Hope & Mayhem

Tawny had raised her left eyebrow slightly when she saw the dreamcatchers hung above both beds. She knew they had been hung by Silos with love, and perhaps some forlorn hope, so she lowered the eyebrow, took his face in her hands, looked into eyes, and said, "Thank you. They are beautiful. You are a wonderful, thoughtful man." Then she had softly kissed his lips. No matter how futile it turned out to be, she was touched by his gesture.

Having sex with with Silos never caused occasional flashback memories from the time she had spent in Dwayne's jungle of madness, so she had not hesitated to take him in her arms, and beneath that twirling dreamcatcher, fully express the feelings of passion and tenderness he ignited in her. She had whispered all the words of tenderness and passion she knew in his ears as she wrapped her arms and legs around him, drew him deep inside her, and rocked with him to a slow sensuous rhythm of what she knew was lust, and thought just might be that thing called love.

Unfortunately, she had been so badly damaged by her time in Dwayne's jungle of madness, she often wasn't sure if love did really exist? If it did exist, was she still capable of it? The one thing she did know was, she had promised herself she would never, ever, say, not even once, "I love you" to any man until she was really sure of those two things, and that he was the man she loved.

She did know one other thing. She never wanted to hurt Silos. He had never judged, or used her in any way shape or form. He was kind, loving, passionate, tender, thoughtful, and a dozen other wonderful things with her. She was trying to be all those things in return with him.

The rhythm picked up, Tawny felt that age old "can't get enough of him" feeling women get when they are in the arms of someone who makes them feel the way a woman should at times like that. She raised her legs until her ankles locked behind his neck, grabbed his buttocks with her hands, and pulled him even deeper inside of her. She found her head spinning at just how right he felt there. The beat picked up even more, and for a few precious moments in time, all either of them felt was just how right it was between them. Both of them reached the climax to that beat at the same moment. Each of them calling the other's name as they did so.

As they lay spent in each others arms, Tawny watched the still softly twirling dreamcatcher, and perhaps because of its soothing hypnotic motion, found herself more deeply committed than ever to giving that thing called love a chance with the man who had given her the dreamcatchers, and so much more. She found herself more hopeful it might exist, and she could still feel it, than she had ever been. Soothed further by its softly twirling motion, she had fallen asleep in his arms, and slept there peacefully until just before dawn. Even then it had been a full bladder, and not a nightmare that had awakened her. She hoped this was a sign the dreamcatchers might be working, and not just one of those rare occasions she managed to make it through the night with no nightmares.

After emptying her bladder she headed for the kitchen. Pausing for a moment on her way to look up at the white dreamcatcher, smiling as she watched it still softly twirling in the breeze coming through the open window. Then the voice inside her head told her she was damn fool for allowing herself to believe even for a moment, that a silly dreamcatcher could rid of her of the nightmares her time in Dwayne's jungle had left her with. The voice reminded her how Silos would look at her, and really feel about her if he ever found out why she so often woke screaming from those nightmares. It called her nothing but a pretty little animal whore, and other things Dwayne and his friends had told her she was. It told her to leave this place, return to her old life and ways, forget this foolish feeling of hope because no man could ever love what she had become in Dwayne's jungle of madness. "Run!" it screamed. "Run before he somehow finds out, and you have to see the revulsion at what you are on his face."

For a few seconds, she listened to the voice, and actually thought about obeying it. She looked down at Silos still dozing, torn between wanting to keep the promise she made the night before concerning giving this thing called love a chance, and fear of losing him if he ever found out what had really happened to her between the time she was 8 and 16 years old. She sighed, quietly left the bedroom, and went to the kitchen to make coffee. She was still debating whether to leave or stay as she sipped her coffee, and watched the sun rising over the hilltop.

The sun had no more begun to brighten the sky, when the hummingbirds hit the feeder hung in front of the window. As she stood watching them, Silos padded into the kitchen, bleary eyed, but smiling from ear to ear. He poured himself a cup of coffee, walked up behind Tawny, and after swallowing a sip of it said, "Our little ones are hungry this morning."

Tawny laughed and said, "Those little pigs are always hungry! They keep me, Big George and some others busy refilling all the feeders. And we are spending a fortune on hummingbird nectar."

Silos laughed and replied, "We can afford all the nectar they need." He paused, kissed the back of her neck, then continued, "I like having them here. They add grace and beauty to the place, like you do." He leaned over, sat his cup on the counter, took Tawny's cup from her hand, turned her around, and said, "That's why you, and the hummingbirds are staying." Before she could reply he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her tenderly. Rubbing his hands up and down her back as he did. Tawny relaxed in his arms, returned the kiss and soft back rub, and told the nagging voice in her head to STFU, she was through running.

By accident and design, Silos had given her a place that was the closest thing to a home she had experienced since the day Dwayne slit her mother's throat, and abducted her. Originally the plan to disguise their new base camp as a Texas Hill Country hunting lodge/resort was for practical purposes. Those searching for them would be doing so in the remotest areas of the world, looking for something resembling a hidden military camp.

