BlogTouch Review

I am totally loving the BlogTouch app. It does a great job on composing new posts, and editing older ones. It has a rich text editor that allows you to add tables, horizontal lines, and lists.  You can also edit HTML code with this app. BlogTouch has made updating my blogs via the iPad fun, instead of a frustrating chore. I share a lot of news stories now by copying and pasting a small section of a page I want to share either straight from the Pulse news article, or from Pocket. All links are preserved in the copy and paste, making sharing a breeze. Any webpage can also be shared this way. You can also share via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and email.

You can easily add images  to a blog post from the camera, photo library, or a link.  I was not thrilled with the tight right hand margin wrap it does by default, but a little snippet of HTML code fixes that. Other than wishing for a option to control margins around images, I am perfectly satisfied with the job that BlogTouch does when it comes to how it handles images.  

All in all this is an app I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an easy way to manage and create Blogger posts on the iPad.  

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Five Best Online Backup Services

Five Best Online Backup Services

August 4th 2013 8:00 AM

If you're backing up your data but you're not saving it offsite, you're putting it at risk. If something happens to your home or electronics, all that data could be lost. That's why there are tons of affordable, easy-to-use online backup services that you can send your data to seamlessly for safe keeping. This week we're going to look at five of the best, based on your nominations.

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How to free up space on your iPad and/or iPhone

3 tips to free up space on your iPad and/or iPhone

1.  Remove any apps you no longer use.  Be ruthless when it comes to doing this.  Remember, you can alway re-download any app you purchased through the App Store at no additional cost.  Tap and press one icon, and when they all start wiggling and jiggling, hit that X in the upper right hand corner on those apps you wish to remove.  

2.  Empty your email accounts sent, junk and trash folders.  You would be amazed at how much storage space 3rd party email accounts can take up on your iPad and iPhone if you don't get in the habit of emptying the trash in those.  As to your iCloud email account/s, they do not take up space on your iPad, however they count against your account storage space so if you are in need of space there, empty the sent, junk and trash there as well.  I have gotten into the habit of emptying the junk and trash folders on all my email accounts at least once a month.  To empty those folders click on the Mail icon then go to your Accounts section.  

3.  Click on the Newsstand icon, and start archiving older issues of any magazines you subscribe to such as Readers Digest, National Geographic, etc.  Those kinds of magazines can take up a lot of storage space very quickly, so if space is an issue, keep all older copies archived.  You can always re-download them at no additional cost if you ever want to. 

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How to Merge All Your Photos from the Web Into One Cohesive Collection

How to Merge All Your Photos from the Web Into One Cohesive Collection

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A whole new look for 2013

I decided that I wanted to have a new theme for my little place in cyber space this year, so hit my Bookmarks, and took a little trip to Rapid Weaver Themes., Rapid Weaver has some awesome themes, so picking a new one for 2013 was no easy task. I wanted a theme that is mobile responsive, offered a slick header, and banner and content slideshow areas, and that was still easy to navigate. After looking at several options, I finally decided on the beautiful and very mobile responsive Sytten Theme. This theme comes with a built in slideshow for headers or content and some cool style options, including up to 3 tier navigation. I chose the 2 tier (b) option which gives a smaller header, yet still puts a handy submenu in the sidebar. I wanted a smaller header so I would have more room for the built in slideshow content area.

The Sytten Theme is a Stacks compatible theme which means along with the many style options it offers, I can do even more when it comes to content, and how that content looks. I just wish Apple would get with Flash program and make the mobile Safari browser Flash compatible. In the meantime, I am including a handy link to the Puffin Flash Browser on all my pages that contain Flash Slideshows. Downloading this great little Flash Compatible Browser means you will never feel left out again when it comes to viewing slideshows via your iPhone and/or iPad.
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Tuning up for 2013

That beautiful Cold Full Moon we had last night, combined with the wonderful energy in a certain new amethyst necklace has inspired me to do some fine tuning on my little place in cyber space in preparation for 2013.  I am gradually getting more integrated with my Facebook Fan Page, which is a necessity for anyone with a website who wants to take advantage of all that Social Media offers.  It took me a little bit to figure out exactly how to add the necessary codes to my Blog section, but I endeavored to persevere, and finally the got codes to function correctly.  

