Name That Plant!

Update on this story!  The name of this beautiful plant is a Castor Bean.  Like the little red poppy, it proves how good Mother Nature is at spreading her seeds around.

It seems I may have made another unique discovery at Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area. This beautiful natural area is on the way to Cave Without A Name, and well worth visiting. Those of you who have been with me for awhile now may remember a story entitled, A Solitary Beauty, I did about a little red poppy I discovered at KCNA.

My newest discovery also involves another red flower. Only this is a very tiny red flower, on a very big bush. Had it not been for discovering those beautiful little Texas Frog Fruit flowers, I probably wouldn't have looked twice at the little red things on that great big bush. But Mother Nature had taught me a lesson I won't soon forget with those little beauties, so I stepped right up close to that bush, and when I realized what I was seeing, zoomed that new camera of mine in for one tight close up shot. Then I backed off, and shot a photo of the actual bush they were on. I'm glad I did because it might help the people involved now with Kendall County Partnership For Parks figure out what that plant and beautiful little red streamers flower is.

I just hope
KCPP isn't getting mad at me for discovering stuff nobody knew they had there. That place is becoming really special to me because of the unique things I am seeing in it. The poppy of course is far from unique, but it was the only one that bloomed that year in KCNA. I'm sorry to say I have not seen any of its offspring blossom and bloom there. According to a representative of KCPP, my sharing that photo allowed them to see the little red streamer flower on that big bush for the first time.

I love to learn, especially about things I love, so all this research and learning I'm doing about the flowers I photograph is a labor of love. Out of respect for those beautiful flowers, I now try my best to find out the name of any flower photo I publish. I tried my best to find out what that strangely beautiful red streamers beauty is, but alas, Google let me down.

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