Ring Mountain

Out hiking JSPP again today. I walked the 1.2 miles from home to the first picnic table at the park. I'm sitting enjoying the sounds of nature right now and communing with the Powers That Be that I believe in. Nature truly is my church and right now I am at perfect peace in it.

I'm going up that hill Silvia took up the other day. Today I'm doing it solo, and at a fairly leisurely pace. I am taking time to stop and enjoy the beauty around me as I make my way to, and up Ring Mountain.

Hooray! I made it to the Ring Mountain Events Center and am enjoying a snack while sitting beneath a beautiful tree at one of the picnic tables. The view all around is just glorious! And what a great feeling to know even with my pack lightly loaded, I still made it up here.

I have taken some nice shots while I am up here that I hope turn out well. The view truly is stunning up here. Standing here letting my eyes drink in those views makes me feel at perfect peace with myself, and the entire universe. For this Magick moment in time and space, I am both myself, and the Goddess within, surveying our world. I am the wind, the trees, the grass and plants. What a humbling feeling to stand with arms outstretched embracing this magnificent universe I am a part of.

I know as I stand here, I have become a stronger and better person than I was before. Each time I take a hike, be it alone, or with friends I become a stronger better person. I think this holds true for a lot of people because no matter how short or long the hike, each step one takes makes the body, mind and soul stronger. I think it makes us better people because if we truly take the time to enjoy what nature has to offer, we can't help but come away from that experience a little better person than we were before.

I am so very glad I took the time and effort today to get out and enjoy this wonderful place that is close enough to walk to. I have experienced so many wonderful moments in Joshua Springs Park & Preserve. I am very grateful to my friend Silvia for taking me up Ring Mountain the other day. I had never taken that particular route, and had no idea it was even here. I may not go up that little mountain every time I come here, but anytime I need a really good stretch of the legs, I will.

But now it is time to begin the journey down, and to continue enjoying this beautiful day.

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