I'm always a little nervous messing around with codes since that time way back in the day when it was strictly html and cgi scripts, and I accidentally hacked into the bank somehow trying to get my shopping cart cgi script to work right.  Seems the web hosting company I used back then was suppose to have sent me a link I had to include in the script in order to get their newly designed hack proof upgrade to work.  Imagine their chagrin, not to mention irritation, when they discovered I had unwittingly managed to override their supposedly hack proof script, and didn't have a freaking clue how I did it. 

I managed to get my Facebook codes working without doing anything that will get me in trouble with them. Now people can like individual blog entries, as well as some of my other pages. They can also check out what I'm up to on my Fan Page, and if they so desire, hit the like button for it as well.  I've also got Pinterest buttons, and of course Google+.  I'm also improving my Rapidweaver slideshow abilities with a couple of neat Stacks Add Ons. 

Technology moves so fast anymore the only way I can stay up it with it as a Webmistress is to do at least one good fine tuning of my website each year. I will be doing a few more minor tweaks before I'm completely finished with this tune up, and then I should have my little place in cyber space up to snuff and looking good for 2013.

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Hooray Verizon has FINALLY addressed the issue I was having!

I am pleased to report that after spending some time on the phone with Verizon yet again last night, the data reporting issue seems to have been resolved! Thanks to Sam, who is a tech I hope Verizon pays VERY well and appreciates the hell out of, I can now turn on the Jetpacks and surf the web again without being terrified of winding up with a bill I can't afford to pay because of data overages.

Thank you Sam! You are a great person and wonderful tech :)

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Verizon's Share Everything Plan Has A Major Glitch!!!

Just a little heads up for those on the Verizon Share Everything Plan. In its infinite wisdom, Verizon has gone strictly to the Share Everything Plan or Pre Paid Plan. The problem with the Share Everything Plan is they have discovered it has a MAJOR glitch in the data reporting area. Your daily real time figures found on the My Usage page on the View Data Details is correct. The total however for some of us is FAR from correct. I am only a few days into my new billing cycle after having switched to the Share Everything Plan, and my total is already nearly 7 gigs when in fact I have not even used 1 gig of data! Naturally BB has been on the phone with Verizon raising hell and trying to get them to straighten this mess out. Unfortunately the glitch has yet to be fixed.

Now for the good news, Verizon is aware of the issue and promises to make things right. However, I suggest anyone on the Share Everything Plan check their data figures, and if they seem off base call Verizon and tell them you are aware of this issue and want to be included on the main Master Ticket so that you do not wind up overcharged. Also, if you are Auto Pay and a Share Everything Plan customer having problems because of this glitch, suspend or disable the Auto Pay function until Verizon clears this mess up.

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One tap

After moving web hosting companies because of that dreadful hack attack on my little place in cyber space, I decided to do some major revamping and streamlining on the website. I updated my RapidWeaver program, added some Stacks plug ins to it, and went to work on the revamp. Those Stacks plug ins are way cool and make designing new pages a really fun breeze. Thanks to those fun new Stacks plug ins, the Witchy Woman section has been revamped, and content added to it. It's now sporting a Sabbats section that is dedicated to information about the Wiccan Sabbats.

I also decided to go back to using the Blogger plug in I already had so that I could update my main blog from anywhere via iPhone or iPad, and not have to use Word Press. After trying out a couple of blogging apps for the iPhone and iPad I chose Blog Press as my favorite because it allows me remote blogging access to my Blogger account, plus posts an update with a link to my blog page when I publish a post. It also stays in sync with my RapidWeaver Blogger plug in so I can easily work on drafts no matter what computing device I am on.

