The Perfect Campfire


The Perfect Campfire

The last couple of Friday Night Cowboy Campfires had been cancelled due to rain, so I was glad to see that weather conditions were more than favorable for tonight's campfire. The weather was warm and sunny when I set about gathering together the kindling to start the fire with. I was determined to find just the kindling, so I could get the fire going quickly and easily, and avoid having some man come along and show me how to do it right. Which is why I went to several different spots around the resort picking up what I considered to be the perfect kindling materials. Since the weather was so perfect, I went ahead and gathered enough kindling together to start at least the next two campfires with. By the time I was through, I had twigs of every size, as well as dry grass and and a couple of dead stalks I found.
I took the kindling back to the fire pit, chose my logs carefully, arranged them just right, and tucked plenty of kindling in the center of them. I was hoping this fire would start would a minimum of fuss when it came time to light it. I put the left over kindling by the little stack of wood I keep around for the campfires, and headed back to our RV to chill for a little while before time to start the fire.


Mike playing guitar

Around 6:30pm I headed back up to the fire pit. After getting the hose ready so it would be handy if needed, I sat down on one of the red wooden benches that had survived the fire that swept through the Top of the Hill RV Resort on Fathers Day of 2011. I thought about waiting until somebody else came by before I started the fire, but decided it would be better to go ahead and start the fire, and let it draw the people to it. Besides, this way, if my perfect kindling plan didn't work out, nobody would be around to see me having to resort to plan B.

I stuck the electronic lighter, placed its flame in the center of the dead grass and stalks, and watched as it caught. The flame burned hot and true, igniting the rest of the dead grass and stalks, then the twigs began to burn. Within moments I knew that with that one strike of the electronic flame, I had started what was going to be a perfect campfire. And I have to admit, for just a moment, I gloated as I watched those flickering flames. By the time darkness fell, I had the perfect campfire going.


BB enjoying the Perfect Campfire.

As any good campfire is apt to do, soon it began to draw people to it. Before too long, we had a fine circle of people around that campfire. One even brought his guitar, and as we watched the flickering flames, we had a singalong around the campfire. Because I have a singing voice that makes tomcats cringe and run, I remained mute and just enjoyed seeing the people around me having so much fun. And I took some photos of course. The fire that had begun with my quest for the perfect kindling, grew into the perfect campfire in every way that was possible. The people around it told stories, sang songs, and enjoyed some fantastic conversation. And isn't that really what the perfect campfire is all about?


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