They weren't going to be searching for them among what looked like nothing more than a bunch of hunters and tourist enjoying the newest hunting lodge/resort. Silos even did the unthinkable, and used some local contractors to do a lot of the work when they restored the original old buildings, and added new ones for community facilities. The locals just didn't know about the alterations and security features added by Silos's crew after that original work was completed. All this had resulted in a new place that looked and felt nothing like a base camp to anyone observing it, and a lot like home to Tawny.

After breaking from his kiss Tawny smiled up at him and said, "Okay, I'll stay. As long as we keeping feeding them, I bet the hummingbirds will too."

Silos had grinned and replied, "They will be the best fed hummingbirds in the hill country!"

Tawny laughed and said, "They already are."

Tawny refused to listen to the nagging voice as it tried to put its two cents worth in. She had listened to that voice for far too many years. It was time for it to be silent.

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Loving Mayhem

Tawny had returned to Silos, looked over the old ranch with him, and finally agreed his plans for it just might work. That left him with only having to get her to agree to come there to live. Convincing of her of that was the hardest task he ever undertook. He had considered himself extremely lucky the few times she had actually stayed an entire night with him since they had become lovers. Even if she had once nearly broken his nose when he had reached over to wake her from a screaming bad dream.

Tawny had been horrified at what she had nearly done. Then explained she had nightmares that sometimes made her very dangerous when first waking from them, and that was why she didn't stay the night with him. She never told him what was in those nightmares. By then, Silos would have gladly slept in full body armor, just to be able to have her next to him for the rest of his life.

After that, on the rare occasions she did sleep beside him, he would wake up whenever he felt her body tense, and prepare to roll out of bed and hit the floor if she came awake screaming. Once, feeling her tense, he prepared himself to roll out of the bed and hit the floor, but then she curled up into a fetal position. He was about to spoon up next to her when he heard her whimpering and begging for the pain to stop.

Something told him spooning with her right then might be extremely risky business, and only make whatever the dream was, worse. What made it worse for Silos was that it was a child's pain racked terrified voice begging, "Please, please, I will say it three times. Just don't do that again. I love you. I love you. I love you." Silos felt his heart break as he understood now why Tawny had never said those words to him, and wondered if she ever would. She had continued to whimper, and sometimes whisper words he knew the child in the dream had been forced to say.

Finally the whimpering stopped, Tawny's body began to relax slightly, and slowly uncurl from the fetal position. It was then he had carefully moved his body closer to hers. When she did not react violently to that, he spooned next to her. As her body relaxed completely, Silos put his arm around her, and in that moment realized just how much he had come to love the beautiful, complex, extremely lethal woman, that pain racked begging child had become. He gently kissed the back of her neck, and made a silent promise to her.

Silos noticed when she returned from the trip she had taken just before they came to look at the ranch, she would not sleep next to him at all. But he had snuck into the adjoining motel room, sat beside the bed, and watched and listened as she experienced what were obviously more nightmares about her childhood. He felt his heart shattering as he realized it wasn't just one man who had brought her so much pain. As he watched her whimpering, begging, and curling into the fetal position, he began to suspect her recent trip had something to do with the men in those dreams. He found himself hoping if it did, she had made them pay for what they had done to her.

Perhaps she had thought this trip would end the nightmares. Silos could have told her it wouldn't. At first, it would bring back the memories and make the nightmares worse. In time, it might help. For now, Silos would quietly sit beside her as the nightmares came and went. Softly talking to her in his mind as he did. Whispering words of love she didn't hear, but hoping that some part of her would come to understand nothing that had happened to her in that nightmare past, would change how he felt about her now.

The renovations on the old ranch house were nearly complete before Silos could get her to even agree to try living there. Part of those renovations included quietly installing a monitoring device like that used to keep an eye on babies, in the Master Bedroom, and the room next to it. A door was also added from the Master Bedroom into that room.

He could tell she didn't hold much hope of things working out when she did finally agree to at least trying it. He had watched her attitude slowly changing though a few weeks after moving in, and not been as surprised as she was to see that happening. What had surprised him one night was to creep into the room she still so often slept in, and find Big George standing over her. Silos motioned for Big George not to try and wake her, and for them to leave the room, then Silos turned and headed for the living room.

Back in the living room, Silos poured two stiff shots of Jack Daniels. He handed Big George his shot glass, and watched him knocked it back. Then his old friend had looked at him and said, "I heard her as I was walking past the room. So went in to check on her. Silos, what the hell did she go through? And why didn't you let me wake her up?"

Silos swallowed the shot of whiskey he had poured for himself, then quietly replied, "I don't really know what happened. She refuses to talk about it."

Silos bowed his head and continued, "I can't touch her, or hold her during them. I'm afraid my touch, would make it worse." Then he sighed and said, "And when she is waking from those nightmares, she is, well, sometimes more dangerous than when fully awake. Like when she nearly broke my nose. Plus, I've found if she doesn't wake up herself, or get woken up during the nightmares, she doesn't seem to remember them."

Big George swallowed another shot of whiskey he had poured, then said, "That was child's voice. A child who was being hunted, like a fucking animal. And it wasn't the first time she had been hunted like that."

