BlogTouch Review

I am totally loving the BlogTouch app. It does a great job on composing new posts, and editing older ones. It has a rich text editor that allows you to add tables, horizontal lines, and lists.  You can also edit HTML code with this app. BlogTouch has made updating my blogs via the iPad fun, instead of a frustrating chore. I share a lot of news stories now by copying and pasting a small section of a page I want to share either straight from the Pulse news article, or from Pocket. All links are preserved in the copy and paste, making sharing a breeze. Any webpage can also be shared this way. You can also share via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and email.

You can easily add images  to a blog post from the camera, photo library, or a link.  I was not thrilled with the tight right hand margin wrap it does by default, but a little snippet of HTML code fixes that. Other than wishing for a option to control margins around images, I am perfectly satisfied with the job that BlogTouch does when it comes to how it handles images.  

All in all this is an app I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an easy way to manage and create Blogger posts on the iPad.  

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