Before send me that private message on my social media....

This one is for all the online lotharios, predators, and others who send DMs to me on social media.

First of all, NO, I do not want to see your dick pic. Honey, I am 60 years old, with a grown son. Which means that at some point, yes, I have already seen a dick, or I wouldn’t have my kid. Plus, having survived the sexual revolution of the 70’s, been a good soldier in it, AND was around during the heyday of chat, I’ve already seen more dicks, and pics of dicks than you can shake your dick at. Yours, is not going to send me into an orgasmic frenzy. Trust me on this. It takes a hell of a lot more than just a dick, much less a pic of a dick, to do that to me. 

Now, listen carefully to this warning. You do NOT want to fully explore my little mind. Along with some black holes others have gone down while screaming for help, the shit that can be going through my mind at any given moment is enough to send hardened psychopaths running for cover. 

For the love of everything! Do NOT try to shock me with sexual innuendos or even outright vulgarity because when the dust finally settles, you are going to be the one with your jaw on the floor. I am a well drillers daughter born and bred in the oil field. I also went to parties in the 70’s I had to be careful of not tripping on people fornicating all over the place while making my way to the bathroom. Only to discover fornicating people in bathroom when I got there. Then, the wonderfully wanton world of chat opened up to me. Man, did I have some fun there! And to top it all off, I also dabble in writing hardcore erotica. 

Which leads me to say that honestly, if you are an upstanding, good Christian man, in or out of the military, who is shy at first, but fun once you get to know him, what in the cornbread hell are you doing even THINKING about sending the likes of me a private message expressing a desire to get to know me better. You should be doing what your Christian mother told you to, and avoiding women like me. Now Shoo! 

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Stop The Hypocrisy and Hate Show The World We Are STILL A Great Nation

I have never been more glad NOT to be a Republican than I am right now as I watch the hypocrites with countless Made In China products, including the Make America Great Again caps worn by Trump and his supporters, that are Made In China, going ballistic because Obama dared to visit Cuba.  The bigotry and hypocrisy being shown by certain Republicans is overwhelming.  To top it all off, two of their Candidates running for the highest office in our land are resorting to tearing each other's wives apart.  BTW could someone please show me the passage in the Bible that says it is okay to do that if you are running for President.  I seem to have missed that passage.   And yes I know, there are a lot of decent Republicans out there just as appalled as I am over what is happening right now.  The problem is, I don't see ya'll standing up and saying much of anything about the situation.  All I'm seeing are hypocritical posts about Obama visiting Cuba, while we ALL continue to buy products Made In China, Japan, and Mexico.  All I'm seeing is silence about the tearing apart of women as a means of furthering a man's political career.  So yes, I am damn glad NOT to be a part of that right now.  

Now, having said that, let me also say I'm getting just as disgusted with some of the Democrats and Liberals for their hatred and hypocrisy.  In fact, at this point, if I had my way, I would be taking the belt to a lot of my fellow Americans right now and leaving some stripes on their asses that would perhaps remind them what America is REALLY suppose to be about.  Because people, this bullshit I'm seeing going on right now is NOT what our country is suppose to be about.  So whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, a Liberal, or none of those, stop the damn hatred and hypocrisy, and let's all work together to try and find a way to overcome this BS, and prove that America is STILL Great.   Because despite all the hatred and BS I am seeing right now, I STILL love, and believe in this country.  I STILL think it is a Great Country.  I STILL think this Great Country of ours has the potential to become even Greater than it already is.  However, I will NOT disrespect other countries, and the patriotic people of those countries by EVER stating we are the Greatest Nation in the World.  But, by the Goddess, I will proudly stand up and state that we are STILL a Great Country, that needs a lot more work in a lot of areas.  And that my friends is my honest and heartfelt opinion of this Still Great Country that I love.

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What if Sony had shown The Interview?

The Sony Hack and cancellation of the movie The Interview is being talked about a lot on the news and in social media. Many people are saying Sony canceling the movie is an act of cowardliness on the part of Sony, and reflects that cowardliness upon our Nation as a whole.  As usual, I'm looking at this story from many angles.  What I am asking myself is this: What would have happened if Sony had shown the movie, and there was a 9/11 style terrorist attack on even one theater showing it? What I mean by that question is what would We The People think and do if that happened?  And also, what would the families of anyone killed or injured in such an attack have felt, and done? Would they have supported Sony's decision 100% if people they loved died from it? 

