NO! Jim Acosta did NOT go too far.

From the very beginning of this nightmare I have been pissed at the Press for NOT holding Trump accountable for the many lies he has told. They have labeled those lies everything BUT lies. They have REFUSED to really push for answers at his Pressers. And now, when Acosta FINALLY fucking refuses to give up the microphone and really PUSHES for an answer, people are like, “Oh well he went too far.” Fuck that! NO he didn’t go too far. Not with what is currently happening. You don’t back off, you don’t bow down to Dictators. And that is EXACTLY what Trump is acting like, especially in regards to the press.

Just before the midterms we were inundated with stories about a “Dangerous Caravan of Rapists and Murderers” headed our way. Troops were sent to the border, even though the caravan is hundred of miles away, and they are ON FOOT. Many of us called that exactly what it was, a fucking publicity stunt. And now, the midterms are over, the name of operation has been changed, and suddenly, CRICKETS from the Prez and the media about that caravan. 

Voting machines were changing votes in several states. Texas even acknowledged that was happening! Did the media give that the coverage it should have? NO they did NOT. Some, were STILL too busy with the caravan. And afterwards, when Trump was questioned about this, he REFUSED to answer. Even though he shared that video that even Fox finally refused to air because it was too racist even for them. 

So, quite frankly, I will damn well defend anybody in the media who actually has the balls to TRY and push for answers right now. Yes, including hanging on to the microphone, and if they get the chance, shoving it in his face! Ya’ll don’t seem to mind that happening with celebrities. Hell, many scream, “More! More! More. They are celebrities so it’s OUR right to KNOW! They are public figures They BELONG to us.” So please, fuck off if it offends you when it happens to the President. After all, he’s the biggest celebrity and public figure in the country right now. So, I have a right to KNOW. Go get him MSM PLEASE! Before we ALL wind up in camps and cages. 

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Buy This Song If You Are Resisting And Care About Caged Kids!

For those of you who are Resisting and who care about those kids that have been put in cages, PLEASE go to the link I have provided and download the #AltGovAnthem! 

Proceeds will be donated to @RAICESTEXAS by @dreamwithfaith The Anthem is ONLY $1.29 so PLEASE, open your heart with what is nothing but spare change to so many of us, and purchase this song.

And if you are on Twitter PLEASE show @AltSpaceForce1, @RogueISP and ALL the #AltGov and #AltFam LOADS OF LOVE for what they are doing for those kids who are caged, and the families that have been ruthlessly torn apart in the name of that Zero Tolerance Policy. 

Now follow this link please, and download that song! For the children who are in cages, and their parents. Just Do It! 


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I will not go quietly into the night.

After dealing with the illness, then death of my husband I have returned to social media, and am starting to blog again. I am very active on Twitter right now, but hope to do at least one blog entry per week. I am making sure my website is up to date, and fully protected because social media is extremely unpredictable when it comes to censoring people. I see right wing people, especially Alex Jones, and Trump getting away with all kinds of things that many who disagree with Trump, like me, are getting in trouble for. And now our Witless Leader is threatening to regulate Google because he didn’t like the results he got when he searched for news about himself.

The fact that he is threatening to regulate Google because he is too stupid to understand how search engines work, or is deliberately using that apparent stupidity to threaten to regulate it, is just one of the many reasons I refuse to support Trump in any way shape or form. I’m also disgusted by his handling of the death of Senator John McCain. I was far from a McCain fan, but, I did, and still do respect him for his military service to our country, and for surviving over 5 years of captivity and torture. He did NOT deserve what that spiteful man child currently occupying the Whitehouse did.

Now as long as my voice on social media isn’t silenced completely, I will continue using it. However, their unfair application of their “rules”, combined with Trump threatening to “regulate” Google has made me realize those of us who do have websites, need to also use them to make our voices heard. Trolls have a pretty easy time getting folks banned from social media, but web hosting companies aren’t about to get rid of paying customers who ARE following the rules, because of trolls. 

