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I am totally loving the BlogTouch app. It does a great job on composing new posts, and editing older ones. It has a rich text editor that allows you to add tables, horizontal lines, and lists.  You can also edit HTML code with this app. BlogTouch has made updating my blogs via the iPad fun, instead of a frustrating chore. I share a lot of news stories now by copying and pasting a small section of a page I want to share either straight from the Pulse news article, or from Pocket. All links are preserved in the copy and paste, making sharing a breeze. Any webpage can also be shared this way. You can also share via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and email.

You can easily add images  to a blog post from the camera, photo library, or a link.  I was not thrilled with the tight right hand margin wrap it does by default, but a little snippet of HTML code fixes that. Other than wishing for a option to control margins around images, I am perfectly satisfied with the job that BlogTouch does when it comes to how it handles images.  

All in all this is an app I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an easy way to manage and create Blogger posts on the iPad.  

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How I make Monk look like a hoarder

BBs%20Home%20ScreenI've been on a major organization and efficiency binge this past couple of weeks which has resulted in all my past and present photos being neatly organized, and at least thrice backed up.   I am using the iPad more and more to download photos from my camera with, and update my main website blog with via BlogTouch. I was using the Blogger App for that, but switched to BlogTouch because it offers a much richer editing environment. Once I settled on the apps that I wanted to use for those projects, it was time to get rid of the others I had tried, but found lacking.  

Then it was time to do a general ruthless cleanup of older apps I no longer use.  I admit I am as bad as a lot of people when it comes to trying out new apps and games.  Especially if those apps and games are free. As I was ruthlessly going through some of the older apps on my iPad I found myself wondering at times, "WTF was I thinking when I downloaded that?"  Fortunately, I have better sense than to waste time pondering what sometimes goes on in my little blonde mind, and without further ado, quickly deleted all apps that provoked that reaction in me.  Then I took a hard look at what was left.  Since all in App Store purchases can be easily downloaded again if I want them, I set the home screens icons to wiggling again, and hit the X on several more apps I hadn't opened in a long time. By the time I was finished, those little icons that were left were no doubt wiggling in terror beneath my ruthless finger. 

Right now, my trusty little iPad is lean and mean!  I have those apps I use the most on my first home screen, followed a second home screen that contains a few more oft used apps, and neatly organized folders containing apps I want to keep, but don't use on a frequent basis.  This allows me to switch back and forth with ease between frequently used apps, and keeps home screen clutter down to a minimum.  Yes, I am a little OCD when it comes to desktop and home screen clutter.  The only icons on my laptop desktop belong to the Hard Disk, and two folders.  When it comes to my laptop desktop, I make Monk look like a hoarder. 

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How I organize, save and share all my photos now

I was recently inspired by a Lifehacker article to use Trovebox to gather all my current photos from Facebook and Flicker into one place. If you are an Instagram user, Trovebox will also grab photos from there as well. Once I had my current Facebook and Flickr photos gathered and stored in one place, I started using Flickr as my main web album.  I chose Flickr as my main web album partly because I belong to several photography groups there.  The other reasons are because Flickr offers all its users a terabyte of storage space, and the ability to share your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, Live Journal, Pinterest, and Wordpress.  I only upload my photos once now, then do all my sharing directly from Flickr.  The Flickr IOS app makes uploading and sharing photos to Facebook super easy. This saves me not only time, but bandwidth as well.

Being a RapidWeaver user, my RapidBlog plugin is how I update my main website blogs on the fly.  I am sharing more of my photos on my website now because of how easy Flickr makes doing that via Blogger.  To share to my blog I simply open the Flickr photo in Safari, and choose Blogger from the share options. Since I have two blogs, I set both up in the Blogger share preferences. This option works on the mobile Safari browser as well, which makes sharing my photos to my web blogs on the iPad and iPhone quick and easy.  My RapidBlog plugin insures that all my Blogger entries instantly appear in my main website blogs.  