It's easy for us armchair pundits to say, "We need to not let anyone tell us what movies we can make and watch!"  At first glance that's a statement that is easy to get behind.  But, seriously, how would you feel right now if Sony had shown the movie, knowing there had been threats made, those threats had been carried out, and you lost a loved one in the attack? I'm not trying to piss anyone off here.  I'm simply asking questions that occurred to me as I read the stories concerning the hack, the threats, and Sony's reaction to it.  I am in NO way defending Sony.  Simply asking these questions because had Sony shown the movie knowing those threats existed, and something had happened, I am curious how Americans, especially those who would have lost loved ones, would now feel? I think these are questions we all need to be asking ourselves as we continue to read about this issue.  I know when I ask myself, "How would I feel if they had shown the movie, knowing the threat existed, and someone I loved was killed if that threat had been carried out? It is a question that makes me pause and look at the broader picture here. 

And yes, I know, I'm such a pain in the butt sometimes for thinking the way I do. 

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Viva La Evolution!

The elections are over, and here's how I've come to feel about the whole political process.  I am not a Republican.  I am not a Democrat.  I am not a Liberal.  I am a Human Being looking out at our country, our world, our planet, and trying to figure out how in the hell to simply coexist peacefully.  

I think those who serve in the military should have good wages, health care, and ALL the damn benefits they deserve for standing in harms way to protect a nation of people run by a bunch of low life politicians who claim to support the troops, while at the same time consistently voting against ANY and ALL programs meant to help the military people.  Frankly I don't think ANY politician who has voted against such programs has the right to say he or she supports our troops.  Seems to me all they really support is sending them into harms way to protect the profits of their precious 1%.  

As to the whole Christian/Muslim issue.  First of all, being a proud Pagan I have a little different way of looking at that issue since as a Witch, I know just how bloodthirsty, cruel, murderous and down right MEAN some Christians can be.  Think Spanish Inquisition here, and don't forget the people right here in places like Salem that were murdered by some of those good Christian forefathers of ours some keep bringing up as the perfect idea of a nation founded on Good Christians Beliefs!   And FYI the Crusades are nothing to be proud of unless you think forcing your religion onto others at the point of a freaking sword is something to proud of, because that's basically what the Great Crusades were all about.  On a more modern note, the bible was once used to justify slavery here in the United States, oh and let's not forget the God Hates Fags Church.  So please, don't try and tell me how much kindler, gentler, or better, Christianity is than the Muslim religion, or any other religion because you are dealing with someone who knows the true history of Christianity, as well as many other religions, including my own.  None, I repeat NONE of them are without some history of violence, bigotry, injustice and cruelty. 

Now having said that, I will also say not ALL Christians are blood thirsty, gay hating, convert or I'll kill you, type people.  But, aha!  Here comes my point.  Not ALL Muslims believe or practice what the more extreme members of their faith are advocating they believe in and practice.  And don't even tell me how they must believe that since their Koran teaches it. The King James Bible also teaches the same damn thing in some of the old testament parts.  Including, how to sell your daughter into slavery, and not suffer a Witch to live.  But not ALL Christians are selling their daughters into slavery or killing Witches. Are you starting to see my point here?  If not let me spell it out REAL clear. 

There are murderous, cruel, really really BAD people in ALL religions, yes including my own.  But, if we as a nation, hell as Human Beings, don't start taking a hard look at just how similar ALL religions can be when extremists are involved, knock off the damn hypocrisy, and really try to respect the good and peaceful people of ALL religions, as well as those with no religion, then screw it, we are DOOMED to keep repeating the same tragic mistakes of the past.  Some of you HATE the whole concept of Evolution.  Well damn it I love the concept because what I'm hoping for, what I'm praying for, is that one day we Human Beings can finally freaking evolve to the point we can actually get along with each other, no matter what our religions, race, sexual preferences. whatever, without resorting to the barbaric practice of hating and killing those who are different.  Viva La Evolution! 

