A Brand New Beat

On Father's Day of 2011 a firestorm started by a man going down the road with a lit BBQ pit in the back of his pickup swept through the Top of the Hill RV Resort. The devastation to the historic old ranch buildings that housed our amenities, as well as to several rigs on the very top of hill was heartbreakingly complete. The only amenities that survived that firestorm were the pool, the fire pit, and miraculously the red wooden benches sitting around the fire pit. Oh, and our mystery statue survived semi intact. She was repaired not long after the fire so she did not become another tragic one armed Venus.

The only thing we really seem to know about our mystery Lady is this wasn't her first fire. We don't know exactly where she came from, or who she really is. I did some research online, and I think is she is some sort of replica of the ancient Greek statues found around public, and private baths. That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it. Whoever she really is, to me she is one true Fire Woman.

A little over a year later, I am watching the final finishing touches being put on the landscaping, and feeling my soul smile. And it didn't smile just because of all the great looking male butts in tight jeans running around as those finishing touches are getting put on. Though, as BB so often does, I will shamelessly admit they sure brighten my day at times. But, what is truly making my darker shade of grey soul smile is seeing this place I now call home become all that it can be again.

That I am now a part of the team that is making it all happen is a feeling I wouldn't trade for anything. I started a weird wonderful journey a couple of years ago when we made the decision to buy our first RV, and see how we how we liked life in the RV lane. We liked life in the RV lane just. We fell in love with the Hill Country, and decided to become a stationary part of life in the RV lane. We upgraded the Summerland to Cyclone toy hauler, then happily settled into life at the the Top of Hill.

The fire thoroughly disrupted our happiness for a bit, but life is circle. It is once more spinning in a joyful direction for those of us at the Top of the Hill RV Resort. You can bet the farm BB has a firm hold on this brass ring, and is smiling from ear to ear as I enjoy the ride of a lifetime. Because that's what this is for me. Here I am, in my Crone years, suddenly diving into becoming Director of Activities and Facebook Faerie for the Top of the Hill RV Resort, after years of studiously avoiding anything that even vaguely resembled a real job.

Some might say I have gone completely crazy. To which I can only reply, "Get real. How can I go to a place I was already at years ago?" I mean hello! I'm the one sitting here with a maniacal little blue muse on my shoulder. And speaking of that little blue brat, he's really digging the beat of life with BB right now. It's big bold wonderful beat that promises this dance is going last. I do believe it is also going to be a time where my fingers are dancing to the beat, and sharing moments from this dance with my readers.

To view photos of the landscaping going on as I wrote this Click Here.

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