I am so mobile and in sync now it is scary.

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Hack Attack!

I’m happy to report that despite the best attempt of a nefarious hacker to take little ole me down, BB is back. The service of denial attack did result in my page being suspended for a short time. But the site is now back up and running. I did move to a new web hosting company though because I was not exactly thrilled with how Networts Hosting handle the situation. Network Solutions seems to offer a more hacker safe place for little place in cyber space. Not that any server or site is truly hacker proof.

After all the stress that hack attack caused me, I headed into Boerne Saturday to relax a little. Every second weekend of the month is Market Days, and I have come to really enjoy taking at least one swing through all the vendors during those weekends. I took my time, and snapped a couple of pictures strolling up the vendor lane leading to one of our favorite food vendors.

While waiting for them to prepare my order, I snapped a photo of it as well. As I was headed down the other vendor lane to the truck, I snapped one more interesting and colorful photo of an artist at work at her booth. Then it as back home to dine on some really great gorditos and k_bobs.

I have to admit that I am using Facebook page a lot more than I ever thought I would when I signed up for it. It is a very quick and convenient way to upload iPhone photos, make quick notes, and keep in touch with friends and family. I am also using a self hosted Word Press Blog again as well since it allows me to make blog entries directly from my iPhone or iPad, and any content published on it is automatically published to my Facebook page as well.

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A state of perfect synchronization

This groovin' granny is once more making sure she doesn't get left completely in the technological dust of this brave new world we are all now living in. I am proud to say I am FINALLY an iPhone owner. Yeah, yeah I know, it's about damn time this hardcore mac lover got with the iPhone program. The Verizon salesman tried to talk me into a Droid, but I wasn't going for it. I could tell from the face he made every time he said the word iPhone, he wasn't an Apple lover. But as I told him, I have been a hardcore Apple fan for a long time now, knew the pros and cons of both phones, and still wanted the iPhone.

I'm really glad I didn't let him talk me into a Droid because I am loving the new iPhone 4. It does everything a regular cell phone does, and yes, a whole lot more. Gone are the days when the only thing I did on a cell phone was talk and send the occasional text message. Texting on the new iPhone 4 is much easier than trying to text on that ridiculous Razzle phone. Plus, I can easily surf the web, listen to music, and do just about anything else I would normally do on the laptop or iPad.

The muse has always loved coming up with really great ideas when I didn't have any way to jot those ideas down. But now Morris is going to have to get use to me always having a little notepad handy now thanks to the iPhone. True, because I'm not use to the little keyboard yet, the notes are currently rather terse. But, I've noticed the more I use the little keyboard, the better I'm getting on it. Even now I can at least jot a few words down that will hopefully jog my memory enough to allow me to remember what it was I was thinking at the time. As I did when the idea for this paragraph came me to while I was sitting beneath my favorite tree sipping my morning tea.

I love the Apple ear buds with the built in microphone. Those really rock! People I have talked to while wearing the ear buds with the built in microphone say I am coming in good and clear. I know I can sure hear whoever is calling a lot better than I ever did with the regular blue tooth accessory. It is nice to have the ear buds to listen to music with in stereo, yet also be able to talk on the phone with the same ear buds. Now I can crank the music all the way up, and not have to worry about being able to hear the phone if it rings. Should I want the music off, all I have to do is reach up and give the center of the little built in remote/mic a gentle squeeze. I can also adjust the volume with a gentle squeeze on one end of the remote/mic, or the other.

If worse comes to worse, and Larry can't get my attention by banging his empty beer can on the table, or any other way, and really needs something, he can always call me on his no nonsense, not so smart flip phone that lives in his shirt pocket. He refuses to catch up with technology when it comes to his cell phone. That's cool with me though. His phone does what he wants it to, and my iPhone does what I want it to.