Because I have the iPad camera connection kit, I download some of my Nikon photos onto it now.  I use Photo Album Organizer on it to edit and organize those and other photos. Once photos are added to an album in it, I can upload them to Flickr, and save a backup copy to Dropbox directly from the app.  As much as I love using the iPad for saving and sharing my photos with, I know sooner or later space for saved photos will become an issue. However, I have thought this out and now have an iCloud photo stream entitled New Photos that I share to via my main iCloud photo stream.  I can easily save the new photos in it to my iPhoto app when I am on the laptop. Since I have over 400 gigabytes of space left on it, space is not going to become an issue on it anytime soon.  When it does become an issue on the iPad, I can remove older photos on it to make room for new ones. In this way I will always have at least 3 copies of my photos at any given time.

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A whole new look for 2013

I decided that I wanted to have a new theme for my little place in cyber space this year, so hit my Bookmarks, and took a little trip to Rapid Weaver Themes., Rapid Weaver has some awesome themes, so picking a new one for 2013 was no easy task. I wanted a theme that is mobile responsive, offered a slick header, and banner and content slideshow areas, and that was still easy to navigate. After looking at several options, I finally decided on the beautiful and very mobile responsive Sytten Theme. This theme comes with a built in slideshow for headers or content and some cool style options, including up to 3 tier navigation. I chose the 2 tier (b) option which gives a smaller header, yet still puts a handy submenu in the sidebar. I wanted a smaller header so I would have more room for the built in slideshow content area.

The Sytten Theme is a Stacks compatible theme which means along with the many style options it offers, I can do even more when it comes to content, and how that content looks. I just wish Apple would get with Flash program and make the mobile Safari browser Flash compatible. In the meantime, I am including a handy link to the Puffin Flash Browser on all my pages that contain Flash Slideshows. Downloading this great little Flash Compatible Browser means you will never feel left out again when it comes to viewing slideshows via your iPhone and/or iPad.
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Tuning up for 2013

That beautiful Cold Full Moon we had last night, combined with the wonderful energy in a certain new amethyst necklace has inspired me to do some fine tuning on my little place in cyber space in preparation for 2013.  I am gradually getting more integrated with my Facebook Fan Page, which is a necessity for anyone with a website who wants to take advantage of all that Social Media offers.  It took me a little bit to figure out exactly how to add the necessary codes to my Blog section, but I endeavored to persevere, and finally the got codes to function correctly.  

I'm always a little nervous messing around with codes since that time way back in the day when it was strictly html and cgi scripts, and I accidentally hacked into the bank somehow trying to get my shopping cart cgi script to work right.  Seems the web hosting company I used back then was suppose to have sent me a link I had to include in the script in order to get their newly designed hack proof upgrade to work.  Imagine their chagrin, not to mention irritation, when they discovered I had unwittingly managed to override their supposedly hack proof script, and didn't have a freaking clue how I did it. 

I managed to get my Facebook codes working without doing anything that will get me in trouble with them. Now people can like individual blog entries, as well as some of my other pages. They can also check out what I'm up to on my Fan Page, and if they so desire, hit the like button for it as well.  I've also got Pinterest buttons, and of course Google+.  I'm also improving my Rapidweaver slideshow abilities with a couple of neat Stacks Add Ons. 

Technology moves so fast anymore the only way I can stay up it with it as a Webmistress is to do at least one good fine tuning of my website each year. I will be doing a few more minor tweaks before I'm completely finished with this tune up, and then I should have my little place in cyber space up to snuff and looking good for 2013.

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One tap

After moving web hosting companies because of that dreadful hack attack on my little place in cyber space, I decided to do some major revamping and streamlining on the website. I updated my RapidWeaver program, added some Stacks plug ins to it, and went to work on the revamp. Those Stacks plug ins are way cool and make designing new pages a really fun breeze. Thanks to those fun new Stacks plug ins, the Witchy Woman section has been revamped, and content added to it. It's now sporting a Sabbats section that is dedicated to information about the Wiccan Sabbats.

I also decided to go back to using the Blogger plug in I already had so that I could update my main blog from anywhere via iPhone or iPad, and not have to use Word Press. After trying out a couple of blogging apps for the iPhone and iPad I chose Blog Press as my favorite because it allows me remote blogging access to my Blogger account, plus posts an update with a link to my blog page when I publish a post. It also stays in sync with my RapidWeaver Blogger plug in so I can easily work on drafts no matter what computing device I am on.

I am so mobile and in sync now it is scary.

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