It’s really all about being wrapped up in a blanket of lies

How fundamentally stupid do you have to be to actually believe that Democratic parents all over America are wrapping their newborn infants in blankets, and deciding whether or not to execute them? Seriously, how fucking lacking in anything even vaguely resembling a functioning brain is someone who believes that? And FYI you brain dead moronic fuckers who believe him, that is MURDER and we already have laws against doing that. Pull your head out of Trump’s ass and fucking THINK for a moment you brain dead hate filled idiots. NOBODY IS WRAPPING BABIES IN BLANKETS AND EXECUTING THEM. 

Only someone whose brain has been thoroughly washed and programmed by Trump could believe that bullshit. Just like they believe his other lies, then go out and try to bomb the media, or starting shooting up synagogues and mosques. It is Christians, Jews and Muslims being murdered, by Trump supporters sometimes, NOT newborn blanket wrapped infants. Well unless the infant happens to be in a church, synagogue, or mosque, in which case some Trump supporters with gleefully shoot them full of holes, while stressing about the big lie concerning some parents cruelly killing their blanket wrapped infants.

The President has provably lied 9000 times, yet his brain dead cult still follow, and believe every word that comes out of lying mouth. Just like so many did with Hitler. Yes I went there. You can’t help but go there with what is happening. Especially since he is using Hitler’s own words and practices to turn fellow Americans against each other. Many times by gaslighting them. Just like Hitler did. So yeah, I went there. Deal with it. 

Meanwhile, the equally brain dead media refuses to call him out on his lies, and reports them as if they are the gospel truth. Strangely enough, while he continues to call them the Enemy Of The People if they dare report the truth about him. Right now, I am totally disgusted with the media, who don’t have enough sense to realize they have become their own worst enemy by being too fundamentally stupid and cowardly to call him out. 

We are not heading towards a Dictatorship people, we are already there. We have a man in power who is gaslighting his followers to the point they are shooting up places of worship, and running over people in the streets. They are harassing people of ANY color other than lily white, chanting “Blood And Soil” and carrying tiki torches, while he not only refuses to condemn them, but does his best to further incite them to do violence against anyone who doesn’t support him. That is the very definition of a Dictator.

So, I’m resigning myself to the fact America has fallen into the hands of a batshit Wackadoodle crazy man whose only aim is to get rid of anyone who doesn’t agree with him. I’m not too sure how long any of us who disagree with him have left, but as long as I’m alive and can, I’m going to stand against him, and his atrocious lies. Especially ones like Democrats are wrapping babies in blankets and executing them. And no, I will NOT try to reason with anyone who actually believes that shit because they are beyond all reason. If you believe that, you are a fucking moron. Period. And that’s the brutal truth. But then again, you probably believe in QAnon as well, so I already know your thinking skills are shot to shit. 

One more thing, NOT lying is of the 10 Commandments, yet many you of who support a man who has provably lied over 9000 times already, and call yourself Christians. Oh and about that commandment concerning Adultery, he’s broken that one several times as well. Yet you bow down to this lying adulterous man as if he is God. While you lap up his lies, and some of you plan the next mass shooting, or women’s clinic bombing. And BTW when you bomb a women’s clinic you are possibly murdering unborn children, of mothers who are going there to get good care for them and their unborn babies. Which will make you a hypocritical murderous bitch or bastard if you do that. Oh and remember, there are often blanket wrapped babies in places of worship, that some of you are frothing at the mouth to murder in cold blood. I really don’t think Jesus is too keen on that though because unlike you, I’ve read and understood his words. Which is sad, because I’m a Pagan. But you go on worshipping that lying adulterous man as your God. I firmly believe you will burn in hell long before I do for what you, and him are doing because some of you are the real baby killers. 

Beyond Blonde 2019

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BB’s Letter to Burger King

Dear Burger King,

Although I sincerely appreciate you trolling the man who can’t spell Hamburgers correctly, and have enjoyed your food in the past, due to the government shutdown, and our food not being safely inspected, along with not buying ANY fresh produce such as lettuce and tomatoes from the grocery store, and being super careful about ground beef, I am not going to be eating any take out burgers from your fine establishment, or any other burger joint. I am sorry about this, but the risk of getting E.Coli from tainted food right now is just too great. I am a grandmother who wants to see her grandchildren growing up, and not wind up 6 feet under, or a pile of ashes, because of a hamburger.

I understand this is not your fault. However, until our government reopens, and food inspections once more begin I am going to be doing every single thing I can to avoid being killed by what’s on my table, or yours. With each day that passes where our food is not being inspected the risk of that happening increases. I sincerely hope this shutdown ends soon so that American citizens no longer have to worry our food killing us before a terrorist or illegal immigrant can. 

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BB’s Anti-E.Coli Movement has begun.

