Hooked on Hiking!

Since doing Enchanted Rock, which was a truly life changing experience for me, I have become completely hooked on hiking! Today I had Mr. Grinch drop me off at the Cibolo Nature Center and spent a couple of hours happily hiking the beautiful trails there. I did learn one very important lesson today though. Make sure I can get the blasted bottle of water open before I start the hike!

I sat down in a lovely spot after hiking a little ways, took a picture, then was going to take a drink. Unfortunately the lid on the bottle was screwed on so tight, even after beating it on the rock I was sitting on, I still couldn't get open. The good news is, further up the trail I ran into a family out for an outing coming back down the trail. I whipped out the bottle of water, held it up, and said, "Would you please do me a big favor and get this blasted bottle of water open for me?"

The woman laughed and said, "Oh I see you got one of those bottles." She tried opening it, but it wouldn't budge. Then she handed it to her husband, who opened it very easily. He just grinned at and said as he handed it back, "You girls loosened for me." Thank goodness for strong men along the trail who can open a bottle of water us girls have already "loosened" for him!

Continuing my hike taught me the trail right at the edge of river is just difficult enough to be challenging in places, but not so scary I was afraid to take the next step. As long as one watched where I put my feet, and used my walking stick, I did just fine. There are a couple of rocky places in the trail you have to step up that are a little tricky for me. But having that stick with me made them far less tricky.

Once I reached what appeared to the end of that trail I backtracked a little ways, then went up some steps that took me to another wider flatter and far easier trail. I took that trail back to where I began. I took a short break, ate some of the trail mix I had brought along, drank some water, and just enjoyed the beauty all around me. Once rested I took the marsh trail. The marsh trail is very easy, but interesting trail. A lot of it a board walk, right above the marsh.

For those who live in this area, or who visiting this area, I highly recommend the Cibolo Nature Centerin Boerne, Tx as a great place for a solitary hike, or a family outing. There are plenty of bird for those who like bird watching. There are also squirrels and other critters if you look carefully around, and pay attention to what you are really seeing. The trails are a truly wonderful way to reconnect with nature. There are beautiful quiet places along the trail that are simply soul soothing.

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