They really were the best hot dogs!

As a way to say, "Thank you for these wonderful times around the camp fire" I took some wieners, buns and marshmallows to the Friday night camp fire this week. What a joy it was to watch the people around the camp fire enjoying those hot dogs and marshmallows. It really made me smile when I heard a couple of people remark that was the best hot dog they had in a long time.

Those camp fire roasted hot dogs, served with generous sides of laughter and fun were so good I ate two of them myself. And have to admit, they were the best hot dogs I had in a long time. What a wonderful way to continue my theme of Savoring The Flavor of life.

Sharing great food with good friends is one of the best ways to truly savor the flavor of life. Whether it is hot dogs around the camp fire, or potluck dinners, food just really does seem to taste better when shared with others. Speaking of potluck dinners, I can't wait for the Valentines Day Potluck and Chocolate Madness Dessert dinner. I know there is going to be some really fantastic food there.

When I'm not sitting around the campfire, or farkling, or playing bingo, or sharing a potluck dinner with folks here, Mr. Grinch and I are out and about seeing the sights and grabbing some good food from one of our favorite places. Sometimes I can get him to slow down, or even stop long to snap a few pics while we are enjoying the scenery.

I am snapping pics as much as possible, then adding them to my albums so that I can look at them, and once more smile as I recall the good times associated with each of those pictures. I'm afraid I have to admit to becoming a Facebook fiend. But it is a great way for me to share some of the pictures I'm taking with some of the folks in those photos, as well as with others who follow my Facebook page.

I have always believed life is very much what you make it. In a sense, I made one of my best dreams come true by moving here. That dream was about being in a place that was like a little micro community, where I would be among good friends, and also get to meet interesting new people. Another dream I had was about living in a place that was really beautiful, had lots of interesting sights nearby to see, and fun things to do. Now, here I am at the Top of the Hill RV Resort watching both of those dreams come true.

Along with get togethers here at the Resort that provide me with the opportunity to enjoy sharing good times with friends and new acquaintances, I can go to all kinds of interesting places like the Wildlife Safari, Luckenbach, and every second weekend of the month it's Market Days in Boerne. Which reminds me, I need to get my little butt in gear, get dressed, and head into Boerne in a little while because this weekend is Market Days.

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Street Eats

Watching my shrimp creole crepe
being made

Street eateries are one of the many ways I am savoring the flavor of life this year.  Boerne offers a wide variety of those during Festivals, Market Days, Parades, and other special events.  A few of those vendors can be found around town all the time now though.  Crepe Nations is one of our favorite street eateries that can be found at the plaza most days.  Watching the crepes being made is fascinating.  Eating the finished product is a culinary delight.  The shrimp creole crepe I got today was make your eyes water, clear your sinuses good.  The banana Foster crepe I got for dessert was a delightful dessert after that hot and spicy savory crepe.

I also saw Fat Bellies at the plaza recently as well, so if they are going to hang out there we will be trying to good Cajun cooking soon.  There is all a Skinny Cat Catering down near Cibolo creek I will try when they finish the new sidewalk by the creek they are building.  Have I mentioned Boerne REALLY loves their sidewalks?  
I wonder if the people so often seen strolling up and down those sidewalks has anything to do with some of the street eateries hanging out in Boerne full time?  I just know the only time I saw anything close to a street eatery in west Texas was if I went to a fair, carnival or circus.  Now that I’m living here in the hill country, I’ve become such an avid fan of them, I downloaded the Eat St. app for my iPhone so I can keep up with my favorite street eateries.

If you had told me a year ago I would be downloading an app for my iPhone to keep up with street eateries on, I would have told you to seek psychiatric help.  Heck, a year ago I was fighting the idea of even getting an iPhone!  And look at me now.  

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A hot and spicy beginning

Colleen, our new Activities Director has done it again! And she is making my 2012 theme of Savoring The Flavor of Life so easy. The "So You Think Your Chili is Hot?" contest was a wonderful success. And the prize winning chili, cooked by Patricia Warren, some of the best I've ever eaten. Kudos to Colleen for arranging the chili cook off, and to Patricia for that delicious prize winning chili.