Silos had nodded, swallowed the other shot of whiskey Big George had poured for him and replied in a low voice racked with pain and anger, "Yeah, but it's what he, and some others did after they caught her, that will really break your heart. And I only know such a tiny bit about that. Just what I've heard while sitting next to her during the nightmares."

He had paused, then looked up at Big George and said very softly, "But see, I made a secret promise to her. I promised even if I couldn't wake her, or hold her during them, I wouldn't let her go through the nightmares alone. She didn't like it the first time she woke screaming and found me in the room, but as long as I don't try to wake or touch her during the nightmares, she has accepted me being there." Then Silos turned, walked out of the living room, and went back to sit beside the bed Tawny slept in so often, but as long as Silos was there, never really alone.

Not long after the cruise they took got cut short by a pirate problem, Silos saw where one of the small towns around them was having a big festival. He decided taking Tawny to it might be a relaxing little outing for them. She and Loretta could check out the arts, crafts, jewelry and clothing vendors that would be there.

As they were walking past one vendor containing Native American crafts Silos saw dreamcatchers hanging from the top of vendors tent. Tawny and Loretta made a beeline for some dresses they saw at another vendor. Silos stood studying the dreamcatchers. As he did, the old Native American woman who was behind the counter watched Tawny, then turned to Silos and said, "Your woman, she needs the dreamcatchers." The old woman had then walked over to the dreamcatcher display, and carefully picked out two large pure white ones, mumbling words Silos did not understand as she took the dreamcatchers down.

Silos had looked into her wise old eyes, and didn't even find himself questioning how those eyes had seen that need and number. He simply nodded, paid her for the dreamcatchers, and had Big George take them and put in the trunk of the car. He didn't hold much faith in them protecting Tawny from the nightmares, but if there was even the slightest chance they could help, Silos would hang a thousand of them in every size and color in the universe above Tawny's bed so that perhaps she could finally sleep peacefully. In the meantime, he would see if the two he had just bought helped at all.

As he had turned to walk away the old woman said, "You won't need that many. Just these two, and your love. That love will work with them to help protect her from the nightmares." Strangely, Silos once more found himself not questioning how that old woman had seemed to read his thoughts, just hoping she was right, and the love he felt for Tawny, combined with dreamcatchers, would help protect her from the terrible nightmares.

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Hunting Mayhem

To the outside world it was just another former working ranch, turned private hunting lodge/resort. It had a two story house for the owners, smaller cabins for hunters and other guests, and a few spacious rv spaces. There was also a large pavilion, as well as other community facilities. The roomy private patio in back of the main house joined with the meandering porch. Which lead to a bridge that crossed over the koi pond. Once on the other side of the koi pond, one could continue to the other facilities, or go to the area that contained seating around the pond.

It was surrounded by tall barbed wire topped deer fences. With a hidden, locked gate, protected by a surveillance camera. Inside the gate, there were often a lot of people with guns running around on it in ATV's and even souped up golf carts. Which was nothing terribly unusual for a supposed private hunting lodge/resort.

Tawny knew all about hunting. Had learned about it in the dark jungle of madness she had lived in during her formative years. Anointed by Dwayne into his jungle of madness with her mother's blood when she was 8 years old, she had then been raised in it, trained in it, gone to her knees in it, bled in it, learned to live like an animal in it, and been hunted in it, until she was 16.

A couple of months after killing her mother, then taking Tawny to his cabin, he began periodically taking her deeper into his woods, and other remote areas he knew well. He would turn her loose, force her to run, and after giving her a head start, hunt her back down. Every mistake she made as prey that allowed him to easily recapture her was pointed out to her when the hunt was over. Then she was brutally punished for each and every one of those mistakes.

Soon he began allowing three of his most trusted friends to come along on the hunts. Sometimes these hunts lasted for several days. They would hunt her as a group, and then one man at a time. Until she turned 13, the punishments given out although brutally painful and degrading, had not been sexual in nature. Once she turned what Dwayne and his buddies called the Magic 13, that changed.

Shortly after her 13th birthday, Dwayne and his friends had taken her on a week long hunt. What they did to her during that week had damaged her so badly internally she had nearly died. And would never bear children. By then, Dwayne didn't care because what had started as a plan to create the perfect dream woman for him, had become a dark nightmare revolving around having the perfect pet for him and his three friends to play with.

Hunting that perfect pet down, then punishing her for getting caught, had become a favorite form of amusement for Dwayne and his three friends. They would pile into the old van singing a very lewd version of, "A Hunting We Will Go", that revolved around the many things she was going to do to please them during and after the hunt. Inspired by the song, they would already have her on her hands and knees in the back of the van doing some of those things before they reached the end of Dwayne's long driveway.

After she had driven the knife in his chest, then slid it across his throat on her 16th birthday, the painful lessons she had learned at his hands as prey had served her well. Both when she was the hunted, and the hunter. Many of the cruel and painful lessons she had learned at his hands had served her well over the years. Especially when years later, before agreeing to go look at an old ranch with Silos, the rabbit turned on the hounds, and hunted down those friends of Dwayne's that had participated in hunting her.

