Buy This Song If You Are Resisting And Care About Caged Kids!

For those of you who are Resisting and who care about those kids that have been put in cages, PLEASE go to the link I have provided and download the #AltGovAnthem! 

Proceeds will be donated to @RAICESTEXAS by @dreamwithfaith The Anthem is ONLY $1.29 so PLEASE, open your heart with what is nothing but spare change to so many of us, and purchase this song.

And if you are on Twitter PLEASE show @AltSpaceForce1, @RogueISP and ALL the #AltGov and #AltFam LOADS OF LOVE for what they are doing for those kids who are caged, and the families that have been ruthlessly torn apart in the name of that Zero Tolerance Policy. 

Now follow this link please, and download that song! For the children who are in cages, and their parents. Just Do It! 


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I will not go quietly into the night.

After dealing with the illness, then death of my husband I have returned to social media, and am starting to blog again. I am very active on Twitter right now, but hope to do at least one blog entry per week. I am making sure my website is up to date, and fully protected because social media is extremely unpredictable when it comes to censoring people. I see right wing people, especially Alex Jones, and Trump getting away with all kinds of things that many who disagree with Trump, like me, are getting in trouble for. And now our Witless Leader is threatening to regulate Google because he didn’t like the results he got when he searched for news about himself.

The fact that he is threatening to regulate Google because he is too stupid to understand how search engines work, or is deliberately using that apparent stupidity to threaten to regulate it, is just one of the many reasons I refuse to support Trump in any way shape or form. I’m also disgusted by his handling of the death of Senator John McCain. I was far from a McCain fan, but, I did, and still do respect him for his military service to our country, and for surviving over 5 years of captivity and torture. He did NOT deserve what that spiteful man child currently occupying the Whitehouse did.

Now as long as my voice on social media isn’t silenced completely, I will continue using it. However, their unfair application of their “rules”, combined with Trump threatening to “regulate” Google has made me realize those of us who do have websites, need to also use them to make our voices heard. Trolls have a pretty easy time getting folks banned from social media, but web hosting companies aren’t about to get rid of paying customers who ARE following the rules, because of trolls. 

Hopefully, he will not be able to regulate Google. However, at the FIRST sign of that happening I will be looking for another blog program since I currently use Blogger because it can be integrated into my website through Rapid Weaver.  If I have to resort to a different method of blogging because of him regulating Google, so be it. I would rather do that, than have anything to do with Google, or Blogger if the President of this country trashes the 1st Amendment by regulating Google.

This is one American who is not going quietly into the night. I will NOT sit still while the voices of Americans who disagree with him are being systematically silenced. I will continue to speak out, speak up, and fight for what I believe in. Citizens being able to speak out, and speak up is what truly makes America great. I will also make my voice heard by voting in every local, state, and national election we have. I encourage others to also use their voices and votes to fight for what they believe in. 

To all those resisting this damn regime, stay strong, keep resisting, and keep using your voices and votes. And for right now, stay the hell focused on the Midterms. Let’s take as many seats as we can. Don’t let the numerous distractions he is tossing out cause you to lose sight of the prize the Midterms represent. Let’s turn up in DROVES in November. 

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It's spreading

When I see people go into a babbling incoherent rant over a swear word, while expressing their own burning desire to kill "Dirty Liberals" and others they don't agree with, it does makes me wonder for a moment if the conspiracy theorists are right, and those chemtrails really are driving some of us crazy.  Or are they really putting something in our food and/or water that is causing people to actually be proud of being a violent illiterate babbling idiot?  And WTF could be in chemtrails, water, or our food that produces a person so fucking fundamentally stupid, they can't even turn on spellcheck?   How can you be smart enough to get online and find the comments section, but too stupid to turn on spellcheck?  They Google everything else under the sun.  Why don't they ever think to Google "How do I turn on spellcheck so I don't look like an ignorant babbling idiot in the comments section?"  

I keep spellcheck on, and autocorrect on some programs I use, even if autocorrect does think I say duck a lot.  I do turn autocorrect off in programs I write in because I don't say duck a whole lot when writing.  In fact, I have probably said duck more right now than ever before.  I do however say fuck, and other bad words at times.  Like when I read a comment from some incoherent babbling idiot doing everything but yelling, "Kill! Kill! Kill!", while being offended by another writer's language.  Sadly, I fear there is no cure for whatever has turned some people into violent incoherent babbling idiots.  What's scary is the rate at which it is spreading across this country, as well as others. 

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What if Sony had shown The Interview?

