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Hooray Verizon has FINALLY addressed the issue I was having!

I am pleased to report that after spending some time on the phone with Verizon yet again last night, the data reporting issue seems to have been resolved! Thanks to Sam, who is a tech I hope Verizon pays VERY well and appreciates the hell out of, I can now turn on the Jetpacks and surf the web again without being terrified of winding up with a bill I can't afford to pay because of data overages.

Thank you Sam! You are a great person and wonderful tech :)

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Verizon's Share Everything Plan Has A Major Glitch!!!

Just a little heads up for those on the Verizon Share Everything Plan. In its infinite wisdom, Verizon has gone strictly to the Share Everything Plan or Pre Paid Plan. The problem with the Share Everything Plan is they have discovered it has a MAJOR glitch in the data reporting area. Your daily real time figures found on the My Usage page on the View Data Details is correct. The total however for some of us is FAR from correct. I am only a few days into my new billing cycle after having switched to the Share Everything Plan, and my total is already nearly 7 gigs when in fact I have not even used 1 gig of data! Naturally BB has been on the phone with Verizon raising hell and trying to get them to straighten this mess out. Unfortunately the glitch has yet to be fixed.

Now for the good news, Verizon is aware of the issue and promises to make things right. However, I suggest anyone on the Share Everything Plan check their data figures, and if they seem off base call Verizon and tell them you are aware of this issue and want to be included on the main Master Ticket so that you do not wind up overcharged. Also, if you are Auto Pay and a Share Everything Plan customer having problems because of this glitch, suspend or disable the Auto Pay function until Verizon clears this mess up.

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