Now that I have caught up with smart phone technology, I have been taking advantage of that groovy bar code scanner feature in my Grocery IQ app. That is a really cool feature that makes adding items to the grocer list a snap. No, I have not scanned every household and grocery item in the RV. Yes, I have scanned a few things I buy frequently, and put them into the favorites list. Since I always have my phone with me when we go into town, I never forget the grocery list now. I can add items from the iPad or even laptop if I want, and the Grocery IQ app automatically syncs and updates the app on my other devices. Syncing is what it's all about when it comes to making sure transferring information from one device to another is a breeze. After updating a couple of apps on the laptop, I have achieved a state of perfect synchronization.

Because it can do so much, I'm afraid I am guilty of being one of those people who are pretty much glued to their iPhone now. It's my phone, MP3 player, radio, grocery list, camera, photo album, and so much more. Muffy sends me pics now of their family via text messages. I save the pic in the camera roll, then upload it to my mobile gallery. Yes, I have become one of those obnoxious iPhone owners who can show off the latest picture of my disgustingly cute grandson with one tap of my finger. I also freely admit to joining the ranks of those have CRS, (Can't Remember Shit) because there's an app for that.

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Not only is a school in Pa being sued, and investigated by the FBI because of allegations that it spied on its students via the built in iSight cameras on the Apple computers it distributed to its student, but Facebook and Google are also facing class action lawsuits for violating the privacy rights of their users. With technology advancing at the lightning speeds it is, anyone on a computer who wants to take full advantage of everything it has offer, is going to find his or herself between a rock and hard spot when it comes to the issue of privacy. In order to try and find some kind of realistic middle ground between that rock and hard spot, those using computers need to be well aware of how they operate, as well as what really lies beneath the surface of what may be on the other side of our monitors.

Concerning the lawsuits being filed against Facebook and Google, I will agree with those filing them that both Facebook and Google should have done better when it came to handling the private information of their users. However, having said, that let me give those a users a heads up here. FYI, no matter how good a job a site does handling the private information of its users, or how good the security program is on any social networking site, there is always a chance that a hacker can breach it. For those who are really that clueless, that's what hackers do. If you are going to join a social networking site, by all means insist they handle your private information in a responsible manner. And be sure that site has the best security available. But, if you think that security system will always be able to protect your private information from hackers, you need a smack up the back of the head reality check here.

I don't know if there was criminal intent behind what the school board did by setting up those laptops in a way that allowed them to remotely activate the built in web cams, or if the entire school board just needs a good hard collective smack up the back of the head for being too stupid to realize the potential danger inherent in what they did. If all they were concerned about was keeping track of the laptops so they could be recovered if stolen, why didn't they just attach or implant some kind of GPS device or program in them?

Given the vague way the clause concerning monitoring the hardware was worded in the "acceptable-use" agreement, I do believe whoever wrote that clause understood what was going on a lot better than the parents who would be reading it did. I sense the person behind that wording knew full well if the agreement actually said something like, "Oh and by the way, we have the ability to turn on that neat little iSight camera and take at least one still picture of anything going on in front of the monitor anytime we want. But, don't worry, we will only use it if your kid reports the computer stolen.", none of the parents would have signed said agreement. It makes me want to give the parents who signed that agreement a smack up the back of the head for not being more aware of what the school actually meant by "monitoring the hardware." Don't any of those parents read the tech news, or at least watch crime shows on tv?

One reason I know as much as I do about hackers and "hardware monitoring" is because along with keeping up with the tech news, I watch a lot of CSI shows, as well as Criminal Minds and Law & Order. I credit all those shows with making me very aware of the possible dangers on the other side of my monitor. I blame NCIS on my wanting to smack some of the people involved in these current news stories up the back of the head. And although I do know that hacking into well secured computers is not as fast and easy as characters like Abby from NCIS make it appear, researching what I often see on those shows does tell me that it is possible, and that many times, it has already happened for real.

