Hack Attack!

I’m happy to report that despite the best attempt of a nefarious hacker to take little ole me down, BB is back. The service of denial attack did result in my page being suspended for a short time. But the site is now back up and running. I did move to a new web hosting company though because I was not exactly thrilled with how Networts Hosting handle the situation. Network Solutions seems to offer a more hacker safe place for little place in cyber space. Not that any server or site is truly hacker proof.

After all the stress that hack attack caused me, I headed into Boerne Saturday to relax a little. Every second weekend of the month is Market Days, and I have come to really enjoy taking at least one swing through all the vendors during those weekends. I took my time, and snapped a couple of pictures strolling up the vendor lane leading to one of our favorite food vendors.

While waiting for them to prepare my order, I snapped a photo of it as well. As I was headed down the other vendor lane to the truck, I snapped one more interesting and colorful photo of an artist at work at her booth. Then it as back home to dine on some really great gorditos and k_bobs.

I have to admit that I am using Facebook page a lot more than I ever thought I would when I signed up for it. It is a very quick and convenient way to upload iPhone photos, make quick notes, and keep in touch with friends and family. I am also using a self hosted Word Press Blog again as well since it allows me to make blog entries directly from my iPhone or iPad, and any content published on it is automatically published to my Facebook page as well.

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