Hopefully, he will not be able to regulate Google. However, at the FIRST sign of that happening I will be looking for another blog program since I currently use Blogger because it can be integrated into my website through Rapid Weaver.  If I have to resort to a different method of blogging because of him regulating Google, so be it. I would rather do that, than have anything to do with Google, or Blogger if the President of this country trashes the 1st Amendment by regulating Google.

This is one American who is not going quietly into the night. I will NOT sit still while the voices of Americans who disagree with him are being systematically silenced. I will continue to speak out, speak up, and fight for what I believe in. Citizens being able to speak out, and speak up is what truly makes America great. I will also make my voice heard by voting in every local, state, and national election we have. I encourage others to also use their voices and votes to fight for what they believe in. 

To all those resisting this damn regime, stay strong, keep resisting, and keep using your voices and votes. And for right now, stay the hell focused on the Midterms. Let’s take as many seats as we can. Don’t let the numerous distractions he is tossing out cause you to lose sight of the prize the Midterms represent. Let’s turn up in DROVES in November. 

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Giving Trump The Attention He Wants

I just want to thank Donald Trump for all that he has done for America. Thanks to the hatred, rage, and bigotry he feeds his base, the dark soul of racist America has been put on full display. While he and his base spent 8 years blaming racism on the black guy, hate crimes and the harassment of anyone that isn’t lily white have sky rocketed since he has been in office. Plus, he has dumbed down his base so much, many of them don’t even know Puerto Rico is part of America. Now that, takes real talent. In fact, he is so talented at doing that, a man was actually arrested not long ago for verbally assaulting a woman wearing a t-shirt that said she supports Puerto Rico on it. In a public park no less! While the park ranger just stood there and did nothing. Truly, it takes a talented bastard to incite that kind of hatred and ignorance in his base.

Along with his astounding talent for inciting hatred, bigotry, and utter ignorance in his base, he is also America’s current reigning Champ at being banned from funerals. Including the funeral of the late Senator McCain. I know his base is proud of that because so many of them were so vicious when Fox News ran videos of Senator McCain, a decorated war hero, who endured over 5 years of captivity and torture in Nam, they had to shut the comments section down. So let’s give the Champ a big round of applause for that! 

When not displaying his astounding talent for inciting hatred, bigotry, and ignorance in his base, and being America’s Champ at getting banned from funerals, he takes time out in his busy schedule to accidentally quote his disapproval numbers, as proof of how popular he is. Now honestly America, being that fucking stupid, takes enormous talent. He’s definitely a Champ at vain stupidity, as well as at getting banned from funerals. No wonder his totally dumbed down base adores this multi talented “Stable Genius”.

But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this multi talented “Stable Genius”. Thanks to his superb skills as a negotiator, and love of tariffs, we are now going to get to spend billions bailing farmers out of the mess he has gotten them into. Oh, and he is also encouraging his base to attack that all American company, Harley Davidson, because those tariffs may force them to take some of their business overseas. I tell you, I honestly have never before seen this kind of skill. It truly boggles the mind. And, he’s about to announce some “really great deal” with Canada and Mexico. I know his clueless base is all excited about that. And I have to admit, I can’t wait to see that “really great deal” as well. And speaking of Mexico, they are still NOT paying for that damn wall. Unless, that is part of the “really great deal” he has made. Any bets on that being part of it? And given what NK got out of their deal with him, Mexico and Canada are probably happy dancing. 

History, along with social media, is recording these, and other mind boggling “achievements” so that future generations will truly understand just how great he has made America. I know I want my grandchildren to FULLY understand what he has done. Especially, if they get Mesothelioma from the fucking Russian made asbestos with his image on it he is now allowing to be brought into this country for use in it. Because making asbestos great again, is another one of those ever so great “achievements” we must not overlook. Our children and grandchildren need to know why they may someday die from one of the worst poison induced diseases there is. So they can thank any of their parents and grandparent who voted for Trump. And Made America Great Again. 

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Drink These Tears!