I am not trying to be a fear monger here and discourage people from using social networking sites, or even computers supplied by schools. What I am trying to do is remind all those reading these words that the net, and the computers used to connect us to it need to be used in a responsible manner that takes security issues, hackers, and other criminal elements into consideration. This is especially true when it comes to computers supplied by a school that are taken off campus by students, and/or when making the decision to join a social networking site.

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A very tricked out browser

Nature Persona ThemeI slid my finger softly across the touch pad, and placed the cursor over the tiny little masked fox in the corner of my browser.  I gave the touch pad a gentle touch, and as the sound of my nail tapping against it died away, began to put the new Personas add-on I had just downloaded through its paces.   I'm a die hard gadget loving gal, and any plugin, add-on, or other gadget that will allow me to trick out my desktop, or browser, is a gadget I can't resist.  I knew the conditions I started the Personas test under were going to be difficult because at that moment in time and cyber space, I was still having serious connection issues due to the great satellite re-point.  However, even with all the difficulties I had getting signed into my account, and the skins loaded due to those connection issues, I knew Personas was a must have add-on for me the moment I did get my first skin to load!

fall themeAs soon as Starband got my connection problems solved, I slid my finger across the touch pad again, and whizzed back over to the Personas page.  Along with a few others, I added some  Autumn and Halloween skins to my Personas Favorites. The small collection of skins I currently have in my Personas favorites list are just the tip of the tricked out browser iceberg. There are oodles of groovy skins left I haven't added to my favorites, yet. While surfing the Personas pages I also discovered I can actually make my own custom Personas skins.  I may try my hand at making some of my own custom skins some day, and if they turn out, share them with other Personas users.   

Halloween themeAlong with making sure I have plenty of favorite Personas skins to choose from, I also installed the FoxTab add-on. Tricking out the FoxTab background with another picture, either on your hard drive, or from a web url is super easy.  Simply launch FoxTab, then click on the Select A Theme icon and browse your hard drive for a suitable wallpaper picture, or enter the url for a picture on the web. Since I have plenty of nice wallpaper pictures stored in my Desktop Pictures folder, I promptly tricked FoxTab out with a nice fall background image from that folder. When I switch to any of my Halloween, or any other Personas skins, I change the FoxTab background to a nice image from my Desktop Pictures folder that compliments the Personas skin I'm wearing . My new FoxTab add-on is more than just a pretty face though. I have developed a habit of having at least 4 tabs open at any given time in Firefox, and sometimes as many as 10. My standing open tab record at the moment is 15. You don’t want to know what I was doing with all those tabs open that day. Fortunately, even on the busiest open tab days, the new FoxTab add-on gives me a very elegant and efficient way to keep track of multiple open tabs. 

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It's All About The Add-Ons

I have been giving some Firefox add-ons like  ScribeFire a really good test run the past couple of weeks as I have gone about revamping my website.  ScribeFire is a Firefox browser add-on that allows you to create, edit, and, if you have the right blog settings, upload blog entries. My self-hosted blog settings are such that I can't upload an entry via ftp into my blog with Scribefire.  That does not mean to say ScribeFire is not coming in very useful. I can give the mouse a firm right click while on a page, and have it blogged to the note tab I have open in ScribeFire as a nice clickable link. Later, I can copy and paste the link into my RapidWeaver blog. This is especially useful when coming across interesting news stories like:
Baby OK after train hits stroller in Australia - Yahoo! News 
Bear Run! Black bear chills in Wis. beer cooler - Yahoo! News
3rd person dies in Ariz. sweat lodge ceremony case - Yahoo! News.