The Sony Hack and cancellation of the movie The Interview is being talked about a lot on the news and in social media. Many people are saying Sony canceling the movie is an act of cowardliness on the part of Sony, and reflects that cowardliness upon our Nation as a whole.  As usual, I'm looking at this story from many angles.  What I am asking myself is this: What would have happened if Sony had shown the movie, and there was a 9/11 style terrorist attack on even one theater showing it? What I mean by that question is what would We The People think and do if that happened?  And also, what would the families of anyone killed or injured in such an attack have felt, and done? Would they have supported Sony's decision 100% if people they loved died from it? 

It's easy for us armchair pundits to say, "We need to not let anyone tell us what movies we can make and watch!"  At first glance that's a statement that is easy to get behind.  But, seriously, how would you feel right now if Sony had shown the movie, knowing there had been threats made, those threats had been carried out, and you lost a loved one in the attack? I'm not trying to piss anyone off here.  I'm simply asking questions that occurred to me as I read the stories concerning the hack, the threats, and Sony's reaction to it.  I am in NO way defending Sony.  Simply asking these questions because had Sony shown the movie knowing those threats existed, and something had happened, I am curious how Americans, especially those who would have lost loved ones, would now feel? I think these are questions we all need to be asking ourselves as we continue to read about this issue.  I know when I ask myself, "How would I feel if they had shown the movie, knowing the threat existed, and someone I loved was killed if that threat had been carried out? It is a question that makes me pause and look at the broader picture here. 

And yes, I know, I'm such a pain in the butt sometimes for thinking the way I do. 

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On the toppling of the gremlin rock

So, the Government didn't topple this past week, but thanks to a Boy Scout Leader claiming to be disabled because of a car accident, a rock that had stood balanced for millions of years, was toppled. Isn't it amazing what the "disabled" can do when they set their minds to it?  Of all the things that have annoyed me this past week, and believe me, plenty of things have annoyed me the last few days, what those men did in many ways annoys me the most because Boy Scout Leaders, are supposed to be teaching their scouts a love of, and respect for Mother Nature. 

Seeing the happiness and joy on their faces, and listening to their laughter as they did this dastardly deed sickened me to my soul. Knowing they were Boy Scout Leaders outraged me beyond belief! The only bright spot in this whole mess is that they were actually dumb enough to tape themselves toppling that rock, and post it on a social media site for all the world to see. Easy videos and social media sites are doing to more "capture" some of the terminally stupid criminals than anything ever has. I just keeping wondering when they are going to wise up, and at least stop posting their videos online for the whole world to see?

As for them claiming they were trying to save lives, I'm not buying it for a moment.  I don't know what really possessed these Mormon Boy Scout Leaders to topple that rock, but I do not believe for one moment they truly thought they were saving lives by toppling a rock that had stood balanced there for millions of years! 

I hope three things happen here.  I hope the Boy Scouts kick them out.  I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and forever banned from entering all City, State, and National Parks.  And I hope that one loses his lawsuit.  

Daily Kos :: Utah rock vandal filed lawsuit in September, claims disability

Men may face felony charges after toppling Goblin Valley formation | The Salt Lake Tribune

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A responsible social media butterfly

Facebook, Pinterest, and now Twitter are something I use to help me relax and for a few minutes, forget my troubles and worries. But, and you know there is always a but with BB ;) I have learned to strike that much needed balance, and not allow it rule my life. 

I am enjoying using Twitter to keep up with some of the celebrities and other people I am entertained and sometimes inspired by.  I like the fact anything I Tweet is automatically posted onto my Facebook Page.  I've only been using Twitter for a couple of days, so I am still getting to know it.  And I still can't quite believe I actually signed up for it.  As with Facebook once, I swore I would never Tweet.  Which goes to show I shouldn't sear and say never.  Another thing I can't believe is I am actually freaking following Grumpy Cat on it.  And yes, sometimes I Tweet my own words, photos, and links.  And yes, I know there are nefarious scammers and such on Twitter.  Like I haven't run into those kind before on, and off the net. 

Facebook, which I have used for a few years now, keeps me in touch with so many of my friends, and family.  It allows me to keep them updated on what is going on.  Which is especially important right  Whenever I see something on there that makes me laugh, gives me hope, inspires me, I share it on Facebook for others to see.  And helps me keep up with some things I like to keep up with.  It also provides me with another avenue I sometimes use to do a little scribbling directly on. 

Pinterest, which I discovered after I got on Facebook  is a place I can get lost in very easily.  It has so many things on it! Beautiful photos, recipes, cool fashion ideas, cute kittens, adorable dogs, and every other kind of critter you can imagine.  I especially love the big cats, and wolf photos on there. 

Because I am who I am, and do what I do, when used responsibility, these social media sites actually help me be and do that.  I use them to update my friends and fans on what I've currently written. Sometimes, like right now, they actually become a part of my writing. Social media sites, like so very many things in life, are a double edged sword.  They can add a great deal to your life, or wind up cutting you off from the life you should be living. 
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