For so long now I have watched certain Republicans openly gloat and enjoy the pain and despair of others. They said, “We love drinking your Liberal tears.” They FED on the pain of others. They ENJOYED “drinking the tears” of those in despair. They picked up and ran with the word “Deplorable”. Made it plain they LOVED being deplorable, while people lost their health insurance. They laughed and drank those tears of sorrow as POC were harassed and assaulted in our streets. They fucking CHEERED as Nazis marched in our streets and “Drank” the tears of those whose fathers and grandfathers went to war, and some died, fighting Nazis. They fucking rejoiced with every tear we shed about that. They “drank” every one of the tears of despair that have been shed. And laughed as they did so. 

I just hope they can take it, as well as they can dish it out, because I’m damn sure not crying right now. Oh hell no! I’m laughing as I watch the lawyer of the man they voted for going to jail for helping that son of a bitch rig the election. I’m laughing as the truth comes out about the porn stars he paid off before the election. I’m fucking rejoicing now as that all comes to light. I won’t drink any tears they shed, but I will damn sure enjoy giving them buckets full of my righteous tears of laughter as this shit show they voted for folds up its tent. 

So to each and every sorry ass deplorable who drank and enjoyed the many tears of despair some were shedding, buckle your ass up because this Bitch is going to repay that favor now by filling fucking buckets with the mocking tears of laughter I am shedding. What? You don’t like those kind tears? You only want to drink despair? Well too bad because I’m not shedding those kind of tears. I’m not feeding you despair. I’m feeding you joy and mocking laughter as I see the clay footed God you chose to worship being brought down. 

I’m going to continue joyously shedding tears of mocking laughter as the clay footed God they chose to worship is brought down. I’m going to be doing a happy dance every day, probably at least 2 or 3 times a day as that false porn star loving God comes tumbling down. So, to all those who love “Drinking Liberal Tears”, suck up the buckets full of tears this Independent with Liberal leanings is shedding right now.  Bring your Yeti mug if you didn’t shoot it, and fill it full! Drink! Drink! Suck those beautiful tears of laughter down. And try not to choke as you do so. Oh yeah, and remember this, Karma can be a real Bitch, and so can I. 

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Why I don’t bitch about people on SNAP buying a steak

To all those screaming “Support Our Farmers” while also bitching about people using SNAP and other programs to buy things like steak, and even vegetables with, here’s the thing, a person buying a steak and/or vegetables while using SNAP or some other program is doing more to support farmers, than those screaming idiots who are sucking down expensive lattes while shaming them.  You really want to support the farmers and ranchers, then STOP bitching when a person on SNAP or some other program is doing exactly that. 

If people REALLY wanted to support farmers, they would be demanding SNAP and other programs be allowed to be used to buy produce and meat from local Farmer’s Markets.  But oh hell no!  Instead, anyone caught using such a program at a local Farmer’s Market is SHAMED because why didn’t they buy something cheaper, somewhere else? So no, don’t expect me to be happy about having to help bail out our farmers when so many have done nothing but bitch about and shame those who actually want a steak, and some good fresh organic vegetables.  I would much rather see a person on SNAP eating a locally raised steak and locally grown organic vegetables, than the damn unhealthy processed food the latte drinkers and government are trying to insure is the ONLY food they can eat. 

So, when I see a person buying steak, shrimp, or even lobster at the store while using SNAP, I am not the least bit inclined to shame them.  After all, when they do that, they are supporting farmers, as well as fishermen.  Same thing when I see them actually being able to use SNAP or some other program at a Farmers Market.  But you latte drinking hypocrites keep shaming them for doing that, while you cry about supporting the farmers.

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Down The Rabbit Hole

It’s been awhile since I posted anything in my blog but the time has come to return to my web roots and get back to being BB.  So.....

Good morning world.  As I sip my first cup of tea and read the news I am once more struck by just how far down the rabbit hole Team Trump has already dragged us.  This descent started with shit like the Bowling Green Massacre that never happened, and was followed by Team Trump giving us further crap like the phrase “Alternate Facts”.  Oh man the Cheshire Cat smiled ever so big when they presented phrase to us.  That’s when I started searching for the caterpillar with the hookah.

