Naked woman distracts man as her accomplice robs his house

Report: Naked woman distracts man as her accomplice robs his house

by Leslie Bentz,
July 10th 2013

(CNN) -- Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife. It can lead to some unexpected consequences.

A Tennessee man found this out the hard way when a woman dipped in his pool, naked, as her husband robbed his home.

As he gawked at the swimmer for a good 20 minutes, the burglar got to work.

He stole jewelry, medication and a firearm from the home in Crossville on June 27, CNN affiliate Read More...  

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The Kitchen Witches

"The Kitchen Witches," Little Fish Theatre, San Pedro, CA

August 4th 2013

Photos courtesy of Mickey Elliot.

The Food Network features cooking royalty (read: celebrities), with kitchens to die for, prep work that appears by magic, and time condensed so that three-hour ragus are done, from start to finish, in thirty seconds. Cable Access TV, on the other hand, presents "The Kitchen Witches" Izzy Lomax (Adriana Bate) and Dolly Biddle (Madeleine Drake), with shows of dubious production values that are more like outtakes than polished footage. Mortal enemies from way back, the two women share a TV kitchen, a lot of baggage, and a long-held secret. Written by Caroline Smith and directed by C. Ryanne Laratonda for Little Fish Theatre, it's a hilarious and touching story of reconciliation, renewal, and redemption.

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Orlando police K-9 recovering after near drowning at hands of suspect, cops say

An Orlando police K-9 is recovering after authorities say a suspected burglar repeatedly held the dog underwater, nearly drowning him. Read More.....

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