Dear HEB,

As much as I love shopping with you, and how you support local farmers and ranchers, and as fond of salads as I am, due to the fact our government is shutdown, and our food is not being inspected, I no longer feel comfortable buying ANY fresh produce that cannot be thoroughly cooked first. I’m sorry things have come to this, but I want to see my grandchildren grow up, not wind up dead because I ate a salad that is suppose to be good for me.

I fully understand this situation is not your fault. But, until food inspection begins again, I feel as if this is really my only option when it comes to eating healthy. After all, salads containing E.Coli are hardly healthy, and the risk of them containing E.Coli increase every day that our food is not being inspected. 

I’m also extremely uneasy about buying ground beef and poultry for that matter. I’m currently researching if cooking these meats thoroughly does eliminate the risk of food poisoning from them. No, I’m sorry, but I’m not just going to take your word that doing so will eliminate it. You have what is called a vested interest in telling me that, so....

Anyway, again, I’m sorry things have come to this, but as I said, I do want to see my grandchildren grow up when my son, who is in the AF, finally returns to this country with his family. At least right now I don’t have to worry about them dying from the food they eat in England. Let’s hope this shutdown ends soon, and American citizens can cease to wonder if what’s on our table is going to kill us before any terrorist or immigrant does. 

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Before send me that private message on my social media....

This one is for all the online lotharios, predators, and others who send DMs to me on social media.

First of all, NO, I do not want to see your dick pic. Honey, I am 60 years old, with a grown son. Which means that at some point, yes, I have already seen a dick, or I wouldn’t have my kid. Plus, having survived the sexual revolution of the 70’s, been a good soldier in it, AND was around during the heyday of chat, I’ve already seen more dicks, and pics of dicks than you can shake your dick at. Yours, is not going to send me into an orgasmic frenzy. Trust me on this. It takes a hell of a lot more than just a dick, much less a pic of a dick, to do that to me. 

Now, listen carefully to this warning. You do NOT want to fully explore my little mind. Along with some black holes others have gone down while screaming for help, the shit that can be going through my mind at any given moment is enough to send hardened psychopaths running for cover. 

For the love of everything! Do NOT try to shock me with sexual innuendos or even outright vulgarity because when the dust finally settles, you are going to be the one with your jaw on the floor. I am a well drillers daughter born and bred in the oil field. I also went to parties in the 70’s I had to be careful of not tripping on people fornicating all over the place while making my way to the bathroom. Only to discover fornicating people in bathroom when I got there. Then, the wonderfully wanton world of chat opened up to me. Man, did I have some fun there! And to top it all off, I also dabble in writing hardcore erotica. 

Which leads me to say that honestly, if you are an upstanding, good Christian man, in or out of the military, who is shy at first, but fun once you get to know him, what in the cornbread hell are you doing even THINKING about sending the likes of me a private message expressing a desire to get to know me better. You should be doing what your Christian mother told you to, and avoiding women like me. Now Shoo! 

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NO! Jim Acosta did NOT go too far.

From the very beginning of this nightmare I have been pissed at the Press for NOT holding Trump accountable for the many lies he has told. They have labeled those lies everything BUT lies. They have REFUSED to really push for answers at his Pressers. And now, when Acosta FINALLY fucking refuses to give up the microphone and really PUSHES for an answer, people are like, “Oh well he went too far.” Fuck that! NO he didn’t go too far. Not with what is currently happening. You don’t back off, you don’t bow down to Dictators. And that is EXACTLY what Trump is acting like, especially in regards to the press.

Just before the midterms we were inundated with stories about a “Dangerous Caravan of Rapists and Murderers” headed our way. Troops were sent to the border, even though the caravan is hundred of miles away, and they are ON FOOT. Many of us called that exactly what it was, a fucking publicity stunt. And now, the midterms are over, the name of operation has been changed, and suddenly, CRICKETS from the Prez and the media about that caravan. 

Voting machines were changing votes in several states. Texas even acknowledged that was happening! Did the media give that the coverage it should have? NO they did NOT. Some, were STILL too busy with the caravan. And afterwards, when Trump was questioned about this, he REFUSED to answer. Even though he shared that video that even Fox finally refused to air because it was too racist even for them. 

So, quite frankly, I will damn well defend anybody in the media who actually has the balls to TRY and push for answers right now. Yes, including hanging on to the microphone, and if they get the chance, shoving it in his face! Ya’ll don’t seem to mind that happening with celebrities. Hell, many scream, “More! More! More. They are celebrities so it’s OUR right to KNOW! They are public figures They BELONG to us.” So please, fuck off if it offends you when it happens to the President. After all, he’s the biggest celebrity and public figure in the country right now. So, I have a right to KNOW. Go get him MSM PLEASE! Before we ALL wind up in camps and cages. 

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