She started the hunt by capturing all three of them when they were returning home from a Saturday night drunk. They were only too eager to stop on that lonely road and help the leggy redhead standing next to a soccer mom minivan with the hood up. Within moments, the leggy redhead had them bound and gagged in the back of the minivan, which was 4 wheel drive, and had never been owned by a soccer mom.

As she started the minivan, she reintroduced herself to the 3 bound and gagged men, explained they were all going hunting again, then drove off wordlessly humming, "A Hunting We Will Go."

One had suffered some broken fingers from having the hood of the minivan slammed on it. The other two had some slight head and gonad injuries, but nothing that would interfere with the hunt. They never let her injuries interfere with the hunt. Why should she let theirs? She had taken them to one of the remote regions they had once hunted her in. There, she released them one at a time, and hunted each one of them, as they once had hunted her.

They had refrained from actually killing her on those hunts because they had other uses for her once she was recaptured. Lots and lots of brutal perverted uses that left her battered, bloody, and begging for death. She had no use whatsoever for the men she was hunting. Like she once had, they too had begged for death before the hunt was over. And finally, when the rage inside her at what they had done to her all those years ago resided, and their screams for mercy and death had grown boring, she granted them peace. After the third one, for just a moment, she thought of putting the gun in her mouth, and bringing herself the same peace.

The moment passed though. Tawny buried the bodies where they would never be found. She drove the stolen minivan to another state, and in another remote area, completely torched it. After hiking to where she had left another vehicle, being careful to erase her tracks as she did, she got in that vehicle, and returned to Silos. Then agreed to spend the next weekend in the Texas hill country, looking over an old ranch.

Silos had ended up purchasing the old ranch. Then he proceeded to turn it into the supposed hunting lodge/resort that it now was. Unbeknownst to the locals or anyone else, it was now "Home Sweet Home" to a group of the most dangerous and lethal people in the world.

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Mayhem On Vacation

A cruise vacation has seemed such a good idea at the time. A way to relax, and keep a low profile until Calypso could be found and neutralized. So Silos had arranged for a nice Caribbean cruise, and taken some of his people along. Some went as fellow passengers, some as part of the ship's crew.

It had been smooth sailing the first half of the cruise. Tawny and Loretta had enjoyed shopping in the ports they stopped in. Often returning with arms loaded with shopping bags, happily laughing and giggling like schoolgirls over their purchases. Tawny's shipboard closet was crammed with so many clothes, Silos was convinced she could never wear them all. Though he had to admit, she was doing her best to wear each and every outfit in that crammed closet, at least once.

When she and Loretta weren't shopping in the ports they stopped in, they had enjoyed spending long lazy hours around the ship's pool in colorful skimpy swimsuits working on their tans. Causing envy among some of the women, and dirty thoughts among all the men.

In order to wear some of the other clothes they were buying, they often also lounged on the deck chairs on the main or upper deck dressed in colorful tops, shorts, skirts and capri pants. There would relax while sipping a drink, watching the ocean go by, chatting with each other, and at times with other passengers.

Sometimes Tawny would agree to dinner with the Captain, and/or other passengers. Which gave her a chance to wear some of her new dresses. She had even attended some of the parties and other activities onboard, as well as a few on shore activities. There were also plenty of warm wet nights in their private hot tub where Tawny didn't wear anything at all, that Silos really enjoyed.

Then the pirates had boarded the ship. And started rounding up passengers and crew members. At first, nobody got killed. Things changed though when they tried to round up Tawny and Silos.

Tawny had been lounging on the main deck with a glass of wine beside her, looking like a cruise vacation vision in a pastel green floppy brim hat with a yellow ribbon on it. The ribbon matched her bright yellow fitted top with short ruffled sleeves. Her long tanned legs were encased in crisp white capri pants, her feet in bright yellow sandals that perfectly matched her blouse, and the yellow ribbon on her hat. She looked as pretty as a picture, and as harmless as a butterfly.

Looks can be deceiving though as one of the pirates discovered when he leaned over to grab her arm, and yank her out of the lounger. As he leaned down, Tawny sprang up, drove the heel of her hand up his nose hard enough to break it, and send bone splinters into his brain, grabbing his automatic rifle with her other hand as she did. With rifle now in hand, she hit the deck rolling, and began firing.

Surprise is a wonderful element when it works for you. Unfortunately the surprise Tawny unleashed when the pirate had tried to grab her arm worked against the pirates. For a brief couple of seconds the pirates close to her and the other passengers had been too stunned to move. A couple of seconds is all it took for Silos and his people to go into action

Silos, still managing to look dashingly handsome in a loud Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts and sandals, took advantage of that stunned silence by disabling the pirate nearest him with a flying kick to the head, then finishing him off with the rifle he grabbed from him. Like Tawny, the second that rifle was in hand, Silos hit the deck rolling and firing as well. Big George and Loretta had also acquired firearms by then, and like Tawny and Silos, had hit the deck rolling and firing them. Some passengers were screaming and panicking. A few passengers, normal everyday people who were perhaps more brave than smart, had followed Tawny's lead, also dropped to the deck, and were firing rifles they had snatched off nearby dead pirates.