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On the toppling of the gremlin rock

So, the Government didn't topple this past week, but thanks to a Boy Scout Leader claiming to be disabled because of a car accident, a rock that had stood balanced for millions of years, was toppled. Isn't it amazing what the "disabled" can do when they set their minds to it?  Of all the things that have annoyed me this past week, and believe me, plenty of things have annoyed me the last few days, what those men did in many ways annoys me the most because Boy Scout Leaders, are supposed to be teaching their scouts a love of, and respect for Mother Nature. 

Seeing the happiness and joy on their faces, and listening to their laughter as they did this dastardly deed sickened me to my soul. Knowing they were Boy Scout Leaders outraged me beyond belief! The only bright spot in this whole mess is that they were actually dumb enough to tape themselves toppling that rock, and post it on a social media site for all the world to see. Easy videos and social media sites are doing to more "capture" some of the terminally stupid criminals than anything ever has. I just keeping wondering when they are going to wise up, and at least stop posting their videos online for the whole world to see?

As for them claiming they were trying to save lives, I'm not buying it for a moment.  I don't know what really possessed these Mormon Boy Scout Leaders to topple that rock, but I do not believe for one moment they truly thought they were saving lives by toppling a rock that had stood balanced there for millions of years! 

I hope three things happen here.  I hope the Boy Scouts kick them out.  I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and forever banned from entering all City, State, and National Parks.  And I hope that one loses his lawsuit.  

Daily Kos :: Utah rock vandal filed lawsuit in September, claims disability

Men may face felony charges after toppling Goblin Valley formation | The Salt Lake Tribune

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Teased By A Butterfly

I stopped by the koi pond earlier after I got the laundry in the dryers, and was mercilessly teased by a gorgeous bright orange monarch butterfly.  The coloring and markings on it were just perfect.  I think it was a relatively young one because I saw no tattered wings on it.   It darted all around, flitting from flower to flower, but never stopping long enough for me to get a pic of it with the iPhone.   At one point, it actually landed on my shoulder for a split second, and I swear laughed at me as I tried to snap the photo.  I think it was still laughing as it flew a perfect circle around me, then darted off.

I am sure anyone watching me was also laughing at the sight of me desperately trying to creep on that butterfly with my iPhone.  In the end, I could only smile and laugh myself as I watched that carefree butterfly teasing me.  I wonder, was it an offspring of that fuzzy soaked caterpillar I carefully removed from the pool one day, and put in the sun to dry.  Was this gorgeous bright orange butterfly that symbolizes beauty transformation, and rebirth teasing me to let me know it was grateful I saved it's ancestor? 

I never did get a photo of that teasing butterfly.  But, even without a pic, I will have the memory of that teasing butterfly for a long time. Sometimes the Photo Gods and Goddesses smile on me and let me capture moments like this through my camera lens.  Other times, I think the Word Gods and Goddesses decide I'm suppose to "capture" the moment through the art of writing.  And that's not a bad thing because it takes me back to my roots.  Back to that place where words were, and still are, a great undying passion of mine.  Back to that place where I first became Beyond Blonde.  

Perhaps that's why I could never get a photo of it.  It was there to remind me what I transformed into that long ago day when the editor of the newspaper, sat staring at my first column, and asked, "What in the blazes am I suppose to call this?"  I joking replied as I flounced out of the break room, "Call it Beyond Blonde."  And though I didn't realize it at the time, my transformation into BB had begun. 

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In good hands?

 I'm happily watching Return to Lonesome Dove when Mr. Grinch informs me that the guy playing that psycho character Cherokee Jack is now the official spokesperson for Allstate.  I was aghast at the thought of that.  And there was Morris the maniacal muse jumping up and down on my shoulder laughing and screaming, "Oh boy Allstate put their customers in really good hands!" I Googled it, and discovered that Mr. Grinch was right, and yeah the same actor who once played Cherokee Jack is whose hands Allstate customers are in. I'm still rather aghast at the irony of that, and the muse is still laughing like crazy. 

