Janis Ian Banned From Facebook

I woke up this morning to discover world renown songwriter Janis Ian has been banned from Facebook for speaking out against Nazis and White Supremacy in America.  Now first of all let me explain that happened because some of Trump's supporters took exception to her standing against the Nazis and White Supremacists supporting him, complained, and Janis got the usual 3 day suspension of her account.  Which is why from now on I'll be posting via my own website, then sharing it to Facebook.  The trolls have learned to use Facebook's policies to their advantage and have anyone they don't like banned.  That's fine, in the end, those trolls with be the death of Facebook unless Facebook changes its policies so that innocent people who are doing nothing more than speaking out against White Supremacy and Nazis can continue to do so.  

And yes, if you have a swastika tattooed on your dumb bald head, or any other part of your body, or on your armband, then you are a freaking Nazi!  Facebook can ban me for saying that if they so desire.  I'll be damned if I will ignore obvious signs, like swastikas tattooed on their heads and other body parts, and on their armbands.  I may be blind in one eye, but I can still see well enough out of the other one to know a freaking Nazi when I see one running around with a swastika clearly displayed on their body, and/or clothing.  That's called a really good clue when you see that. 

Right now I am tying to help Janis by contacting Facebook and complaining about her being banned, as well as trying to contact Dan Rather to let him know what has happened and beg him to tackle this issue.  I suggest anyone who loves Janis please do the same.  I would recommend that any person who writes please get your own non Facebook blog or webpage because the White Supremacists and Nazis are going to continue to shut down those speaking out against them by taking advantage of Facebook's policies.  

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It's spreading

When I see people go into a babbling incoherent rant over a swear word, while expressing their own burning desire to kill "Dirty Liberals" and others they don't agree with, it does makes me wonder for a moment if the conspiracy theorists are right, and those chemtrails really are driving some of us crazy.  Or are they really putting something in our food and/or water that is causing people to actually be proud of being a violent illiterate babbling idiot?  And WTF could be in chemtrails, water, or our food that produces a person so fucking fundamentally stupid, they can't even turn on spellcheck?   How can you be smart enough to get online and find the comments section, but too stupid to turn on spellcheck?  They Google everything else under the sun.  Why don't they ever think to Google "How do I turn on spellcheck so I don't look like an ignorant babbling idiot in the comments section?"  

I keep spellcheck on, and autocorrect on some programs I use, even if autocorrect does think I say duck a lot.  I do turn autocorrect off in programs I write in because I don't say duck a whole lot when writing.  In fact, I have probably said duck more right now than ever before.  I do however say fuck, and other bad words at times.  Like when I read a comment from some incoherent babbling idiot doing everything but yelling, "Kill! Kill! Kill!", while being offended by another writer's language.  Sadly, I fear there is no cure for whatever has turned some people into violent incoherent babbling idiots.  What's scary is the rate at which it is spreading across this country, as well as others. 

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A responsible social media butterfly

Facebook, Pinterest, and now Twitter are something I use to help me relax and for a few minutes, forget my troubles and worries. But, and you know there is always a but with BB ;) I have learned to strike that much needed balance, and not allow it rule my life. 

I am enjoying using Twitter to keep up with some of the celebrities and other people I am entertained and sometimes inspired by.  I like the fact anything I Tweet is automatically posted onto my Facebook Page.  I've only been using Twitter for a couple of days, so I am still getting to know it.  And I still can't quite believe I actually signed up for it.  As with Facebook once, I swore I would never Tweet.  Which goes to show I shouldn't sear and say never.  Another thing I can't believe is I am actually freaking following Grumpy Cat on it.  And yes, sometimes I Tweet my own words, photos, and links.  And yes, I know there are nefarious scammers and such on Twitter.  Like I haven't run into those kind before on, and off the net. 

Facebook, which I have used for a few years now, keeps me in touch with so many of my friends, and family.  It allows me to keep them updated on what is going on.  Which is especially important right  Whenever I see something on there that makes me laugh, gives me hope, inspires me, I share it on Facebook for others to see.  And helps me keep up with some things I like to keep up with.  It also provides me with another avenue I sometimes use to do a little scribbling directly on. 

Pinterest, which I discovered after I got on Facebook  is a place I can get lost in very easily.  It has so many things on it! Beautiful photos, recipes, cool fashion ideas, cute kittens, adorable dogs, and every other kind of critter you can imagine.  I especially love the big cats, and wolf photos on there. 

Because I am who I am, and do what I do, when used responsibility, these social media sites actually help me be and do that.  I use them to update my friends and fans on what I've currently written. Sometimes, like right now, they actually become a part of my writing. Social media sites, like so very many things in life, are a double edged sword.  They can add a great deal to your life, or wind up cutting you off from the life you should be living. 
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How I organize, save and share all my photos now

I was recently inspired by a Lifehacker article to use Trovebox to gather all my current photos from Facebook and Flicker into one place. If you are an Instagram user, Trovebox will also grab photos from there as well. Once I had my current Facebook and Flickr photos gathered and stored in one place, I started using Flickr as my main web album.  I chose Flickr as my main web album partly because I belong to several photography groups there.  The other reasons are because Flickr offers all its users a terabyte of storage space, and the ability to share your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, Live Journal, Pinterest, and Wordpress.  I only upload my photos once now, then do all my sharing directly from Flickr.  The Flickr IOS app makes uploading and sharing photos to Facebook super easy. This saves me not only time, but bandwidth as well.