Things were not going well for the pirates on the main deck, when all hell broke loose below deck. The crew members who were Silos' people had quickly disabled nearby pirates, and having acquired their weapons, were now using them to clear pirates out of the way as they headed for the main deck. The real ship's crew members below deck had played monkey see, monkey do, acquired rifles off dead pirates, and were firing on those pirates still alive below deck. By then, what was left of the pirate wave on the main deck was desperately trying to recede from the ship.

Tawny, who was majorly pissed off because she now had blood all over her bright yellow top and white capri pants, kept firing at the receding wave of pirates muttering, "I fucking HATE it when this happens to a new outfit." When that rifle was empty she threw it down, grabbed another one, and started firing again.

Silos and Big George looked at each other, shrugged their Hawaiian shirt clad shoulders, and let Tawny express her anger.

When Tawny had finished expressing her anger, Silos and the rest his crew boarded the pirate ship. Then put the pirates left alive to work cleaning up the bloody mess on it, and getting the pirate ship ready to sail again. Tawny, still in her blood spattered outfit, glared at them beneath her floppy brimmed hat, had told them they could either clean up the mess they had made, or deal with her.

Loretta, who was also now sporting a bloodstained pink top and sky blue skirt, and not any happier than Tawny about it, yelled, "Yeah! And I'm going to be right there beside her if you wanna be pirates don't help clean up the damn mess."

That's when Silos idly remarked, "I heard somewhere when the Apaches really wanted to torture prisoners, they would give them to the women."

Big George just as idly replied, "I've heard that too. I wonder if it's true?"

After that, the pirates were eager to help clean up the mess.

By the time the authorities got there, Tawny, Silos, and the rest of their crew had left on the pirate ship. Which then vanished, never to be seen again. The Captain, passengers, and crew of the cruise ship swore they had repelled the attack on their own, and made no mention of Tawny, Silos, or any of their crew.

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Mayhem Among The Hummingbirds

Tawny's favorite place was the patio deck. Meandering around oak and maple trees, it and the porch contained two hot tubs, one pool, one koi pond complete with a waterfall, and a shapely half naked female statue pouring water from a vase as the centerpiece fountain. The elaborate patio deck/porch also contained a midsize grill near the sliding glass doors leading out to the beginning of the patio, as well as two huge community grills at the other end of the porch, along with a full wet bar, large fridge, and freezer. There were tables, chairs, and loungers all along the patio/porch. Set against the backdrop of a carefully disguised armed community, it was a little piece of backyard paradise, that was "Home Sweet Home" to a variety of extremely lethal people, and a lot of harmless hummingbirds.

The hummingbirds had started with a couple of feeders hung near one of Tawny's favorite spots on the porch. Then it escalated, and soon there were over a dozen feeders dotting the patio deck and porch. When Big George raised an eyebrow and groused about becoming a sugar water daddy for a bunch of damn hummingbirds after being told to make sure the feeders were kept filled when Tawny was gone, Silos looked at him and replied, "The hummingbirds soothe her."

Big George, who had seen Tawny when she was anything but soothed, and sometimes helped the clean up crew with the bodies when she was unduly provoked, never raised another eyebrow or groused again about being put in charge of filling the feeders when Tawny was gone. Though he would never admit it, Big George had quickly become entranced with the fast flying little birds. Noting that for all their dainty size and cuteness, they were fierce little warriors when it came to defending their rights to the feeders. Like Tawny, he now found himself soothed by them, and feeling strangely blessed that his little charges had no fear of him, and would in fact boldly buzz him when a feeder needed filling.

Big George knew having to put a spiked heel through the eye of a former partner/lover turned rogue was going to cause Tawny's stress level to be very high when she returned from her latest assignment. He made damn sure all the feeders were filled when Silos called to tell them they were on their way back. He also made sure their private hot tub was clean and working, and that there was plenty of her favorite wine in the wet bar. Silos would take care of anything else she would need or want.

When they arrived home, Tawny showered, and headed straight for their private hot tub. When she arrived, Silos was already in it. She slipped in beside him, took the glass of wine he offered her, then leaned back with her eyes closed. That didn't work out too well though because what she kept seeing behind her closed lids were visions of a man she had once respected, made love with, and in her only strange way, been very fond of, with one of her spiked silver heels through his eye.

Tawny opened her eyes back up, and zeroed in on the hummingbirds. Silos relaxed a little when she did that. He had dark unwanted visions of the past that often danced behind his own closed lids. He carefully slid one arm over Tawny's shoulders, and quietly sipped his wine as she watched the hummingbirds. As he knew they would, a few of them zoomed over to the hot tub, and happily zipped around Tawny's head. The smallest of them getting right in front of her, and hovering inches from her nose. Silos watched as a small smile curved Tawny's mouth. And breathed a quiet sigh of relief as he felt her shoulders relax slightly under his arm. Silos liked having his arm over her shoulders because that way, he could feel how tense she was. A very tense Tawny, was a very dangerous Tawny. Not that she wasn't dangerous even when completely relaxed. But tense, she was best compared to sweating dynamite, or a coiled rattlesnake. So he let her watch the hummingbirds without saying a word, and silently thanked the littlest one for bringing that small upward curve to her lips.