And now, American citizens are holding DIY Russian flag signs thanking Russia for hacking the election, ABOVE an American flag.  Which yeah, was probably made in China.  Alex Jones unsuccessfully tried to start a 2nd Civil War, and is now threatening Robert Mueller.  And honestly, when Alex Jones threatened the man who brought Gotti and Sammy The Bull down. Then the Prez sent a late night all caps tweet to Iran threatening war.  And I began searching even harder for the caterpillar with the hookah. 

Praise the Goddess late last night I finally found the caterpillar with the hookah because I really need that caterpillar as we continue our descent down into the rabbit hole created by the Bowling Green Massacre and other “Alternate Facts”, like tariffs are the best. 

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We are Drunk

We are drunk America.  Blotto drunk on the dark toxic cocktail of fear, bigotry and hatred that our politicians and the media have been giving us a good long drink of, every chance they get, for far too long now.  

We are so freaking blotto drunk on that dark cocktail, we just nominated the two most unpopular candidates in the history of this country.    How drunk is that? 

Some have become so intoxicated on that cocktail, they rant and rave about illegals being rapists, we allow while frat boy rapists to get off with slap on the wrist sentences.  

Some have become so intoxicated on that dark dank cocktail, they think nothing of telling American citizens they don't agree with to get out of the country.  And actually cheering when a Presidential nominee suggests deporting one.  How freaking drunk is that?  

Some are so deliciously intoxicated by this vicious mixture, they proudly proclaim what a wonderful Christian nation we are, while treating the poor in a way that would have appalled Christ back in the day he was said to be feeding the multitudes, and telling people in person to love their neighbors.

Some are so stupid drunk, they scream, "Speak American!"  A language that doesn't even exist, while trying to elect a man whose wife speaks with a foreign accent.  They even tell Native Americans they shouldn't speak their own language, while screaming bloody murder about how THEIR right to Freedom Of Speech is being infringed upon.  That's not just drunk, that's totally fucked up. 

America, we need to sober the hell up, and figure out how to deal with the nightmare hangover our drunken binge has brought us, before we do destroy our country, and ourselves it in that drunken binge.  

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Never Tell A Witch To Bow Down

Yo!  Omarosa.  Listen up you pathetic zombiefied brain dead sorry ass excuse for a human being.  Your people spent years in chains, bowing down to their Masters.  Their backs often covered in scars from that Master's whip.  And you have the damn audacity to say those who disagree with him, are going to bow down to President Trump.  If there really is a Christian hell, I hope Beezie has a really special spot in it for you.   I really do, because you deserve it for betraying your people like that.  Cupcake, this is America, and slavery has been outlawed. Nobody has to bow down to ANY man or woman.  Not even your chosen Master.

Yes, they enslaved your people.  They tortured mine in the most horrible ways known to mankind before they burned, drowned or hung them.  In fact, you silly little wench, the BDSM toys I am sure your chosen Master so loves ALL date back to those burning times.  And you have the gall to tell me I'm going to bow down your chosen Master.  Cupcake, I don't think so.  Not in this lifetime, or any other.  I'm not a granddaughter of a witch they didn't burn.  I'm the reincarnated spirit of one of those they did burn.  You can torture me, you can burn me, or hang me, or drown me, but with my dying breath, I will tell you go fuck yourself before I bow down to your chosen Master.  

I suggest you take that desire to see the rest of us bow down to your chosen Master, and without the use of analease or any other lubricant, but seasoned well with salt, shove it up his ass.  Then turn around, bend over, make like a contortionist, and again, without analease or other lubricant, but seasoned well with salt, shove it up yours.  Yes, I know all about the salt thing.  See, before they were using it to season the whip marks on the backs of your people, they were using it on mine to insure their whips, and other devices of torture brought the maximum amount of pain.  They sometimes salted Pears of Anguish before using them.  As well as the tips of the spikes in Iron Maidens.  And you think your Chosen Master can make me bow down to him.   You stupid little twit brain. 

