Still Enchanted

I have been adding a few more photos to my Enchanted Rock album. These great photos were taken by Ron Meadows with his older 35 MM camera. I forgot to grab my good digital camera as we left, so am very grateful he is allowing me to download them from his Facebook page. From now on, my good digital camera stays tucked in a pocket of my groovy new backpack so that next time I go hiking, I will be able to take great photos too. Though not as great as Ron takes with that 35 MM.

One of my favorite photos that Ron took is this one of me standing there leaning on my walking stick surveying the magnificent scenery around me. Ron was hiding in a gully below me, and I had no idea the camera was on me. As you can see from the look on my face in that photo, I am totally enthralled with that scenery. And I will have to admit, more than a little amazed at myself for already having come that far up the rock. The feelings of accomplishment and inner peace I had at that moment in time cannot be described, only experienced.

The rock solid truth here is I really don't usually deal well with heights. Add to that the fact I was a couple of days short of my 54th birthday, and have no depth perception due to having sight in only one eye, and perhaps you can see why hiking up Enchanted Rock was not as easy a task for me to undertake as it would be for some. However, as the expression on my face shows in that photo, I overcame all that as I stood there leaning on the stick that made that climb a lot easier for me.

Sometimes, life takes its toll on all of us in some form or another. We reach a place in time where we wonder if we have the strength and courage to do what we need, or want to do? You can pray to whatever God or Goddess you believe in for strength and courage, and receive to a certain degree what you are praying for via faith in that God or Goddess. But, sometimes, a person needs more than that. Sometimes, a person needs to know on a very personal level that he or she has the strength and courage to physically and mentally do something. The hike to the summit of Enchanted Rock renewed not only my faith in the things I believe in, but also in myself.

The stunning views from Enchanted Rock are inspiring from any level you are on. The feelings of accomplishment and exhilaration when you reach the summit make the views from it even more breathtaking. No matter what your reasons for climbing Enchanted Rock, reaching that summit does open a new world to anyone viewing it. I stood there, 425 feet above the earth below me, feeling both like a 400ft Amazon woman, and a tiny little ant at the same time. But what an absolutely astounding feeling that was! Because I had enough sense to stay well back from the edge, at no time was I in fear of falling. Climbing that wonderfully Enchanted Rock taught me I'm not really that afraid of heights, so much as being close to the edge of a ledge.

I learned so many things about myself on that climb to the summit of Enchanted Rock. Things I will never forget. Things I will remember in my mind, as well as heart and soul, every time I look at that photo of me standing there completely entranced by Enchanted Rock. I intend to make very sure I stay completely enthralled by what I experienced hiking Enchanted Rock. One way I intend to do that is by undertaking even more hikes. With backpack on, Freddy along for the ride, and walking stick in hand, I intend to allow life to enchant me every damn chance it gets!

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A precious gift, and a truly Enchanted Rock

It has become a standing joke that because of my not very good luck at Farkle and Bingo, I am going to have do something like sacrifice a goat in order to win. Naturally I have NO intentions of really sacrificing a goat. However, a gag gift given to me Wednesday night at Farkle by my friends Colleen, Ron, Brian, and Peggy has resulted in me being the proud owner of a tiny plastic toy goat. I was so touched by this funny loving gift, that little goat, who we named Freddy Farkle, is now one of my most prized possessions. The fact they told me after giving it to me they had been searching for 2 weeks for some kind of toy goat for me, makes that gift even more precious to me.

Thursday I headed off to Enchanted Rock with Colleen, Ron, and Brian. There is no way, even if he had 2 good feet, Mr. Grinch is ever going to hike up a huge rock, so I was really pleased to be able to take that journey up Enchanted Rock with 3 good friends. We swung by Walmart first so I could pick up a backpack, and get Mr. Grinch a few things to make sure he had plenty to eat and drink while we were gone. I found a really nifty dark blue, trimmed in pink backpack that says Peace, Love, and Joy on the front of it, and has groovy peace symbols for zipper handles.

I took Freddy Farkle along with me on the trip up Enchanted Rock for good luck. After all, goats are natural born climbers. I am pleased to say Freddy brought us all great luck since we did reach the top of Enchanted Rock without mishap. I even posed Freddy for a couple of shots as we made our way up. And posed him after we arrived at the top with my brand new backpack, and the walking stick I bought when Moonie and I were in Big Bend.

The journey up Enchanted Rock was an incredible experience for me. The views are really magnificent. I did forget to take my good digital camera with me, so had to snap what photos I could with the iPhone camera. Next time I'll pack the good camera in my backpack along with trail mix and other goodies. In a way forgetting the other digital camera was good for me though because it allowed me really experience this fantastic journey on the level I needed to.

I rediscovered parts of myself I thought I had lost along the journey of life while we hiked to the summit of that magnificent rock. As I stood on the summit of it, 2 days shy of my 54th birthday, I remembered that in my impetuous youth I had once climbed to the summit of the great Ayers Rock in Australia. How wonderful it felt to know that all these years later, I could still make it to the top of the largest pink granite monadnock in the United States.

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