One of the reasons I chose the Savoring the Flavor of Life for my theme for this year is because great food, sometimes shared with good friends has become such a part of our life now. Whether we are eating something I've cooked up on the grill, in the crockpot, on the stove, eating something from one of the great restaurants around us, or breaking bread with friends at a potluck meal, I am very much learning to not only slow down and smell the roses, but also to take time to savor that good food I'm eating.

It is the potluck suppers and chili cook offs like New Year's day I enjoy the most when it comes to Savoring The Flavor of Life. It is the people attending them that make those occasions something truly special. There are always people there that I've come to consider good friends, as well a few new folks and total strangers that may wind up becoming good friends. The conversation is always lively, but never belligerent. I've been to several of these little get togethers now, including last night's New Year's Eve celebration, and not once have I ever experienced a bad or uncomfortable moment caused by rudeness. It never ceases to amaze me how well we do all get along when we gather together.

I think the fire us regulars here went through is part of the reason those of us who do call The Top of the Hill RV Resort home, are like that. Though we were always good neighbors, after the fire we made more of a point to check on, visit with and just generally sort of look out for our friends and neighbors. You can tell which of us went through that fire when you get us all gathered around a nice little bon fire. We are the ones carefully keeping an eye on that fire, and jumping up to stomp out the tiniest straying spark from that fire. We have learned that though it is a beautiful and warming thing on a cold winter's eve, it can also be a terrifying and destructive force when out of control.

I am looking forward to many more opportunities to savor the flavor of life this year. Colleen said something that really stuck in my mind New Year's Eve. Something about going around one more time. And that idea really appeals to me. Yes! I want to really savor the flavor of life to the fullest one more time before I slide into my grave looking like hell, but grinning like a monkey. Or wind up in an old folks home in depends. Whichever comes first. Either way, while I am still of sound mind and body, and known for my sexy knickers, I intend to go around one time on the merry go round of life, and reach out for that brass ring. Fortunately I'm in a place and time that I can do just that while surrounded by good friends, and truly interesting strangers.

One way I am staying in shape while still savoring the flavor of life, and so much good food, is by taking frequent walks as often as possible. That way I can still savor the flavor, and zip up my favorite pair of skinny jeans. No, I do not, and will not own a pair of those pajama jeans. Though I will admit to really loving leggins. Especially now that I've got some cute skirts, dresses, and boots to wear with them. With Colleen planning so many fun activities, I'm thrilled to say that making sure I do always have something nice to wear to those activities has become a very fun activity in and of itself. Especially with great gal pals to go shopping with.

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Savoring the flavor of life

Celebrating New Year's Eve with friends
I'm sitting here this morning enjoying a cup of tea, and thinking how lucky I am that a little over a year ago we decided to visit this area.  Had we not done that I might well have spent yet another New Year's eve sitting in that big old house in west Texas wishing I was out celebrating it.  Thanks to that fateful decision, I spent this New Year's Eve sitting around a campfire laughing, joking, talking, and just having a wonderful time with some of the greatest folks I've ever met.

The change in our lifestyle that was brought about by that fateful decision to come here for a visit has been one that I am really digging all year round.  And I have the feeling this year is going to be even better.  We have a new director of activities that as last night's celebration proved, is damn good at her job!  I can't wait to see what other things she cooks up for us.  Last night she mentioned she was arranging a wine tasting tour for those who wanted to take it.  Bet your bippy BB is going to be signing up for that!

What's really great is even as I write these words this first morning of 2012, I know in a little while I'll be heading back up the pavilion for another fun event.  Today we are having a So You Think Your Chili's Hot cook off.  No, I am not cooking any chili, though I did pick up some tamales from Mi Casa to go with all the great chili that will be there. I have no doubt I will enjoy the chili and tamales.  But, what I am really going to enjoy is visiting with the folks who prepared that chili, as well as others like me who just come to savor the flavor of it.

Savor the flavor of life is going to be my theme for 2012.  I want to experience EVERY joyous happy moment I can, and savor the flavor of each of those moments as if they were my very last taste of life.  Truth is, any moment can be that for any of us.  Or if something like a giant meteor strikes earth, all of us.  Should I suddenly fall over dead, or something horrendous happen to the whole earth, I would like to be sitting among real friends laughing, joking and having a good time when it does.

To all those reading these words, I wish you a very safe, happy, and prosperous 2012. May at least one of your dreams come true.  But remember, sometimes we have to help the Dream Faerie out and make a change in our own life first for that to happen.

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