Apple to Unveil Next Generation iPhone on September 10

Apple will unveil its next iPhone on September 10, reports AllThingsD, citing sources with knowledge of the event. Though the date of the announcement has been revealed, it is unclear whether the event will focus singularly on the upcoming iPhone 5S or if it will include Apple's rumored low-cost iPhone, possibly dubbed the iPhone "5C". 

The iPhone 5C, which is aimed at emerging markets, shares quite a few similarities with the iPhone 5. Prototype photos and leaked parts have depicted a similar shape and size, though the iPhone 5C has rounded edges, a slightly thicker form factor, and a polycarbonate shell that is offered in a range of colors. 
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Beware of Apple Store phishing email

Beware of Apple Store phishing email
Macworld Staff
Aug 9, 2013
A message is reportedly making the rounds purporting to offer a $200 Apple Store gift card. Don't believe it.
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Glass Intimacy

 I recently had to take the laptop into the Apple store for a new shift key, and noticed iPads were everywhere! No matter what was on display, an iPad was connected to it.  And the young men and women working in the store had getting it done on an iPad down to a fine art!  Some could type as fast on the virtual keyboard as I can on on a regular one.

Although I love my Logitech ultra thin keyboard, sometimes I do put it aside and let my fingers do the typing on the virtual keyboard. Usually I am just surfing, uploading photos, or jotting notes when I do that.  Tonight i was inspired to try writing more than just notes or short messages after seeing the Apple Crew in iPad action.  

I do wish apple would get forward and backward keys on the built in IOS devices. Fortunately, as I was writing this I discovered there is an app for that called Fast Keyboard.  You can use it to type longer things, then share via Facebook, Twitter, put it in dropbox, or open it in pages so it will be in your iCloud documents, or just copy and paste to another app. For writing longer documents via the virtual keyboard, it is just what I need.  I don't really need or use the numbers and symbols on the Fast Keyboard, but those forward and backward buttons get a lot of use when I am editing what I've written.

I am learning that part of the trick to virtual keyboards is to take advantage of autocorrect whenever possible, but also use caution when doing so in case autocorrect guessed wrong on the word you wanted to use.  The auto cap feature is also great.  Especially when it comes to I, and beginning new sentences.  Double tapping the shift key to lock caps can be very handy at times as well.  

Between using Fast Keyboard, and taking full advantage of the tricks and features all virtual keyboards have, I have managed to write this piece if not at lightning speed, at least a lot faster than I thought I would.  In doing so I feel I have experienced some of what Steve Jobs called magic when talking about iPads in the early interviews and commercials.  Laptops and regular keyboards will always be more useful for some things, but I now realize that list of things is getting shorter and shorter as touchscreen technology continues to evolve.  I also know I will be evolving as well, and doing more writing on the virtual keyboard in the future.  

This still groovin' granny is totally getting with the iPad program, and learning to fully enjoy that feeling of intimacy with the glass touchscreen I witnessed at the Apple store.  Be it an iPad, or other brand of tablet, these types of devices are proving they are more than a gaming and surfing toys.  As I lay in bed finishing this piece up, the muse is dancing with glee at the thought of the late nights we are going to have in the future.  

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Words of Wisdom

Inpsired by the November 9th Bill Maher Show- Think Outside The Bubble


When the wind is really blowing out there, always remember, we are more than the sum of our hair ;)


Be not careless with your words, for they can wound deeper than any steel blade.

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