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A responsible social media butterfly

Facebook, Pinterest, and now Twitter are something I use to help me relax and for a few minutes, forget my troubles and worries. But, and you know there is always a but with BB ;) I have learned to strike that much needed balance, and not allow it rule my life. 

I am enjoying using Twitter to keep up with some of the celebrities and other people I am entertained and sometimes inspired by.  I like the fact anything I Tweet is automatically posted onto my Facebook Page.  I've only been using Twitter for a couple of days, so I am still getting to know it.  And I still can't quite believe I actually signed up for it.  As with Facebook once, I swore I would never Tweet.  Which goes to show I shouldn't sear and say never.  Another thing I can't believe is I am actually freaking following Grumpy Cat on it.  And yes, sometimes I Tweet my own words, photos, and links.  And yes, I know there are nefarious scammers and such on Twitter.  Like I haven't run into those kind before on, and off the net. 

Facebook, which I have used for a few years now, keeps me in touch with so many of my friends, and family.  It allows me to keep them updated on what is going on.  Which is especially important right  Whenever I see something on there that makes me laugh, gives me hope, inspires me, I share it on Facebook for others to see.  And helps me keep up with some things I like to keep up with.  It also provides me with another avenue I sometimes use to do a little scribbling directly on. 

Pinterest, which I discovered after I got on Facebook  is a place I can get lost in very easily.  It has so many things on it! Beautiful photos, recipes, cool fashion ideas, cute kittens, adorable dogs, and every other kind of critter you can imagine.  I especially love the big cats, and wolf photos on there. 

Because I am who I am, and do what I do, when used responsibility, these social media sites actually help me be and do that.  I use them to update my friends and fans on what I've currently written. Sometimes, like right now, they actually become a part of my writing. Social media sites, like so very many things in life, are a double edged sword.  They can add a great deal to your life, or wind up cutting you off from the life you should be living. 
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