That small curved smile the littlest hummingbird had brought to her lips vanished a few moments later when Tawny thought about what certain people were going to try and do in retaliation for what she had just done to her ex lover. Especially the woman who had caused Craig to betray her and go rogue and said, "We need to make sure security is extra tight now."

Silos, who had already thought of the consequences of Tawny's act, replied, "Already taken care of, my dear."

Tawny turned to Silos, another little half smile curving her lips as she did, and said, "Of course." Then leaned over and gently kissed his cheek.

Tawny went back to sipping her wine and watching the hummingbirds. Silos allowed a smiled to crease his own face when he felt her shoulders slightly relax again. Normally Silos would be pervertedly snorkeling under water to help Tawny relax. But all things considered, he knew relieving tension in a sexual way right now was not a good idea. Tawny needed time to morn the loss of what once was. And come to terms with the bitter reality of the present.

After relaxing for 30 minutes Tawny and Silos rose from the hot tub, dried themselves off, then donned terry robes. They walked hand in hand back to the house, changed into shorts and tees, then headed to the community grills. Silos had thought about using their private grill and preparing a quiet dinner for two. But, eating at the community grills, and socializing a little while doing so would be better for Tawny right now, and for him.

All he really wanted to do right then was take her in his arms, make love to her, and somehow make the pain she was feeling go away. Silos knew nothing that he or anyone else could do would make the pain go away though. The pain had started for Tawny when an insane survivalist had drawn the blade across the throat of a woman, while an 8 year old child watched in horror. He had taken the child his to his cabin/compound in the woods, and started the training process he thought would make her the woman of his dreams. For the next 5 years he taught her to cook, clean, hunt, and kill, his way. When the child had turned 13, he had taken her into his bed, and began training her to please him sexually. As she was cutting her sweet sixteen birthday cake, he had stood behind her, one hand helping her guide the knife, the other ran up the back of the dress he. He had laughed and said, "Oh yes baby girl, I'm about to have my cake, and eat it too. You'll like where I'm going to eat it from." At that moment something had snapped deep within the girl. She backed against him, and forced herself to make the cooing sound of pleasure he liked to hear, then replied as she knew he wanted. "Oh daddy, I am going to love that so much."

Just as she knew he would, he had straightened up a little to adjust the hard on that was now aching. It was at that moment she whirled and drove the knife into his chest. Before he could react, she jerked the knife out, and ran it across his throat. She would have loved to make his death a slow very painful one, but as he always said, "Shit happens. Deal with it."

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Mayhem Around The Maypole

The nine dancers adjusted their costumes, rechecked their make-up, then headed towards the three poles festooned with long flowing ribbons. Each pole had three ribbons running down from the top of it. Each dancer took a ribbon in her hand, and proceeded to caress it as if it was a favorite lover. The dancers raised their left arms, wound the ribbons around them, then using them as leverage, leaned back so far their heads nearly touched the stage floor. They then began to ever so slowly and sensuously draw the excess ribbon now running down their arms, and between their legs, up their bent over bodies. As the sultry beat of the music continued, the dancers slowly straightened up, then began to dance joyously, but very provocatively around the poles. As they danced, they began removing parts of each others costumes.

The owner of Dancing Dolls watched his customers reactions to the Dolls Around The Maypole show, and smiled from ear to ear. They loved it. He watched as his newest dancer went to the pole and began to slide up it. Using her legs, and the ribbon as leverage again, she reclined her torso in a vertical position, and began to slide the excess ribbon up and down between her legs. Frankie found himself hoping she would stay around for a while because she was one Hot Bitch, and the customers loved her.

The other two girls continued to dance around her, often dancing up to her and pantomiming performing lewd acts upon her with their ribbons, hands, and tongues, then dancing around the pole, sometimes coming together for a few moments to dance with each other. All while the newest dancer worked the center pole in a manner that had even the owner, Frankie, gulping at times. As he turned to the bartender, who was staring wide eyed at the newest dancer, he remarked, "Doing her, would be like getting it on with a living Gumby doll."

"No shit!" replied the bartender, then hurried off to refill drinks.

Many pairs of eyes were on the newest dancer as she worked the pole. Only one pair of those eyes were of any interest to her. With any luck, her performance would draw the owner of those eyes to her. If it worked, and he followed his usual pattern, his intentions towards her were certainly going to be less than honorable. Then again, that was the norm for Tawny when she was on the job. Attracting dangerous people, who often meant her harm, was part of that job description.

If her plan worked, the man she was currently trying to attract would make contact with her. After a short wooing session, he would promptly sell her into a white slavery ring. It was her job to gather enough evidence during the short wooing session to send him away for a very long time, or if necessary, terminate him. Given the number of people he was responsible for murdering, as well as all the girls he had sold into slavery, Tawny had no problem terminating him, if it came to that.