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They have better things to waste their money on

Technology has really changed our world. I am of the generation who's fingers first started typing on a manual typewriter. Boy didn't those things build finger muscles using them? We sure had no problem flipping someone the bird, or waving the peace sign. Oh and those return levers! We could bitch slap with the best of them after a day of slapping those things around. Then electric typewriters came along and man we thought we were really styling! Now, we have touch screen iPads, iPods, iPhones, and ultra thin laptops that you can do nearly anything on.

We also live in a world where Big Brother, his sister, mother, father, and maybe even cousin Bubba are watching you. Especially if you like to Facebook and Tweet. Or walk down a street with a Google Cam. Or into any store or area where surveillance cameras are keeping a watchful eye perpetually open. Every time you surf the net cookies and other programs are tracking your every move. Is it any wonder as a nation, perhaps even as a world, we have become a trifle paranoid?

I know when I really think about it, it scares the hell out of me. Fortunately I'm blonde enough to not do that too often. If I did really think about it too often, I am afraid I would be out there building underground bunkers and joining the survivalists. I prefer to not worry about it, even thumb my nose at it all, go shopping on on a mac, with my cookie filters set as high as I can and still shop, then let them figure out what they think I'm going to want to buy next with whatever information they could glean from that shopping spree. They have NO idea what a precocious shopper I am.

Is the government watching me? Well, I was known as a radical troublemaker in the 70's. Yeah I know, hard to believe I was ever a radical troublemaker. Over the years I have continued my quiet peaceful ways by proving sometimes, the truth really does hurt, by stepping on several political toes, while simply writing the truth. Some of those toes were Presidential ones. And I have a son in the Air Force. So, what do you think? Would they really waste their time, and our tax dollars on somebody as harmless as me? It's not like I'm the kind to spark a revolution.

Personally, I think they have a lot better things to waste their time, and our tax dollars on. Things like paying researchers to play video games, study the effects of cocaine on Japanese quail, teach Chinese prostitutes how to drink responsibility, or pay a professor to study how Americans find love on the internet. No, I'm not making this stuff up. I Googled stupid things the government spends money on, and found this stuff. It was on the internet after all, so it must be true.

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Following The Path Back To My True Self

 I am so glad I took that hike Sunday!  Being able to get out and do things like that is a large part of what makes life so very good for me now.  Yes, there was a time I considered going to the mall a good hike.  Those days are gone now though.  These days a 3 mile hike, with part of it uphill is a good hike for me. 

This change has come about for many reasons.   Age had given me enough wisdom to realize that the life I had been living, really wasn't much of a life.  Circumstances and determination allowed me to make really drastic changes. 

As I hiked Sunday and once more allowed myself the time to really drink in the beauty that is all around me here, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I had made the right choice when it came to creating a better life for myself. 

At times, I still find myself totally in awe of the beauty around me.  I'm really glad of that because it means I have not reached a point where it has become so familiar I no longer see and appreciate it.  I know as long as I continue to do things like go hiking, that will never happen.  Hiking does that for me.  I think that is true with most people.  I say most people, because sadly, some people are just so wrapped in the negatives of life they couldn't see the positives if they danced up to them and French kissed them. 

I never dreamed just how much my life would change when I chose to truly live it to the fullest again.  Certainly never foresaw myself becoming all that I have.  And that's probably just as well because had I seen this coming, I might well have run screaming.  At that time, all I would have been able to think was, "I can't do that!"   "Can't" has become a word I don't have much to do with anymore when it comes to what I am capable of.

Sometimes, I look at myself and am just totally amazed at what I have become.  Of course when I do that, the muse tells me in no uncertain terms I have always been this, that I just lost the way to my true self for a while.  The path back to my true self now includes hiking trails that at one point, I would have looked at in horror, and refused to even try.  I am so very glad that woman no longer exists.  Ecstatic that the woman I now am will take walking stick in hand, and take that trail with eager confidence.  

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A Story Unfolding

I am having a super weekend :) I really earned my Activities Director spurs this weekend when I successfully coordinated a family birthday party, Mexican train dominoes game, and the campfire Friday night.

