Rock Art

I was sitting by the pool this morning enjoying my second cup of tea and a Danish when I noticed someone had been creative with rocks again.  I've noticed a couple of interesting rock stacking and balancing acts going on around the resort lately, and loved this latest bit of creative rock art.  I decided I would come back later with the Nikon and get some shots of it, and some of the other interesting rock arrangements here at the resort. 

After snapping a couple of shots of the rock art by the pool, I headed to the pond to take a photo of another piece of interesting rock art that had caught my eye.  

Life%20in%20the%20Koi%20Pond-26On my way to that piece of rock art I glanced down into the pond, and realized what an absolutely gorgeous shot I could get of the remaining original koi, and the new generation it was swimming with.  The fish seemed to be in the mood for a photo shoot.  They posed so nicely for me I got two crystal clear, really great shots, and one that was not quite as crystal clear due to the lighting from the angle I shot it at.

After thanking them for posing so nicely, I headed to the piece of rock art that I thought made a perfect faerie seat.  I snapped a couple of pics of that, then I headed off in the ClubCar to take some more photos of rock art around the resort.  I've started a Flickr, Rock Art Set with these photos, and will keep adding to it as I come across more interesting rock art.  Rocks are abundant around here, and people, as well as Mother Nature sometimes arrange them into very interesting pieces of natural art.

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The Babies Are Growing!

One of my duties here where I live and work is to feed the fish.  We started out with 5 young fish.  The bad news is only one of those of those still survives.  The good news is before the others met their untimely demise, they reproduced.  The baby fish in this photo  are just a few of the offspring of those original five fish.  Though I was really sad about losing all but one of the parents, I am so glad to see the babies doing so well.  Will we lose some of these babies?  Probably so.  But, if enough of them make it to adulthood and breed, then the cycle of life, and yes, death, will continue.  That is the natural of order of things in this wonderfual universe.

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