A Body Truly In Motion

I was looking at my recent photos and timelines on Face Book, and know I was wearing a big smile as I did because they show a body truly in motion. Today this body in motion descended down into the Cave Without A Name. And what a wonderful adventure that was! I somehow connected with that cave on a very profound level. My heart and soul could feel the haunting ancient energy of that magnificent cave.

Keeping this body in motion by hiking and visiting places like Cave Without A Name is offering me a wonderful way to connect with Mother Nature on a very profound spiritual level. I know that right now, after experiencing so much of her outdoor beauty with the hikes I've been taking, then descending down into one of her ancient caves, and seeing what she could do indoors, with no light, a little water, and a whole lot of time, made me appreciate what a patient artist she really is.

This beautiful hill country is packed with interesting places to go, and things to do. Some of them, like the Cibolo Nature Center, James Kiehl River Bend Park, Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area, and Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area do not charge any entry fee. Bodies in motion of all ages can enjoy these beautiful natural areas. They are the perfect place for a family outing, a solitary hike, or even to gather with friends at.

We are going to be in for some stormy weather the next couple of days that will restrict my outdoor activities. By Wednesday though things should start settling back down. Thursday I can once more put on my hiking boots, take walking stick in hand, and spend the day once more being a body truly in motion.

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