To see the clubhouse filled with a family celebrating a mother's 90th birthday was enough to touch even my stony heart. The fact it was a fellow worker and friend who was celebrating his mother's momentous birthday was just icing on the cake for me. One thing I wanted to do when I took this job was be a part of the team who helps make the Top of the Hill RV Resort the kind of place beautiful lifetime memories are made. I could tell by the happy faces of those celebrating Friday night, such memories were being made during that birthday party.

I'm also glad the Friday night Mexican Train Dominoes game is now a regularly scheduled event on our Activities Calendar, and was then able to move it over to the Vistas Banquet Hall. I know the folks who play that game really enjoy it. It is nice to know they can now continue playing every Friday night, no matter what else may be going on in the Clubhouse.

And last, but certainly not least, the weather allowed us to have a campfire, complete with hot dogs and marshmallows. The Cowboy Campfire is one of my favorite activities. Due to weather conditions, I cannot always light the campfire, so those Friday nights when I am able to do so make it even more special to me. I saw a package of huge campfire marshmallows when I was in Walmart the other day, and thought to myself, "Heck those are specially for campfires, so I have to grab a package!" I am glad I did because those big boys were a hit at the campfire. I had one myself I am proud to say I carefully toasted to perfection. The outside was a beautiful light crispy tan, and the inside was a gooey delight.

Saturday night was a Soup's On! Potluck dinner. After that busy Friday night it was nice to just relax and enjoy the company of great folks, and some really delicious soup. I took a pot of my Hearty Ground Beef Soup made with browned and crumbled ground beef, V8 Vegetable Juice, and mixed canned vegetables. I made a big pot of it, and can safely say it was a hit since there was just enough left for Larry and I to have today for dinner.

Successfully coordinating all these activities was really good for me. There is nothing like the feeling of a well done job to make a person feel stronger, and better about their own self. When you love your job as much as I do mine, that is an even better feeling. I am so very glad that I did accept that job offer, and have become a part of the team who is helping make this beautiful place where I live and work, all that it can be.

I admit I'm not doing as much writing as I once did, but that's not really a bad thing because what's happening right now is that I am really living the story. Some may instinctively understand what I mean by that. If you don't understand, it stems from the fact that there are moments when I am doing my job, and living my life, that I feel as if I am in the middle of some really great story. Yeah, okay I admit when the fire swept through here in 2011 it was a hardcore "Disaster Movie!" moment. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, and the buildings we lost have been replaced.

The story is continuing, with what I can tell are going to be great chapters in the future. I will be making notes, keeping a journal, and doing what writing I can while those great chapters unfold. Most of all, I will be totally experiencing the story as it continues to unfold. All stories, be they fiction, non fiction, or a little of both, are in some way shape or form, a product of what the writer has experienced. So whether it is a quiet moment while hiking that inspires such stories as
Nature's Loophole and A Solitary Beauty, or a moment that inspires a blog entry like this one, I am going to continue drawing my inspiration from this very real story of my life here at the Top of the Hill RV Resort.

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Guns, God, Massacres, and Manners

The most recent massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, has caused a lot of people to rethink many things, including our current gun laws. Now, before I go any further I want to state that yes people, it was a massacre, and as such, I refuse to distance myself from the reality of that by referring to it anymore as a "shooting".  If we stand any chance at all of changing things in the future, we have to stop distancing ourselves from the reality of these tragic events, and stop using terms like "shootings".   These events are bloody massacres, pure and simple.  Massacres in which innocent unarmed people are being slaughtered by mentally unbalanced individuals who want to be the next big headline.  That some are making the headlines posthumously, is beside the point to them.

I am of course a Texas Lady who firmly believes in the right to bear arms.  However, for a very long time I have thought we do need to ban assault rifles and high output clips.  Yes, we are nation of hunters.  But, assault rifles and high output clips are NOT hunting rifles.  Not unless hunting and killing large numbers of people is your choice in "game". Some survivalists will tell you they need those guns in case our government goes completely berserk and another revolution is necessary.  I hate to disillusion the survivalists, but if that ever happens, even with all the guns they already have at their disposal, we are screwed.  The reason we are screwed is because an out of control rabid government isn't going to play fair, and chances are the first thing that would happen is those with the most guns and ammunition would be taken out by bigger better guns, and bombs.  Or and by the way, that out of control government isn't going to warn anyone first before they take out those that pose the most threat to them.  That is the reality of happens when a government becomes an out of control dictatorship.