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When All Else Fails, Vote From The Rooftops


We have become a nation where bumper stickers and t-shirts encourage people with guns to cast their votes with a bullet from some rooftop.   A nation in which a Presidential Candidate slyly encourages some of his followers to cap his political opponent, and then claims he was talking about their votes, not their bullets.  We are now a nation in which Patriotism is defined by some as the desire to cast a vote with a bullet.  Yeah baby!  If you are not willing to crawl up on a rooftop and murder another human being whose politics does not agree with yours, then by God, you are just not very damn Patriotic. 

I can't help but think how people like Charles Whitman, aka The Texas Tower Sniper, Mark Essex, aka The Howard Johnson Sniper, and Micah Johnson, the man who shot those police officers in Dallas, must be cheering from their graves as they see those bumper stickers and t-shirts becoming ever more popular.  I can almost hear them yelling, "Yeah!  Climb up on that rooftop and shoot to kill!  It's the Patriotic thing to do now days!"  

And as I further reflect on how cold blooded murder done from a rooftop is being passed off as "Patriotic" I keep hearing Arlo Guthrie saying as he sang Alice's Restaurant, "And I started yelling KILL! KILL! KILL Then somebody came over, pinned a medal on me, and said You're our boy!"  I think that comes to mind because sadly, there are far too many "Patriotic" people out there who would gladly pin a medal on a person if they climbed up on a rooftop and shot Obama and/or Hillary.   Hell some of them would be yelling "Praise Jesus!"  That's right, some would praise the name of a man who preached peace and love, if Obama or Hillary were to be gunned down in cold blood.  Which in my view, is really fucked up. 

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It's spreading

When I see people go into a babbling incoherent rant over a swear word, while expressing their own burning desire to kill "Dirty Liberals" and others they don't agree with, it does makes me wonder for a moment if the conspiracy theorists are right, and those chemtrails really are driving some of us crazy.  Or are they really putting something in our food and/or water that is causing people to actually be proud of being a violent illiterate babbling idiot?  And WTF could be in chemtrails, water, or our food that produces a person so fucking fundamentally stupid, they can't even turn on spellcheck?   How can you be smart enough to get online and find the comments section, but too stupid to turn on spellcheck?  They Google everything else under the sun.  Why don't they ever think to Google "How do I turn on spellcheck so I don't look like an ignorant babbling idiot in the comments section?"  

I keep spellcheck on, and autocorrect on some programs I use, even if autocorrect does think I say duck a lot.  I do turn autocorrect off in programs I write in because I don't say duck a whole lot when writing.  In fact, I have probably said duck more right now than ever before.  I do however say fuck, and other bad words at times.  Like when I read a comment from some incoherent babbling idiot doing everything but yelling, "Kill! Kill! Kill!", while being offended by another writer's language.  Sadly, I fear there is no cure for whatever has turned some people into violent incoherent babbling idiots.  What's scary is the rate at which it is spreading across this country, as well as others. 

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And I will call him God!

In a voice dripping in sarcasm, let me just say I am so freaking glad to find out there is no drought in California, and that if he is elected President, Trump is going to turn the water back on in California.  I'm not sure who turned it off, and why everybody, including a lot of people in California have been lying about there being a drought, but I am sure glad Trump straightened us all out on that.  You people in California need to stop complaining about a damn non existent drought, get on Trump's band wagon, and get that water turned back on!  No wonder so many love this man!  All Moses did was part the waters, all Jesus did was turn it into wine, but Trump can turn the water in California back on!  Tell you what, when he does that, when he PROVES there was no drought, and he turns the water in California back on, and the people are like rejoicing under sprinklers, I'll bow down to him and call him God!  Yes I will.  In the meantime, ya'll quit lying about a drought that doesn't exist. 

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go pry my tongue out of my cheek, and turn off sarcasm faucet.  

