How to free up space on your iPad and/or iPhone

3 tips to free up space on your iPad and/or iPhone

1.  Remove any apps you no longer use.  Be ruthless when it comes to doing this.  Remember, you can alway re-download any app you purchased through the App Store at no additional cost.  Tap and press one icon, and when they all start wiggling and jiggling, hit that X in the upper right hand corner on those apps you wish to remove.  

2.  Empty your email accounts sent, junk and trash folders.  You would be amazed at how much storage space 3rd party email accounts can take up on your iPad and iPhone if you don't get in the habit of emptying the trash in those.  As to your iCloud email account/s, they do not take up space on your iPad, however they count against your account storage space so if you are in need of space there, empty the sent, junk and trash there as well.  I have gotten into the habit of emptying the junk and trash folders on all my email accounts at least once a month.  To empty those folders click on the Mail icon then go to your Accounts section.  

3.  Click on the Newsstand icon, and start archiving older issues of any magazines you subscribe to such as Readers Digest, National Geographic, etc.  Those kinds of magazines can take up a lot of storage space very quickly, so if space is an issue, keep all older copies archived.  You can always re-download them at no additional cost if you ever want to. 

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How I organize, save and share all my photos now

I was recently inspired by a Lifehacker article to use Trovebox to gather all my current photos from Facebook and Flicker into one place. If you are an Instagram user, Trovebox will also grab photos from there as well. Once I had my current Facebook and Flickr photos gathered and stored in one place, I started using Flickr as my main web album.  I chose Flickr as my main web album partly because I belong to several photography groups there.  The other reasons are because Flickr offers all its users a terabyte of storage space, and the ability to share your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, Live Journal, Pinterest, and Wordpress.  I only upload my photos once now, then do all my sharing directly from Flickr.  The Flickr IOS app makes uploading and sharing photos to Facebook super easy. This saves me not only time, but bandwidth as well.

Being a RapidWeaver user, my RapidBlog plugin is how I update my main website blogs on the fly.  I am sharing more of my photos on my website now because of how easy Flickr makes doing that via Blogger.  To share to my blog I simply open the Flickr photo in Safari, and choose Blogger from the share options. Since I have two blogs, I set both up in the Blogger share preferences. This option works on the mobile Safari browser as well, which makes sharing my photos to my web blogs on the iPad and iPhone quick and easy.  My RapidBlog plugin insures that all my Blogger entries instantly appear in my main website blogs.  

Because I have the iPad camera connection kit, I download some of my Nikon photos onto it now.  I use Photo Album Organizer on it to edit and organize those and other photos. Once photos are added to an album in it, I can upload them to Flickr, and save a backup copy to Dropbox directly from the app.  As much as I love using the iPad for saving and sharing my photos with, I know sooner or later space for saved photos will become an issue. However, I have thought this out and now have an iCloud photo stream entitled New Photos that I share to via my main iCloud photo stream.  I can easily save the new photos in it to my iPhoto app when I am on the laptop. Since I have over 400 gigabytes of space left on it, space is not going to become an issue on it anytime soon.  When it does become an issue on the iPad, I can remove older photos on it to make room for new ones. In this way I will always have at least 3 copies of my photos at any given time.

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