting under the Shiner Bock or Lone Star beer umbrella if one of the red ones are in use by someone else. I don't drink either beer, but don't have any problem sitting under an umbrella advertising any beer as long as it keeps my little blonde noggin shaded, while I'm sipping what I do like to drink.

When I'm not sitting under one of the umbrellas, I spend a great deal of time happily floating around in the pool. There is something so deliciously decadent about aimlessly floating around the pool on a hot summer afternoon. The feel of the cool water against my skin, the soft sound of the water lapping around me. I'm careful to turn frequently, use plenty of sunscreen, and take frequent breaks in the shade of one of the umbrellas when spending an afternoon at the pool. This has resulted in a glowing tan that truly compliments spaghetti strap tops, shorts, sundresses and sandals.

When I'm not entertaining myself by aimlessly floating around the pool I can often be found sitting beneath the shade of the two big trees at the back of the RV, watching the hummingbirds. They are such fun to watch as they bob, weave and swoop around the feeders. In the early evening, around sunset time, some of the wilder hummingbirds from the trees outside the park come by the feeders. Some of those poor little hummingbirds lost the trees they once called home to the fire.

I'm sad to say the hummingbirds that now call the trees around our space home are sadly lacking in compassion when it comes to their poor homeless country cousins. The regular park hummingbirds go positively ballistic when their country cousins swing by to take advantage of the feeders. A lot of that bobbing, weaving and swooping is because the neighborhood hummingbirds are frantically doing their best to keep what they consider freeloading intruders off their turf.

Hummingbirds, I discovered, do not alway hum. When buzzing an intruder they make angry little chirping sound that I think roughly translated say, "Get the *Bleep* off my turf!"

Each hummingbird feeder has a couple of hummingbirds that consider one of the feeders their personal property. When they aren't ganging up on their poor country cousins with the other regular hummingbirds, those two are constantly squabbling with some of the other regular hummingbirds over feeder rights. For all their cuteness, I have to say hummingbirds are ferociously territorial little creatures.

That Pioneer Spirit

Today marks another week since the fire that destroyed so much here. But gradually, things are happening that make it clear the people who own, manage, and live in this RV Park aren’t giving up. The rubble at the pavilion area is completely cleared away now. Foundations awaiting tests to see if they can be used to put the new buildings on.

I give full Kudos to our manager Eddie for doing everything he can to restore this park as quickly as possible. Yes, there have been some glitches, and no doubt will be more of those. Those glitches were not Eddie’s fault. He’s not any happier about them than we are. He is doing everything he can to get us some temporary laundry facilities, wifi, and a pool. Once that is accomplished he will be also continue doing all he can to see that new and improved amenities become available to us as quickly as possible.

As these two excerpts from my diary will show, I’ve gotten in touch with both my feminine and pioneer side over the past couple of weeks.

As of this afternoon we have 2 washers, one dryer, and no a/c in the laundry trailer. I still managed to get a load of clothes done though. With the load they let me do at the office yesterday this will tide us over until the 8th, when the 6 new promised washers and dryers are set to arrive. Maybe by then the a/c will be fixed.

Yes, it's tough here right now. No pool, sadly lacking at the moment laundry facilities, and spots in the park that still look like a war zone. If I had a lick of sense I would be hauling ass to a place with really nice amenities and a great view. The thing is, it's still a great view in many parts of the park, and sooner or later amenities will be restored. But most importantly, despite how things are right now, this is still where we want to be.

I keep thinking of those historic ranch buildings that burned. How when they were first built they didn't have electric washers and dryers and all the many amenities we have in this modern world. So I've sort of gotten in touch with my pioneer spirit and am making the best of things as they are now. Even commenting to some that are bitching about the laundry facilities that at least we aren't doing the laundry on washboards.


The trailer that will temporarily house our washers and dryers arrived this morning. We will be getting two loaner washers & Dryers tomorrow, then 6 brand new ones the 8th. Though I'm not sure if all 6 are going to fit in that trailer. Still, if they can get 3 or 4 in there we can get by until the laundry facilities are rebuilt we can manage.

I took a picture of me sitting beneath my favorite tree this afternoon in my brown and white sun dress and matching toe sandals.. Timers on cameras are such wonderful things. 12 months ago I would have thought you insane if you told me I would soon be wearing sun dresses and toe sandals again. But here I sit happily wearing just that. The lightweight little sun dresses are actually cooler than shorts and very comfortable. Shorts, sun dresses, toe sandals and flip fops are worn by women of all ages here.

I finally started wearing shorts and sandals out shopping, then went wild one day and bought 2 really cute sun dresses at Wally World to wear around the house. I picked up another totally gorgeous sun dress with beautiful flowers on it at the Berge Fest Fair last Sunday when we went in and grabbed something to eat from a couple of the food concession stands. Never dreaming that in a few hours we would in the middle of a firestorm.

I remember turning to Larry at one point as we waited on the side of the road while the fire swept through the park, and commenting that it was going to really irk me if all the new clothes and shoes I had bought recently went up in smoke. Larry reminded me we had good insurance, and could replace the clothes.