Having said that, let me also say that I firmly believe we have a much larger problem than too many big guns out there.  Gun control is at best treating the symptom, and not the disease.  More than anything else, we need to address the mental health problems that are causing these massacres.  Until we do that, no amount of gun control is going to truly take our children out of danger.  The numerous knife slashings in Chinese schools prove that.  To truly make our schools, malls, and other public places safe, we must find a cure, or at least an effective treatment for those who are suffering from this terrible disease that makes them want to kill innocent people, and often take their own life after doing that.  We must have a health care system that offers the parents of children like this the help they need. Currently the system is miserably failing parents with mentally disturbed, sometimes very violent children.  From all I've read, basically, until the child commits a crime, nothing can be done.  And then the "solution" involves incarceration.  Putting mentally disturbed children and adults in jail is NOT the solution to the problem!

Yes, the mentally handicapped do have rights. However, we also have the right to live our lives without having to worry about seeing our children massacred, as well as the right to go a mall, movie or other public place without being massacred by the mentally unstable.  Now somewhere in this equation there has to be a sensible and fair solution to this problem.  I suggest the politicians spend less time worrying about how to raise money for the next election, and more time working together towards a solution to this problem.

Next I'm going to tackle the issue of God being taken out of the schools.  First of all, no God or Goddess has been removed from ANY public school in America.  Any child, of any religion is free to pray to whatever God or Goddess he or she wishes to.  Children are not prohibited from saying grace over their meal if they wish to.  Nor are they prohibited from discussing their religion amongst themselves on their own time.  What is prohibited is the concept of any one religion being taught as the only true religion.  Yes, making every child, no matter what his or her religion bow their head to the Christian God, and be led in a prayer to that God, is most definitely prohibited.  As it should be.  Our schools contain students and staff of many religions, as well as atheists.  No non Christian child or staff person should have to bow his or her head in prayer to a God they do not worship.

Secondly, if you are a Christian, since your own bible teaches you that your God is Omnipotent and Everywhere, how can he be taken out of School, or anywhere else? I don't have a bible that tells me so, but I happen to believe the Gods and Goddesses I believe in are just as Omnipotent and Everywhere as the Christian God. Which means any child or adult in or out of school, or anywhere on this earth can connect to them through a word or prayer, if they so choose.

No, I am not going to say you can't take something that doesn't exist anyway, out of the schools.  For me to say the Christian God does not exist is as hateful and hurtful as saying the Gods and Goddesses I believe in do not exist.  I believe that for those who believe in him, the Christian God does exist. That has always been my stand concerning the Christian God, or any other God or Goddess. We would all get along a lot better if we would learn to say, "I do not or worship that God.", instead of saying, "God does not exist."  The atheists could be more tactful as well and simply say, "I personally do not believe your God exists.", instead of, "God does not exist."  In other words, let's all show some manners and at least peacefully and politely acknowledge that for others, the Christian God, as well as many many other Gods and Goddesses exist for those that believe in them, and that some do not believe in any God or Goddess.
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One change, leads to another

Life for me right now is a lot about a lot of changes, that ironically enough, have brought me full circle in some ways. Which is no big surprise to me since I believe life is a continuing circle, filled with ironies. However, that does not mean one has to be stuck in an endless cycle.

If this all sounds confusing to you, then you have never reached a point in life where you felt as if somewhere along the way, you had lost a very important part of yourself.

Those who aren't confused, have reached that point at sometime in their life. Hopefully, they went on to find that part of themselves they thought they had lost.

If you haven't yet found that part of yourself you think you lost along the way, then what you need to do is make as drastic a change in your life as you can. A change that takes you as far away from where you were when you lost that part of yourself, and back to where you really want to be. I promise you, if you can get back to where you really want to be in life, and rediscover that person you were before that part of you went missing, you will also find that missing part of you.

If you need to, take baby steps at first when it comes to a change in your life. Think of one thing in your life right now you can change if you really set your mind to it, then DO IT. Once you have made that change, taken that first baby step, you will find that there are other things in your life you can now change.