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Stop The Hypocrisy and Hate Show The World We Are STILL A Great Nation

I have never been more glad NOT to be a Republican than I am right now as I watch the hypocrites with countless Made In China products, including the Make America Great Again caps worn by Trump and his supporters, that are Made In China, going ballistic because Obama dared to visit Cuba.  The bigotry and hypocrisy being shown by certain Republicans is overwhelming.  To top it all off, two of their Candidates running for the highest office in our land are resorting to tearing each other's wives apart.  BTW could someone please show me the passage in the Bible that says it is okay to do that if you are running for President.  I seem to have missed that passage.   And yes I know, there are a lot of decent Republicans out there just as appalled as I am over what is happening right now.  The problem is, I don't see ya'll standing up and saying much of anything about the situation.  All I'm seeing are hypocritical posts about Obama visiting Cuba, while we ALL continue to buy products Made In China, Japan, and Mexico.  All I'm seeing is silence about the tearing apart of women as a means of furthering a man's political career.  So yes, I am damn glad NOT to be a part of that right now.  

Now, having said that, let me also say I'm getting just as disgusted with some of the Democrats and Liberals for their hatred and hypocrisy.  In fact, at this point, if I had my way, I would be taking the belt to a lot of my fellow Americans right now and leaving some stripes on their asses that would perhaps remind them what America is REALLY suppose to be about.  Because people, this bullshit I'm seeing going on right now is NOT what our country is suppose to be about.  So whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, a Liberal, or none of those, stop the damn hatred and hypocrisy, and let's all work together to try and find a way to overcome this BS, and prove that America is STILL Great.   Because despite all the hatred and BS I am seeing right now, I STILL love, and believe in this country.  I STILL think it is a Great Country.  I STILL think this Great Country of ours has the potential to become even Greater than it already is.  However, I will NOT disrespect other countries, and the patriotic people of those countries by EVER stating we are the Greatest Nation in the World.  But, by the Goddess, I will proudly stand up and state that we are STILL a Great Country, that needs a lot more work in a lot of areas.  And that my friends is my honest and heartfelt opinion of this Still Great Country that I love.

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What if Sony had shown The Interview?

The Sony Hack and cancellation of the movie The Interview is being talked about a lot on the news and in social media. Many people are saying Sony canceling the movie is an act of cowardliness on the part of Sony, and reflects that cowardliness upon our Nation as a whole.  As usual, I'm looking at this story from many angles.  What I am asking myself is this: What would have happened if Sony had shown the movie, and there was a 9/11 style terrorist attack on even one theater showing it? What I mean by that question is what would We The People think and do if that happened?  And also, what would the families of anyone killed or injured in such an attack have felt, and done? Would they have supported Sony's decision 100% if people they loved died from it? 

It's easy for us armchair pundits to say, "We need to not let anyone tell us what movies we can make and watch!"  At first glance that's a statement that is easy to get behind.  But, seriously, how would you feel right now if Sony had shown the movie, knowing there had been threats made, those threats had been carried out, and you lost a loved one in the attack? I'm not trying to piss anyone off here.  I'm simply asking questions that occurred to me as I read the stories concerning the hack, the threats, and Sony's reaction to it.  I am in NO way defending Sony.  Simply asking these questions because had Sony shown the movie knowing those threats existed, and something had happened, I am curious how Americans, especially those who would have lost loved ones, would now feel? I think these are questions we all need to be asking ourselves as we continue to read about this issue.  I know when I ask myself, "How would I feel if they had shown the movie, knowing the threat existed, and someone I loved was killed if that threat had been carried out? It is a question that makes me pause and look at the broader picture here. 

And yes, I know, I'm such a pain in the butt sometimes for thinking the way I do. 

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Will the pregnant dog get more justice?

