Confidence, one step at a time

With walking stick in hand, I am gaining hiking confidence with every step I take. Today we went back to the Guadalupe River State Park. I spent a couple of wonderful hours wandering through the Wagon Ford, Walk In Tent Camping section of the park. Then I hiked quite a bit of the 2.5 mile Loop 2 Trail. No, I don't intend to go tent camping, but the trail running through walk in tent area is fantastic!

As I happily wandered further up that trail, I saw where a tree had fallen, and now lay across the hiking trail. Of course no true hiker would be stopped by that tree. Nor will it stop me next time I visit the park for some serious hiking. I intend to go through that tree, and see what's on the other side of it.

The Loop 2 trail is a beautiful little 2.5 mile stretch of the legs. I hiked part of it from one side, then got back in the truck. After going down the road a little ways, I had Mr. Grinch stop again when I saw where it came out on the other side of the road. I hiked quite a good ways down it from that side as well. I took a couple of pics along the way of the trail itself because it really is a neat looking trail in spots. One of the photos I took shows where the trail is rather stony ground in spots. Fortunately my trusty walking stick allowed me to easily navigate that rather stony ground.

I learned very quickly that it is better to have the walking stick and not really need it, than to really need it, and not have it. One never knows what may the terrain may be like over the next hill, or around the next bend in the trail. Having that walking stick with me gives me the little bit of help I need to confidently navigate whatever terrain I cross while hiking.

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