Being a RapidWeaver user, my RapidBlog plugin is how I update my main website blogs on the fly.  I am sharing more of my photos on my website now because of how easy Flickr makes doing that via Blogger.  To share to my blog I simply open the Flickr photo in Safari, and choose Blogger from the share options. Since I have two blogs, I set both up in the Blogger share preferences. This option works on the mobile Safari browser as well, which makes sharing my photos to my web blogs on the iPad and iPhone quick and easy.  My RapidBlog plugin insures that all my Blogger entries instantly appear in my main website blogs.  

Because I have the iPad camera connection kit, I download some of my Nikon photos onto it now.  I use Photo Album Organizer on it to edit and organize those and other photos. Once photos are added to an album in it, I can upload them to Flickr, and save a backup copy to Dropbox directly from the app.  As much as I love using the iPad for saving and sharing my photos with, I know sooner or later space for saved photos will become an issue. However, I have thought this out and now have an iCloud photo stream entitled New Photos that I share to via my main iCloud photo stream.  I can easily save the new photos in it to my iPhoto app when I am on the laptop. Since I have over 400 gigabytes of space left on it, space is not going to become an issue on it anytime soon.  When it does become an issue on the iPad, I can remove older photos on it to make room for new ones. In this way I will always have at least 3 copies of my photos at any given time.

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They have better things to waste their money on

Technology has really changed our world. I am of the generation who's fingers first started typing on a manual typewriter. Boy didn't those things build finger muscles using them? We sure had no problem flipping someone the bird, or waving the peace sign. Oh and those return levers! We could bitch slap with the best of them after a day of slapping those things around. Then electric typewriters came along and man we thought we were really styling! Now, we have touch screen iPads, iPods, iPhones, and ultra thin laptops that you can do nearly anything on.

We also live in a world where Big Brother, his sister, mother, father, and maybe even cousin Bubba are watching you. Especially if you like to Facebook and Tweet. Or walk down a street with a Google Cam. Or into any store or area where surveillance cameras are keeping a watchful eye perpetually open. Every time you surf the net cookies and other programs are tracking your every move. Is it any wonder as a nation, perhaps even as a world, we have become a trifle paranoid?

I know when I really think about it, it scares the hell out of me. Fortunately I'm blonde enough to not do that too often. If I did really think about it too often, I am afraid I would be out there building underground bunkers and joining the survivalists. I prefer to not worry about it, even thumb my nose at it all, go shopping on Amazon.com on a mac, with my cookie filters set as high as I can and still shop, then let them figure out what they think I'm going to want to buy next with whatever information they could glean from that shopping spree. They have NO idea what a precocious shopper I am.

Is the government watching me? Well, I was known as a radical troublemaker in the 70's. Yeah I know, hard to believe I was ever a radical troublemaker. Over the years I have continued my quiet peaceful ways by proving sometimes, the truth really does hurt, by stepping on several political toes, while simply writing the truth. Some of those toes were Presidential ones. And I have a son in the Air Force. So, what do you think? Would they really waste their time, and our tax dollars on somebody as harmless as me? It's not like I'm the kind to spark a revolution.

Personally, I think they have a lot better things to waste their time, and our tax dollars on. Things like paying researchers to play video games, study the effects of cocaine on Japanese quail, teach Chinese prostitutes how to drink responsibility, or pay a professor to study how Americans find love on the internet. No, I'm not making this stuff up. I Googled stupid things the government spends money on, and found this stuff. It was on the internet after all, so it must be true.

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Tuning up for 2013

That beautiful Cold Full Moon we had last night, combined with the wonderful energy in a certain new amethyst necklace has inspired me to do some fine tuning on my little place in cyber space in preparation for 2013.  I am gradually getting more integrated with my Facebook Fan Page, which is a necessity for anyone with a website who wants to take advantage of all that Social Media offers.  It took me a little bit to figure out exactly how to add the necessary codes to my Blog section, but I endeavored to persevere, and finally the got codes to function correctly.  

I'm always a little nervous messing around with codes since that time way back in the day when it was strictly html and cgi scripts, and I accidentally hacked into the bank somehow trying to get my shopping cart cgi script to work right.  Seems the web hosting company I used back then was suppose to have sent me a link I had to include in the script in order to get their newly designed hack proof upgrade to work.  Imagine their chagrin, not to mention irritation, when they discovered I had unwittingly managed to override their supposedly hack proof script, and didn't have a freaking clue how I did it. 

I managed to get my Facebook codes working without doing anything that will get me in trouble with them. Now people can like individual blog entries, as well as some of my other pages. They can also check out what I'm up to on my Fan Page, and if they so desire, hit the like button for it as well.  I've also got Pinterest buttons, and of course Google+.  I'm also improving my Rapidweaver slideshow abilities with a couple of neat Stacks Add Ons. 

Technology moves so fast anymore the only way I can stay up it with it as a Webmistress is to do at least one good fine tuning of my website each year. I will be doing a few more minor tweaks before I'm completely finished with this tune up, and then I should have my little place in cyber space up to snuff and looking good for 2013.

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