It's kind of like a domino effect in a way. You make one change in your life, and no matter how small that change may seem to others, it is going to open doors for you that will allow other changes. Keep making those changes, going through every door that opens up to you. Most importantly, have a wonderful time on this journey you have started that will help you find that piece of yourself you thought you lost along the way.

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Still Enchanted

I have been adding a few more photos to my Enchanted Rock album. These great photos were taken by Ron Meadows with his older 35 MM camera. I forgot to grab my good digital camera as we left, so am very grateful he is allowing me to download them from his Facebook page. From now on, my good digital camera stays tucked in a pocket of my groovy new backpack so that next time I go hiking, I will be able to take great photos too. Though not as great as Ron takes with that 35 MM.

One of my favorite photos that Ron took is this one of me standing there leaning on my walking stick surveying the magnificent scenery around me. Ron was hiding in a gully below me, and I had no idea the camera was on me. As you can see from the look on my face in that photo, I am totally enthralled with that scenery. And I will have to admit, more than a little amazed at myself for already having come that far up the rock. The feelings of accomplishment and inner peace I had at that moment in time cannot be described, only experienced.

The rock solid truth here is I really don't usually deal well with heights. Add to that the fact I was a couple of days short of my 54th birthday, and have no depth perception due to having sight in only one eye, and perhaps you can see why hiking up Enchanted Rock was not as easy a task for me to undertake as it would be for some. However, as the expression on my face shows in that photo, I overcame all that as I stood there leaning on the stick that made that climb a lot easier for me.

Sometimes, life takes its toll on all of us in some form or another. We reach a place in time where we wonder if we have the strength and courage to do what we need, or want to do? You can pray to whatever God or Goddess you believe in for strength and courage, and receive to a certain degree what you are praying for via faith in that God or Goddess. But, sometimes, a person needs more than that. Sometimes, a person needs to know on a very personal level that he or she has the strength and courage to physically and mentally do something. The hike to the summit of Enchanted Rock renewed not only my faith in the things I believe in, but also in myself.

The stunning views from Enchanted Rock are inspiring from any level you are on. The feelings of accomplishment and exhilaration when you reach the summit make the views from it even more breathtaking. No matter what your reasons for climbing Enchanted Rock, reaching that summit does open a new world to anyone viewing it. I stood there, 425 feet above the earth below me, feeling both like a 400ft Amazon woman, and a tiny little ant at the same time. But what an absolutely astounding feeling that was! Because I had enough sense to stay well back from the edge, at no time was I in fear of falling. Climbing that wonderfully Enchanted Rock taught me I'm not really that afraid of heights, so much as being close to the edge of a ledge.

I learned so many things about myself on that climb to the summit of Enchanted Rock. Things I will never forget. Things I will remember in my mind, as well as heart and soul, every time I look at that photo of me standing there completely entranced by Enchanted Rock. I intend to make very sure I stay completely enthralled by what I experienced hiking Enchanted Rock. One way I intend to do that is by undertaking even more hikes. With backpack on, Freddy along for the ride, and walking stick in hand, I intend to allow life to enchant me every damn chance it gets!

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Timeless ripples

This morning my desktop picture is one I took at the Sonora Caverns.  It is one side of what is called Horseshoe Lake.  My camera lens captured the ripples from a couple of drops of water falling from the cavern ceiling.  It is tiny drops of water that helped form the magnificent formations found throughout those caverns.  Centuries worth tiny drops of water went into those formations. 

Unfortunately, the most unique formation those centuries of water droplets formed can only be seen in pictures now because on November 21, 2006, the beautiful
Sonora Caverns butterfly was vandalized.  What took thousands of years to form, was destroyed in seconds by the hand of one person.  Like many of those reading these words, when I first found out what had happened to the butterfly formation all I could think was, "How could anyone destroy such a priceless and unique natural treasure?"  But, then I thought about the callousness and viciousness that surrounds us in this world, and at least on an intellectual level arrived at some small understanding of how that could happen.  To the person who destroyed that unique treasure, the portion of the wing broken off was nothing more than a trophy that he could use to brag to friends about.  Because that portion of the wing will not last long outside the cavern walls, by now that trophy is probably nothing but dust. 

