Buy This Song If You Are Resisting And Care About Caged Kids!

For those of you who are Resisting and who care about those kids that have been put in cages, PLEASE go to the link I have provided and download the #AltGovAnthem! 

Proceeds will be donated to @RAICESTEXAS by @dreamwithfaith The Anthem is ONLY $1.29 so PLEASE, open your heart with what is nothing but spare change to so many of us, and purchase this song.

And if you are on Twitter PLEASE show @AltSpaceForce1, @RogueISP and ALL the #AltGov and #AltFam LOADS OF LOVE for what they are doing for those kids who are caged, and the families that have been ruthlessly torn apart in the name of that Zero Tolerance Policy. 

Now follow this link please, and download that song! For the children who are in cages, and their parents. Just Do It! 


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Stop The Hypocrisy and Hate Show The World We Are STILL A Great Nation

I have never been more glad NOT to be a Republican than I am right now as I watch the hypocrites with countless Made In China products, including the Make America Great Again caps worn by Trump and his supporters, that are Made In China, going ballistic because Obama dared to visit Cuba.  The bigotry and hypocrisy being shown by certain Republicans is overwhelming.  To top it all off, two of their Candidates running for the highest office in our land are resorting to tearing each other's wives apart.  BTW could someone please show me the passage in the Bible that says it is okay to do that if you are running for President.  I seem to have missed that passage.   And yes I know, there are a lot of decent Republicans out there just as appalled as I am over what is happening right now.  The problem is, I don't see ya'll standing up and saying much of anything about the situation.  All I'm seeing are hypocritical posts about Obama visiting Cuba, while we ALL continue to buy products Made In China, Japan, and Mexico.  All I'm seeing is silence about the tearing apart of women as a means of furthering a man's political career.  So yes, I am damn glad NOT to be a part of that right now.  

Now, having said that, let me also say I'm getting just as disgusted with some of the Democrats and Liberals for their hatred and hypocrisy.  In fact, at this point, if I had my way, I would be taking the belt to a lot of my fellow Americans right now and leaving some stripes on their asses that would perhaps remind them what America is REALLY suppose to be about.  Because people, this bullshit I'm seeing going on right now is NOT what our country is suppose to be about.  So whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, a Liberal, or none of those, stop the damn hatred and hypocrisy, and let's all work together to try and find a way to overcome this BS, and prove that America is STILL Great.   Because despite all the hatred and BS I am seeing right now, I STILL love, and believe in this country.  I STILL think it is a Great Country.  I STILL think this Great Country of ours has the potential to become even Greater than it already is.  However, I will NOT disrespect other countries, and the patriotic people of those countries by EVER stating we are the Greatest Nation in the World.  But, by the Goddess, I will proudly stand up and state that we are STILL a Great Country, that needs a lot more work in a lot of areas.  And that my friends is my honest and heartfelt opinion of this Still Great Country that I love.

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Will the pregnant dog get more justice?

As I was perusing my Facebook today I saw a story about police shooting a pregnant dog after going to the wrong house. I will agree this is a very tragic story, and the police should be held accountable for this total screw up on their part.  The comments section contained comments by some people saying they would shoot any policeman who shot their dog.  And screaming the policeman responsible should be shot.  What struck me is that I have a feeling a lot of people that were so outraged over the shooting of a dog by mistake were the same people who have been justifying the killing of Eric Garner and Tamir Rice by saying things like, "Well Garner was a criminal after all with a record of selling loose cigarettes.  And that kid, well he shouldn't have been playing with such a real looking gun, and both should have done what the police told him!"  So, some  Americans will become totally outraged and call for the death of a policeman who shoots a dog, but in turn justify the choking of a human being pleading for his life, and the shooting of a 12 year old child.  Sadly, I have a feeling the pregnant dog is going to receive more justice than Eric Garner or Tamir Rice. 

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Why I know White Privilege and Racism Still Exists in America

I am able to say beyond any reasonable doubt that racism, and profiling by the police does happen.  I can say that with such assurance because when my son was best friends with a young man who was half Hispanic, and half African American, I became aware of those two things on a very profound level.  

I actually had to step in at one point and go into Bitch Mode with the police because of how they kept pulling my son over, then demanding to see his friend's ID.  They were always very nice to my son Chris, but would insist his friend get out the car, and show his ID.  Which since W.J. was the ONLY young black man in the town at the time, the star of their football team, with his picture in the paper every week, and always with my son in the same car, registered to me, seemed more than a little unreasonable to me.  And please understand I use the world black very deliberately there to signify that colorwise, his skin was black.  I also had the KKK send me a message telling me if I didn't stop my son hanging around with W.J. they were going to pay us a visit some night.  My reply, "Ya'll come see me.  Those damn white hoods will make great targets on a dark night."

After paying a visit to the local police station and Chamber of Commerce,  reading them a riot act that included snidely suggesting the police cut out one of those photos of W.J. that was in the paper EVERY week and taping it to their visor, then explaining if this shit didn't stop, I would be writing a expose that would insure the tourist that helped support their economy knew just how racist their town was, that shit did stop. Not too long after that a prison was built there and suddenly they had to get used to seeing a lot more black faces and bodies in their town.  One day I was visiting with the attorney I once worked and a young black man came into the office for some legal advice.  After introducing himself, and chatting with the attorney, while I still sat there, he mentioned he had never been treated as well as he had by the police in this town.  The attorney started laughing, then pointed at me and said, "Then you better fall on your knees and kiss the toes of BB here because she is why they do treat you so well now."  He then went on to explain to the now completely shocked young man what had happened, and the part I played in it. 

So yes, white privilege and racism still exists in America.  But, if you speak out when you see it and experience it, you CAN make a difference. 

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You damn right it's about race!

I am so totally disgusted with the hypocrisy being shown in America right now.  A 12 year old child playing with a pellet gun, in an open carry state, is gunned down within seconds after the police arrive.  Yet the police spend 3 hours talking a heavily armed man down after he had shot his neighbor over hanging Christmas lights.  Guess which person was black?  Yeah you got it. The 12 year old child playing with a pellet gun.  So PLEASE don't EVER tell me again how race has nothing to do with the shooting of unarmed black men and children.  The police, the media and others try to blame the child, saying he came from a troubled home and his father had a history of domestic abuse.  The white guy, oh shit he has mental issues, and is really a great guy!   Growling in anger as I write those words.  And yet some keep telling me how Michael Brown got what he deserved  NO he deserved a trial too!  But he didn't get one because he was black.  This white guy that SHOT his neighbor, and had a house full of guns and ammunition though will get a trial.  And probably beat anything he is charged with in that trial.  Even a freaking blonde can see the hypocrisy and racism in this.

Wake the hell up America.  STOP blaming the victims when they are black, and making excuses for the murderers and other criminals when they are white.  Do you really think the rest of us intelligent people can't see the damn racism and hypocrisy you are showing here?

White guy shoots his neighbor for hanging Christmas light and the police take 3 hours to talk him down.

Police gun down 12 year CHILD playing with a pellet gun within seconds of arriving on the scene.

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