8 Miles and Two Blisters

My feet are tired and sore, my little toes feel as if they are on fire from the blisters I popped on them just now, but I don't care because those blisters were formed doing an 8 mile hike with some really great friends in the Hill Country State Natural Area.

I was hesitant to accept Silvia's invitation because I knew I wasn't in as good a shape when it came to walking and hiking as she is.  I asked her how long the hike would be? She said 4 to 5 miles.  Since I had done a couple of 5 mile hikes I decided I could do that, and made arrangements to take a hike a today.  It was only after she got me to the park that she admitted the hike was going to be 8 miles.  By then it was too late to back out, so I shouldered my backpack, and made up my little blonde mind to keep up with them, or die trying.

Doing the eight miles really pushed me at times.  There were moments I wondered if I was going to be able to finish it.  Other moments when I found myself soundly cursing Silvia, and seriously considering whacking her upside the head with my walking stick.  But, I did not give up.  Nor did I whack Silvia upside the head.  Instead I just took deep breaths as I walked along, endeavored to persevere, and focused on putting one foot in front of the other.

At one point my left ankle began to hurt pretty badly.  A strange occurrence since it was my right ankle I sprained so badly in October of last year.  Silvia laid her wonderful healing hands upon that aching ankle though as we stopped to rest it, and snack on trail mix and other goodies.  Within moments the pain was gone, and ankle was no longer red and stiff.

Tis true that had I declined that invitation I wouldn't have blisters on my toes right now.  However, tis also true I would not be sitting here right now feeling vibrantly alive, and so much stronger in mind, body and spirit that I did yesterday.

Accepting that invitation, then pushing myself as hard as I did to finish that hike, and not become a hindrance to the others on it made me a stronger healthier person in so many ways.  And as I wrote in a FB post, the blisters will heal, but the memories of today will last a lifetime.

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