As I busily type these words out in ScribeFire, I'm afraid trying to keep up with the news, or do any kind of surfing is irritating as hell because the great satellite re-point Starband insisted we needed, has not gone smoothly.  When do those kind of things ever go smoothly?  To say my ISP is having issues at the moment is a mild understatement.  That
Scrapbook add-on is coming in really handy right now since the pages that will load, can be captured, and later read offline.  Notes, annotations, and highlighted areas can be added once the page is captured.  I've also been testing a little ReadLater add-on that saves pages for reading at a later date. I have it set up to automatically save any pages I add to the reading list for offline viewing so if I need or want to refer to those pages, I can even if I'm having connection issues.  When I can get to them, I also have add-ons that make it easier to add pages to my Stumble Upon and Delicious bookmarks.  And if Starband ever gets all its re-point problems solved, since UberNote FINALLY send the damn activation code after 3 days, I intend to take it for a really good test run as well.  Though I have a feeling I will be using ScrapBook most of the time since "capturing" a page or part of a page onto my computer for later viewing means I can always view the page or the part of it I captured no matter what my online connection status is.

I'm tried out a couple of feed readers with FireFox, including
Brief and NewsFox add-ons.   Brief has a little slicker looking interface, but NewsFox has better bells and whistles when it comes to customizing and organizing my feeds. I  quickly fell head over heels for the 3 panel layout NewsFox offers, and by the second day, had uninstalled Brief.

Working mainly in my browser is taking a little getting used to, but I'm finding myself more and more at ease with making extensive notes for the blog in my browser, while I surf the net in search of intelligent life and other interesting stuff.  I suggest anyone who has a blog of any kind add ScribeFire to your
Firefox browser.  If you don't have Firefox on your computer, Click Here, and download what I now consider to be the best browser on the net for those of us who love the kind of bells and whistles that make blogging, researching, or just surfing the net a better experience.  I have used many browsers over the years I've been on the net, including Firefox off and on for several years.  Lately though, because of its stability, ease of use, and of course all the bells and whistles available in it that make my Web Mistress job a little easier, it is the browser I use the most.  And thanks to the Personas add-on I just installed, I can surf the web in a browser who's appearance changes according to the mood I'm in at any given moment.  And people wonder wonder why I love bells, whistles and groovy add-ons.

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It's Cyber Magick

After finally getting the page organized the way I want it, and the comments section working in the blog, I have decided I may be a nerd at heart. Or at least some part of me is. The reason I've come to this conclusion is this past week I have spent damn nearly every waking moment getting the page redone the way I want it, including that damn comments section. At least I hope I have it going right. By the time I did get it going, I knew it had been way too long since I fooled around with java scripts.

I got so frustrated at times working on the site I wanted to pull my hair out, or throw the laptop across the room. Now that's over, or well nearly over, getting back in the Webmistress groove has been good for me, and even better for my little place in cyber space. I’ve added a few pieces of fun and/or informative goodies in the side bar. And that content can change from section to section. For example, the Witchy Woman side bar content is different from this blog’s sidebar content. I found some cool side bar content for the Witchy Woman site such as a daily herb picker, and daily Deity.

I'm digging this Webmistress I'm groove I'm back in. And looking for some interesting and fun free content, as well as adding photos and images I find on the web. I'm especially drawn to those pertaining to Samhain right now. When I'm not busy doing that, the muse and I are cooking up our own brand of original free content. As I put yet another picture in the Word Witchery blog, Morris pointed out the name needed changing due to my newly developed habit of adding images to it.

After thinking it over, I decided the easiest, and smartest thing would be to turn the Word Witchery blog into the Witchy Woman blog. So I tapped the keyboard a few times, then with the click of my mouse, the Word Witchery blog became the Witchy Woman blog. Isn't "cyber magick" great? So, if any of you reading this had the original Witchy Woman page, and/or Word Witchery blog bookmarked, visit the new Witchy Woman blog, and bookmark it again. I promise I won't change that link again.

Another change that is going to occur are the two mailing lists. There will no longer be a Mainliners or Special Friends list. Those two lists will be combined into one BBs Mailing List. E-mails from that list will consist of brief updates with links to those updated pages. I recommend those of you who are fans of RSS subscribe to
BBS RSS Feed.  After some tweaking in RapidWeaver I managed to get it do produce a blog feed xml document that Feed Burner was happy with so now whenever I make a new entry in the blog section it will be picked up and broadcast through that feed.

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