On a more cheerful note, those willing and able to make the trip can still enjoy all the other fantastic formations in the Caverns of Sonora. Just as anyone who is willing and able can enjoy many of the beautiful wonders nature has to offer by visiting nearby state and local parks, as well as privately owned places that allow visitors.  Caverns, canyons, mountains, streams, lakes, and hot springs offer us an opportunity to reconnect with nature on a very personal level.  A hike along a nature trail can even be a very spiritual experience for someone who opens his or her mind, body and soul along that trail. 

With the economy still in the shape it is, nearby state and national parks can offer families an inexpensive day out that will provide many wonderful lasting memories.  So when the weather does warm up, I encourage those reading these words to do a little research, find a nearby state or national park, and take at least a day trip through it.  Be sure and take your camera so you can capture the memories you make while visiting it! 

Just be sure and leave any place you visit exactly how you found it so that others can also enjoy it. Please be especially careful around those delicate wonders of nature that can so easily be destroyed by the touch of a human hand. Remember, one careless or selfish act can rob all those who come after you, including future generations of your own, from experiencing what you are enjoying. Look, photograph when allowed, but don’t touch has become my motto when enjoying the many beautiful wonders of nature that can be found in state, national and private parks. I follow this motto because I want others, including my grandson, and his children and grandchildren to one day be able to enjoy all the natural wonders I am fortunate enough to experience. Give, in the form of stories and photographs, but don’t take!

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What a drag that must be

I was gazing at my desktop picture this morning, which is one of the pictures I took while on the Samhain Sashay, and recalling that wonderful moment when I took that picture.  What an experience it was to see those buffalo, and gaze into the watchful eye of the herd bull. I've been blessed with many such experiences in my life.  Many of them in my nomadic youth.  As I write these words I can recall other such experiences, like how exciting it was to stand on top of Ayers Rock in Australia. I also remember the beautiful wonder of The Great Barrier reef as I viewed it from a glass bottom boat while vacationing in Surfers Paradise.  Closer to what is now home for me is the memory of that scenic drive taken during Thanksgiving while visiting Fort Davis.  And the beauty of the Chisos Mountains as Moonie and I drove through them.  I can also recall how much fun we had while attending the 2009 Terlinqua Chili Cook Off.

As I recall those wonderful moments I am so glad I finally got over the aversion to traveling that my nomadic youth had given me for so long.  Gone now are the days when my roots ran so deep anything more than an weekend jaunt was looked upon with horror rather than wonder.  Now I am chomping at the bit to once more hitch up the travel trailer and hit the road.  Buying that travel trailer is one of the best things we ever did.  I think the fact that it provides me with a home away from home that is familiar territory so speak, is one reason my feelings towards traveling has changed so much.  That, and the fact I've discovered luxury RV parks with extra goodies like swimming pools and hot tubs have helped change my attitude towards traveling.  Boredom also played a big part in that change of attitude.

My soul longs to experience the beauty of nature in many different places now.  I want to stand on many mountain tops and survey the valleys below.  I want to hike deep within lots of canyons and experience their wonders.  One of my New Year resolutions for 2010 is to explore as much of Texas as I can.  This big state I was born in offers such a diversity of sights to see, and natural wonders to experience.  I intend to see and experience as many of them as I possibly can this spring, summer and fall.  Some places I visited in past are going to be revisited.  Places like Fort Davis, Big Bend, Terlinqua, and Seminole Canyon. New places like Palo Duro Canyon will also be explored.

As I sit here daydreaming of seeing all those places, and more, I find myself very grateful that I will be able to see only the beauty of those places, and experience them in a way that leaves me filled with positive wonder.  And I find myself thanking The Powers That Be for allowing me to still do that despite all the many sorry sights I've seen, and bad experiences I've had.  Yes, personal strength plays a big role in being able to do that.  Unlike some, I have made a conscious decision to see the beauty, and experience the wonder.  But, I am very very grateful that whatever created me, instilled enough personal strength within me to be able to do that.  What a drag it must be to only see the bad, and never experience the good.

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