One tap

After moving web hosting companies because of that dreadful hack attack on my little place in cyber space, I decided to do some major revamping and streamlining on the website. I updated my RapidWeaver program, added some Stacks plug ins to it, and went to work on the revamp. Those Stacks plug ins are way cool and make designing new pages a really fun breeze. Thanks to those fun new Stacks plug ins, the Witchy Woman section has been revamped, and content added to it. It's now sporting a Sabbats section that is dedicated to information about the Wiccan Sabbats.

I also decided to go back to using the Blogger plug in I already had so that I could update my main blog from anywhere via iPhone or iPad, and not have to use Word Press. After trying out a couple of blogging apps for the iPhone and iPad I chose Blog Press as my favorite because it allows me remote blogging access to my Blogger account, plus posts an update with a link to my blog page when I publish a post. It also stays in sync with my RapidWeaver Blogger plug in so I can easily work on drafts no matter what computing device I am on.

I am so mobile and in sync now it is scary.

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Word Witchery Update

The Word Witchery blog has undergone a magical cyber transformation, and become the Witchy Woman blog. Please Click Here and update your bookmarks for that page.

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10/11 Update

The Word Witchery Blog has been updated again with a few of Samhain images, one of which leads to a short history of Samhain. The other image includes a Samhain ritual in it.

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Another Total Revamping

Well, what a tiring but very productive time the last few days have been. But the end result is a once more revamped site that will hopefully inspire me to write something really great once I get over being so damned tired after getting it revamped. As those of you who are paying me a visit will see I now have yet another blog. Hopefully, this is going to be the final blog I start. The Word Press blog was great, but I wanted my blog to be fully integrated with my main site, and built by RapidWeaver, instead of being something separate from it. I even forked out 12 bucks to Holoscan so I can have a moderated comment section on this blog.

Wouldn’t you know it? After working myself to a frazzle for the past 3 days getting the website revamped, now my web host is having ftp server issues! So here I sit with some files still left to upload, and wondering when they are going to get their issues under control. I took the photo albums out for now because even though I wasn’t changing any of the photos, or adding new ones the photo albums kept trying to republish themselves over and over when it was not necessary. I may have stumbled on the cause of that though when I was reading the pdf manual and it said I was suppose to have a default place set for RapidWeaver to export pages to. Perhaps, when the ftp issues are solved, and I have made a few more tweaks to the site I will add a small photo album again and see it works right now that I have a default export folder set for RapidWeaver.

I discovered you can assign certain attributes, and even different themes to just one or page, so the site now has a little variety in the look of it. The heels in the header image on the main page are an actual pair of mine, as is the shawl. Those who drop by the front door of my site now are going to get a bright colorful welcome.

Those of your who really like to keep up entries in the blog, and who are rss junkies like me can
Subscribe to this blog feed. It will be taking the place of the feed I did have since I don’t have to burn a feed if I use this blog as a means of making announcements about content in other parts of the site.

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