A Good Stretch Of The Legs

Heart of Boerne Trail
I spent a superb Sunday morning strolling along the Boerne Trails.  I figured since my plan is to do a tour of the Heart of Boerne Trail on November 17th, it might be a good idea to walk the trail beforehand and see how long it would take to walk that trail, then make our way back up Main Street. 

As I made my way along the Heart of Boerne Trail, I knew if the weather was as nice as today, then those joining me for our little tour would truly enjoy themselves.  The wide paved trail winds it way along the Cibolo Creek, to River Road Park.  The landscaping along the trail was beautiful this perfect Fall day.  There was even a small maple tree showing off its Fall foliage.  As I continued to make my way along the trail I also some turtles sunning themselves on a log.

I smiled and nodded to those I passed on the trail, sometimes moving over for joggers and dog walkers.  It was wonderful to see people out enjoying this beautiful new addition to Boerne. It may not be as big and fancy as the San Antonio River Walk, but the little town of Boerne has something to truly be proud of in building this gorgeous set of trails. 
After making my way along River Road Park for a little ways, I backtracked, and made my way to Main Street Boerne, and then back to the Plaza where the tour would begin. Because I used my All Trails iPhone App, I now knew exactly how far our little trip would be.  And knew we could easily complete the tour, including lunch and some Main Street shopping in 3 or 4 hours. I had a delicious Quiche from Bear Moon Bakery today at one of their outdoor tables, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the traffic go by as I ate.  
A little Fall foliage
The Heart of Boerne section of this set of trails is a peaceful little well paved walkway that makes enjoying the Cibolo Creek, and Main Street Boerne a great experience. If one decides to continue along that trail after doing Main Street Boerne, then you will find the walk to Cibolo Nature Center a wonderful urban trail experience at times. That experience will include many ducks and geese that make River Road Park a great place for those who enjoy interacting with these beautiful creatures. 
Once you are at Cibolo Nature Center, you can continue hiking some of their beautiful undeveloped trails.  I have hiked there several times, and it is a beautiful area.  The trails are easy to moderate.  Birds and other wildlife can be seen along if the trails there if one takes the time to really look.

My quiche lunch from Bear Moon Bakery

Headed to Cibolo Nature Center

It was a good 2.5 mile stretch of the legs!
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