Sometimes her plans worked out, and sometimes they didn't. Tawny had contingency plans whenever possible. Though some things, like the Blue Rose Killer incident just couldn't be planned for. After all, who would have thought she would be targeted by him, while taking a hike she hoped would put her in contact with her intended target? It was a classic case of, "Shit happens. Deal with it." Silos was still giving her some flack over how she had dealt with it. But, he would get over it. Especially if she could get her intended target to make contact with her tonight.

As Tawny kept working the pole for all she was worth, her intended target was noticing her. He was contemplating that although she was a little older than some liked, he did have a small clientele who preferred more maturity and experience. As she expertly showed her skills off on the pole by performing another body and mind bending Kama Sutra move on it, he had to admit at that moment, fresh faced innocent beauty paled in comparison to them, and he would have cheerfully killed, to be that pole.

Tawny glanced over at her intended target, and was pleased to see he had been dutifully impressed by her last move. Now that she had his complete attention, she performed another Kama Sutra move with the pole, and the ribbons around her wrists, that was bound to keep his attention. She knew she had him when he called Frankie over, whispered something to him, and nodded towards her.

Frankie hated to see this happen in a way. She was a crowd drawer and pleaser. However, business was business, and the money that would pass under the table to him after she disappeared, would more than make up for her loss. Which is why Frankie dutifully saw to it that she went to one of the private rooms after the Dolls Around The Maypoles show was over.

Tawny quickly changed into a clingy through the torso, swirly skirted little black dress. Accessorized it with a pair 6" silver stiletto heels, and a little expandable little silver purse. The innocent looking contents of the purse could be used as in a variety of lethal ways if necessary. Her target was in the room alone when she went in.

They were just getting cozy, when a blast from her past walked in the room. Tawny was already reaching down and removing one of her stiletto heels, and flicking the rubber tip off it before his eyes made contact with her. He had undergone a major redo, which obviously included some reconstructive surgery. As he reached for his gun, she sent the poison tipped stiletto heel sailing through the air, and noticed he still had the small star shaped mole on the back of his hand. Then the poison tipped stiletto landed with the heel through his right eye.

The second she had sent that stiletto heel sailing through the air, she had snatched off the other one, flipped the rubber tip off it, and turned to her target. He was reaching for his gun and opening his mouth to say something, when she rammed the other stiletto heel through his left eye, and snatched the gun from his hand.

The blast from the past was twitching on the floor, and her target was certainly terminated. She had wanted to gather as much information about his clients as possible before she handed him over to the wheels of justice, or terminated him. But, this was just another case of, "Shit Happens. Deal with it." Tawny continued to deal with it by sending a quick, "Send in the Calvary!" message to Silos from the iPhone she pulled out of her purse, slid the phone back in it, along with the gun her target had tried to pull on her.

Next she confiscated the smaller gun from his ankle holster, and shoved it down her cleavage. She dragged her target's body over towards the door, and as the blast from the past stopped twitching she grabbed his guns as well. After locking the door, she pushed the bodies against it as a barricade. She slid the table under the a/c vent, removed the screws with a screwdriver hidden in the lipstick tube, and tossed the vent cover on the table. She squatted slightly, then sprang up into the now open duct, and shimmied through it.

She could hear Frankie and his crew trying to get through the door as she made her way along the ductwork. Tawny had already made one trip through this ductwork, and left a few things she thought might come in handy in an emergency. She picked up the two holstered guns she had left, and put them on. Because she didn't like making a fast getaway in high heels or bare feet when on foot, she also picked up the pair of running shoes and slipped them on. She headed towards the vent that came out in the back of the dressing room. After she kicked the vent open, she dropped down into the room.

With the ruckus going on up front, the dressing rooms were deserted. Tawny opened an old trap door she had found in the back of one of the closets, and went down it. It led to the basement, then to a door that she exited the building from. As she went running down the street, a black car pulled up beside her. When the door opened, she dived into the car.

As the car sped off Tawny glared at Silos and exclaimed, "How in the hell did he wind up in that room with me?"

Silos managed to look slightly abashed and replied, "It's like you always say, Tawny, 'Shit Happens. Deal with it.' By the time Carl made him though the redo, he was already nearly to the room."

Tawny slipped off her pink running shoes, leaned back in the seat, took the glass of wine Silos offered her, looked over the rim of the wine glass and replied, "Well don't give me ANY flack about how I dealt with it this time." Then she turned in the seat, raised her legs up, put her feet in Silos Wynter's lap, and began to sip her wine.

He picked up one of her feet he replied, "Don't worry my dear, not a word will be said on how you dealt with it." As he began to rub her foot, he gazed at it, remembering how he had once seen her crush a man's larynx with one well placed blow of that foot. He crooned, "Such a lovely little lethal foot."

Tawny rolled her eyes, took a sip of her wine, then said, "You are a sick bastard Silos Wynter. You were remembering the Kung Fu thing again. You only love my feet because they are so deadly."

