How to free up space on your iPad and/or iPhone

3 tips to free up space on your iPad and/or iPhone

1.  Remove any apps you no longer use.  Be ruthless when it comes to doing this.  Remember, you can alway re-download any app you purchased through the App Store at no additional cost.  Tap and press one icon, and when they all start wiggling and jiggling, hit that X in the upper right hand corner on those apps you wish to remove.  

2.  Empty your email accounts sent, junk and trash folders.  You would be amazed at how much storage space 3rd party email accounts can take up on your iPad and iPhone if you don't get in the habit of emptying the trash in those.  As to your iCloud email account/s, they do not take up space on your iPad, however they count against your account storage space so if you are in need of space there, empty the sent, junk and trash there as well.  I have gotten into the habit of emptying the junk and trash folders on all my email accounts at least once a month.  To empty those folders click on the Mail icon then go to your Accounts section.  

3.  Click on the Newsstand icon, and start archiving older issues of any magazines you subscribe to such as Readers Digest, National Geographic, etc.  Those kinds of magazines can take up a lot of storage space very quickly, so if space is an issue, keep all older copies archived.  You can always re-download them at no additional cost if you ever want to. 

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