As I was perusing my Facebook today I saw a story about police shooting a pregnant dog after going to the wrong house. I will agree this is a very tragic story, and the police should be held accountable for this total screw up on their part.  The comments section contained comments by some people saying they would shoot any policeman who shot their dog.  And screaming the policeman responsible should be shot.  What struck me is that I have a feeling a lot of people that were so outraged over the shooting of a dog by mistake were the same people who have been justifying the killing of Eric Garner and Tamir Rice by saying things like, "Well Garner was a criminal after all with a record of selling loose cigarettes.  And that kid, well he shouldn't have been playing with such a real looking gun, and both should have done what the police told him!"  So, some  Americans will become totally outraged and call for the death of a policeman who shoots a dog, but in turn justify the choking of a human being pleading for his life, and the shooting of a 12 year old child.  Sadly, I have a feeling the pregnant dog is going to receive more justice than Eric Garner or Tamir Rice. 

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Why I know White Privilege and Racism Still Exists in America

I am able to say beyond any reasonable doubt that racism, and profiling by the police does happen.  I can say that with such assurance because when my son was best friends with a young man who was half Hispanic, and half African American, I became aware of those two things on a very profound level.  

I actually had to step in at one point and go into Bitch Mode with the police because of how they kept pulling my son over, then demanding to see his friend's ID.  They were always very nice to my son Chris, but would insist his friend get out the car, and show his ID.  Which since W.J. was the ONLY young black man in the town at the time, the star of their football team, with his picture in the paper every week, and always with my son in the same car, registered to me, seemed more than a little unreasonable to me.  And please understand I use the world black very deliberately there to signify that colorwise, his skin was black.  I also had the KKK send me a message telling me if I didn't stop my son hanging around with W.J. they were going to pay us a visit some night.  My reply, "Ya'll come see me.  Those damn white hoods will make great targets on a dark night."

After paying a visit to the local police station and Chamber of Commerce,  reading them a riot act that included snidely suggesting the police cut out one of those photos of W.J. that was in the paper EVERY week and taping it to their visor, then explaining if this shit didn't stop, I would be writing a expose that would insure the tourist that helped support their economy knew just how racist their town was, that shit did stop. Not too long after that a prison was built there and suddenly they had to get used to seeing a lot more black faces and bodies in their town.  One day I was visiting with the attorney I once worked and a young black man came into the office for some legal advice.  After introducing himself, and chatting with the attorney, while I still sat there, he mentioned he had never been treated as well as he had by the police in this town.  The attorney started laughing, then pointed at me and said, "Then you better fall on your knees and kiss the toes of BB here because she is why they do treat you so well now."  He then went on to explain to the now completely shocked young man what had happened, and the part I played in it. 

So yes, white privilege and racism still exists in America.  But, if you speak out when you see it and experience it, you CAN make a difference. 

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You damn right it's about race!

I am so totally disgusted with the hypocrisy being shown in America right now.  A 12 year old child playing with a pellet gun, in an open carry state, is gunned down within seconds after the police arrive.  Yet the police spend 3 hours talking a heavily armed man down after he had shot his neighbor over hanging Christmas lights.  Guess which person was black?  Yeah you got it. The 12 year old child playing with a pellet gun.  So PLEASE don't EVER tell me again how race has nothing to do with the shooting of unarmed black men and children.  The police, the media and others try to blame the child, saying he came from a troubled home and his father had a history of domestic abuse.  The white guy, oh shit he has mental issues, and is really a great guy!   Growling in anger as I write those words.  And yet some keep telling me how Michael Brown got what he deserved  NO he deserved a trial too!  But he didn't get one because he was black.  This white guy that SHOT his neighbor, and had a house full of guns and ammunition though will get a trial.  And probably beat anything he is charged with in that trial.  Even a freaking blonde can see the hypocrisy and racism in this.

Wake the hell up America.  STOP blaming the victims when they are black, and making excuses for the murderers and other criminals when they are white.  Do you really think the rest of us intelligent people can't see the damn racism and hypocrisy you are showing here?

White guy shoots his neighbor for hanging Christmas light and the police take 3 hours to talk him down.

Police gun down 12 year CHILD playing with a pellet gun within seconds of arriving on the scene.

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