Silos looked really wounded to the core, and replied, "That's not true! I also love them because of how they feel against my head when you have your ankles crossed behind my neck. Oh, and then there is how they look over my head with your toes hooked in the bedrail!"

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Mayhem & Roses

The woman unzipped the middle compartment of her backpack and began to rummage through it. The first item she pulled from the backpack was a small square bowl. The bowl contained a ziplock bag with several packages of crackers she had accumulated from various cafes she ate at, and a small ziplock bag of various types of small cheese cubes that had begun the journey frozen. Next she pulled out a package of Jack Links teriyaki beef nuggets, then an Angry Sasquatch Big Stick. She rummaged around a little more, and found the trail mix she was looking for, and a Lucky Charms marshmallow treat bar.

Except for the Lucky Charms bar, the man watching her through the binoculars was pleased with the food she had pulled out of the backpack. So far, almost everything about the woman he had been watching pleased him. As he continued to watch, she took the ziplock bags of crackers and cubed cheese out of the bowl, and sat them on top of the backpack. She reached into one of the many pockets on her loose fitting hiking shorts and pulled out a pocket knife. She used it to cut part of the Big Stick into small pieces. She put the pieces she had cut up, some beef nuggets, and two types of trail mix into the bowl. She picked up the bag of cubed cheese, opened it and shook the cheese into the bowl, grabbed a few of the crackers, leaned back against the tree she was sitting beneath, and began to enjoy her meal.

His eye had first been drawn to her as she had hoisted the backpack over her slender shoulders. He had watched as she pulled a walking stick from the Avalanche, and been stuck by the way the sunshine glinted on light streaks in her otherwise honey colored hair as she had straightened up. His lips curved into a slow wicked smile as the words, "Gentlemen prefer blondes" ran through his head.

He was no gentleman. But did prefer slender lithe blondes as play pretties.

She had walked to the trail head, studied the information beneath glass, took one of the maps from the tray beneath the glass, and followed the wooden arrow that directed her to one of the more difficult hiking trails in the park. He knew that trail well, so waited several minutes before he hoisted his own backpack, then took the same trail at a slow pace. She had taken off down the trail at a fairly good clip, but he knew she would soon come to section of the trail that would slow even the most nimble mountain goat.

He knew a perfect vantage point to watch her make that rocky ascent from. As he settled into that vantage point, he found himself once more nodding in silent satisfaction as she took one more drink of water, put the bottle back in the net side pocket, then began to carefully climb that very rocky incline. Watching her climb that rocky incline made the man realize he had misjudged her when he had first summed her up as a trophy wife yuppie day hiker. True, the carefully coiffed and colored hair, Avalanche truck, perfectly color coordinated brown and pink camo hiking outfit made her appear that at first. But watching her make her way up that rocky incline caused him to rethink his original assessment of her.

Now, after following her for 5 miles, he had come to the conclusion that whatever she was, she would be his next play pretty. The elusive Blue Rose Killer would strike again, leaving behind his 13th mutilated victim. Just thinking about tucking a blue rose behind the ear of the woman after he was finished playing with her, had him so hard he ached as he watched her relaxing beneath the tree. He was going to do things to that slender lithe body that would stretch its flexibility beyond the breaking point. And it was time to capture his prey. With that thought in mind the Blue Rose Killer backed down the hilltop he was on, and when he was out of her line of sight, stood up, walked away from the trail, then jogged off into the woods. He knew the perfect place to capture her. When she got to that part of the trail, he would be there waiting for his new play pretty.

Just as he had predicted, the woman had picked this spot to take a break. After taking the backpack off she had taken a step back and looked up in order to get a better view of the towering tree she was standing under. The Blue Rose Killer lunged forward, wrapped one arm around her, making sure she could not reach for the pocketknife, slapped the chloroform cloth over her nose and whispered, "You will beg me to kill you before I'm through with you."

That's when the woman reached up, grabbed the hand holding the chloroform cloth, kicked back with one foot, breaking his shin on impact, and as she jerked the hand holding the chloroform cloth from her mouth said, "I don't think so." With that she flipped him over her shoulder, dropped down onto him, placed one hand over his mouth to muffle his screams, and used the other to bury the pocket knife in his heart. As she looked down at the startled face of the dying man, she leaned over, twisted the knife in his heart and whispered, "But you don't have time to beg me for anything."

She dragged the body off the trail, rolled it down into a gully, then covered it with leaves and branches. She went back to the trail, grabbed her backpack and his, then hiked to a spot where she could get reception. She went through the man's backpack, and raised an eyebrow in surprise when she saw the blue silk rose in the clear plastic tube. Then she sent a quick text that read, "Accidentally ran into some trouble while hiking. Send small, one man clean up crew."

She waited a few seconds, heard the message chime, and read the reply text from Silos that read, "WTF have you done now?"

Tawny Mayhem fired off another quick text, "The Blue Rose Killer. But only him. So far." And grinned as she read the reply to that, "Clean up crew on the way. Try leaving it at just him. For now."

Tawny returned to the ravine where she had left the body, and waited for the clean up crew. She hoped they would get there before she had to add another body to the ravine.

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